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Your Mind and Spirit body

Everything starts with a thought. And your mind is influenced by past experiences and a framework based on beliefs. Your spirituality influences life decisions. What past life experiences influence your life right now? Read Articles

Healthy life habits

Powerful Life Habits & Routines

You daily habits and routines is what makes your future. There are simple and powerful daily habits to strengthen both body and mind to stay strong, independent, and empowered for the future. You decide what you become. Read Articles

How to work from home in an online business

Self-Made Income in Work you Love

Becoming more awake and aware about this world, our reality, and the system we live in makes it hard to live by the norms. Meaningless work and bad education is not for you. Instead, start and grow your own income. Read Articles

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The Tribe is a place where you finally connect with bright minds. Self-aware individuals who's goal is independence, personal growth, and self made income.

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