Simple photo editing software in your browser

When we want to built and design something for use on the web, to print or for e-mail campaigns, we need a fast and simple design and photo editing program. Often students, freelancers, and those work-from-home moms struggle with that. So in this post, I’ll share a good tip on a simple photo editing software to smooth your workflow.

I’m an app geek and I love trying out new tools to see if they make my workflow better. And for us spending time on our computers working on our precious home-based business, or a startup, we need simple tools and software that’s not just a hassle to work with. And to not be too expensive.

The new app I have been testing now works right in your browser, so you don’t even need to install anything. And it has both a free and paid version.

How can I edit my photos in an easy way?

I think this must be one of the most asked questions I get when working with business owners and people doing any kind of work online. It’s commonly a struggle for those that is not that tech savvy and handle apps easily, but also for a guy like me who learns things fast. Sometimes we just want a simple photo editing software that’s fast, slick and straightforward.

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And I have to say, working with images is in fact not the most simple thing to handle. There are some technical insights that are good to know about. But, designing and working with simple edits have become a lot easier.

Photoshop is for sure NOT the only go-to app or even best solution at all. There are much better alternatives to Photoshop for the work we need to be done.

So to make things simpler, having a slick and productive tool to work with resizing, simple editing and text edits, makes things much more fun and productive.

This is one important key when I recommend apps and services. It has to be fun and smooth to use, if not. You’re just back to a bad workflow. This is why I’m sharing this tip about

FotoJet is a simple app for editing photos online

Not only that, you can work with design concepts really easy and fast also. If you have heard about Canva, FotoJet is kind of the same type of service. (I have moved away from Canva)

There are 3 main work-modes in FotoJet

  • Make designs for blog posts, social media, and banners
  • Create photo collages
  • Edit images

My main work area as a freelancer and online business hustler have been Web Design. And I see that one common block for smooth workflow with images is the lack of a simpler solution for working with images, besides Photoshop.

FotoJet is one of those solutions, and I can just open my photos for editing right in the browser. (Chrome recommended)

Here’s a screenshot of the editing window in FotoJet.

When I need to create promotional banners for my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter channels, it’s fast to mock it up in FotoJet.

Use and edit some of the ready made designs or simply start from scratch with full control. You can add effects, text, and clipart to your designs from the sidebar menu.

When done you can save to your computer, or share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Tumbler.

This simple photo editing software is worth paying for

With FotoJet I recommend paying for the FotoJet Plus account. It’s very affordable, you get rid of ads, but you also get a shit-load of features and benefits I won’t be without.

For $35,- a year you get a Plus account. Or if you feel poor, you pay only 5$ monthly. A lot cheaper than other services, but with most of the same features.

Check out the pricing and detailed feature page here.

FotoJet pricing & plans

Create good workflows and use fun tools

I have been running my own one-man show for years. I love my freedom, life hacking, goal-setting and just figure things out. It’s important that you find enjoyable and motivating apps, tools, and services to use. So try out different things.

Check out the “My Tools” page also for other recommended services that I use regularly.

Have you been struggling with finding the right tool to work with? Or do you have other suggestions?

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