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Join your own Tribe of like-minded individuals that will support, motivate, and help with your transition to a life with passion and purpose. Connecting with your spiritual self, practicing healthy habits, and learning to work from home will shift your reality and make all your mornings brighter.

New World Mastermind

Mind, Body, Spirit & Business

Do you feel like an outsider of the conventional norms, societies expectations, and typical ways of life?

Have you ever felt trapped in a system? A life-sucking machinery controlled by outside forces, leaving you as the people-pleasing monkey-face just doing what's expected?

People are desperate to feel better and find purpose and meaning, not to mention new ways of making an income.

If you are into positive life changes, purpose, new solutions, income, passion, ancient knowledge and spirituality that will make your future brighter, this could be for you.

Is this something you would join? Do YOU want to be part of this?

If you see the great benefits for your life, then you should sign up below and join today.

You will be joining a tribe.

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By joining the Tribe community you will be invited to Live video calls for mindset motivation and training. Plus, you will receive help, support, how-to's and resources through e-mail.

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Platform to accelerate Life

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Learn to work your passion

Nives Kurjak - Podcast Editor

To me, John is someone who is a mentor, brother, teacher, and friend all at the same time. He pushes you out of your comfort zone gently and wisely. I always tried to set plans and goals by myself but with no execution in sight. However, with Johnny, I actually manage to accomplish the plan that we set out together. It’s was a powerful experience.

Nives Kurjak

Podcast Advisor and Editor, Serbia

Sebastian Weiss

“John was super sharp in isolating what my skills were and how I could turn these into a business/gig for myself. He helped me get clarity on the things I really liked doing and sparked the ideas for possible ways to turn this into MY LIFESTYLE”.

Sebastian Weiss, England

Connecting with Spiritual Self
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