Simple writing apps to make writing more fun

So the time has come for you to do some writing. If you are getting into creating some content, either to just share your story or for a business you have in mind, to do some writing will probably be necessary. But you want your writing to be fun. So in this blog post, I’ll suggest some simple writing apps that make it more fun.

Let me advise you first of all that I’m a Mac user. So most of the apps I’m talking about in this post are Mac apps.

Let’s say you get into blogging, or you do journaling or plan to write a book. Maybe you are still a student hustling that educational path and need to do some writing. So what do you need then? You want fewer distractions with a productive app that need a less clicking around.

Simple writing apps are more productive!

You don’t need a heavy loading and a struggle-to-use word processor. At least not for just typing out words. You are writing! And I usually say that simple writing apps are the most product apps.

Not processing or editing. Note that the art of writing will for you activate two different parts of the brain, so focus on the writing first, which is the creative part. And later work on the editing and formatting which is the analytical part. The other side of the brain.

When I want to write a good blog post, I can’t use an over-featured writing app. I need a clear white space, right font size, and lines with proper spacing. It’s like blogging Feng Shui. I want it clean, simple, and preferably with Markdown formatting so I can just TYPE the headings, bold text and bullet lists if I have to. Not moving my hand to the mouse, mark the text, and mouse again to hit the right button.

It’s not any different than to have my work space at home beautified and clean. My white desk is always tidy and free of distractions.

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Okey, here’s a tiny list for you to choose from. Have a look at my comments on these apps and decide for yourself which one sounds tempting for your to work with.I’m suggesting these apps because you need to stay in the creative flow and have fun with your writing sessions.

You might like one, or many. But decide on one, so you don’t create chaos for yourself.

You may also like to check out this Grammar Report to have your mind blown!

Ulysses – your new favorite writing app and organizer?

This app is both for Mac and Windows. You also get it as an app on your phone. Ulysses is, in fact, the app I’m writing this blog post in right now. On my right side, I have a word counter showing me how much I have completed. I set a word count goal of 900, to keep me on track for not making this post too long.

You can also have text notes, tags and images that that will be attached to your document. And when you’re done, one feature you may love as an option in Ulysses is that you can [tweet_dis]just send your post right into your WordPress self-hosted blog[/tweet_dis]! Just like I did with this one.

Alternote – the best writing app for Evernote!

I don’t love Evernote. Sometimes I hate it. And I have openly shared my wrath for this “O´Awesome” and world renowned note taking app. Some people brag about doing writing in Evernote, which I just don’t get.

Since I have been using CoSchedule for my content calendar in WordPress for a long time, I used to sync Evernote content to it. But to have a useful writing experience with Evernote, a third party app is needed. I have been using an app called Alternote. It supports Markdown also. I liked it but sometimes found it buggy. So I uninstalled it over time. Support never replied to my requests either.

I recommend it still because it’s a very slick app. And the markdown formatting you type as you go previews instantly in the app.

Hemmingway – better wording in your writing to improve skills

I have just tried Hemmingway since I read about it many times. It’s straightforward and slick with some really useful features to make your write better. What´s good about it is the functionality of checking your writing and wording for better sentences and length. It helps you write in a manner that will make sure it’s easier for readers to digest.

Your paragraphs get color coded to keep you on track and offer suggestions. Hemmingway will also let you know how readable your content is as you write.

Byword – Clean and simple app for bloggers

I started out pretty early with Byword. I like it because it’s clean, simple and with Markdown formatting. One thing I love about this app, that Ulysses, for example, is missing: Is that when you write out the Markdown formatting, it’s transformed to the intended format instantly. Just like Alternote for Evernote. It previews instantly in the app.

When working in Byword, you can also post your content right into your WordPress blog from the app. If you wonder which one to choose from Byword and Ulysses, my advice is this: If you have a lot of content and documents you need to be organized in folders in a sidebar, Ulysses is a lot better!

Improve quality and your writing skills with Grammarly

When I write, and I type my words fast, I can be a total mess with my grammar and spelling. Sometimes I start laughing at my own mistakes. Makes writing more fun!

I don’t know about Windows programs anymore, but most of the word processors have spellcheck. But I’m not sure if smaller writing apps in Windows have that. On Mac, we got a native spellcheck and grammar check in most apps. But sometimes that’s not enough, and not something I rely on. In fact, I almost never use it.

Why? Because now I use Grammarly, and it’s been a total lifesaver. I suggest you pay for that service if you will do a lot of writing the public are going to read. You will learn a lot and make your words and content quality get a lot better.

So by combining one of the apps I mention above with Grammarly, all your content will be more fun and delicate to write. And you will have better wording and written content all over.

Hail to the technology!

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