Platforms and Social Connect

Get to know the main channels where I operate.

Social Follow

Find me on the following channels. While being most active on Instagram with my lifestyle, Twitter is my second choice. Facebook is an experiment.


Articles on Medium

The MotionEffect on MediumSome articles from this blog are also shared on the Medium platform for easy access and reading. You enjoy reading on Medium? Follow my profile here.

Telegram community

Best Telegram channels to joinJoin my community of followers and readers in the most simple and speedy way. You will get regular motivational tips and links right on your phone. I use Telegram because it’s a free, secure and open source app. Join here:

Popular Flipboard Magazines

Popular Flipboard magazinesI’m also running two popular Flipboard magasines totalling over 5300 followers. Check out “Personal Development & Education” or the more deep touching magazine “Your Spiritual Self”.

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