I'm John Mac

Are you feeling stuck at your job?

Do you feel limited in life overall?

Do you ever feel like...

you don't even belong?

Too many people say: I don't fit in with society

There's only 4 questions you need to answer to make all this go away

and make all mornings brilliant again.

Get clarity on those questions today by downloading the free helper-tool.

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  • Love & Care
  • Passion
  • Learning
  • Work/Business
Love & Care

Love & Care

Our basic needs as humans

The four questions involve the area of love and relationships. It's a significant and important part of our lives. Gain clarity on this topic by downloading the helper-tool and adding it into the full overview.


Your Passion

Do more of what you love to do

The four questions involve your passion for something important in your life. If you're not spending your precious time on something you are passionate about, you're losing life-force.


New Learning

Learning new things develops the mind

The four questions involve mapping out your area of learning new things, because it develops our brains and makes us feel good about ourselves. Learning new things should also be connected to your passion.


Work & Business

The main life arena that brings you income

The four questions involve your time spent on one of your most busy life arenas - your job or business. Your work and business should be based on your passion, the opportunity for new learning, and something you love to do.

I feel I don't fit in with society
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