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Wanna see how I work? Watch the film at bottom of page.

Johnny • Shopify Partner & Expert

For years, I have been working on WordPress as a Web Designer. I still do, but focus more and more on Shopify as my primary platform of interest.

I get clients all over the world, and the requests are many. I can’t handle them all, but everyone is welcome to get in touch.

Though I look at every request, you may get help from one of my team members.

Have a look at my typical workday in the film below.

Shopify i Norge

How to start a web store, from home, using Shopify

Shopify has exploded all over the world. And everybody wants to move over from other systems. It’s fast and simple to open a Shopify store today, including credit payments and a smooth checkout. Try it for free:

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Shopify Work Request

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