I think I’m an app geek. Not necessarily a good thing to get hooked on new toys all the time. But one nice thing about it is that I always discover and change my workflows for the better. This time, I’m sharing what I consider the most effective to do list app I have found so far.

It’s time to share another productivity tip for you.

You know, [tweet_dis]when we dive into the world of freelancing or a work-from-home lifestyle, we need to productive. And it should feel good and be fun.[/tweet_dis]

It’s important for us to spend our time right and to be consistent. That’s when you will have a steady progress in your goals. Either in your school work, personal life goals or how to built a new lifestyle for yourself.

I’m using Todoist app for this, and I’ll explain why in a few words.

I have been testing a lot of different apps, tools, and online systems. Why? Because if I don’t like to use the App or tool I signed up for, I’m changing it. I need to love spending time on it.

Your productivity tools have to feel good

This is why I’m making changes in the Apps and tools I use. If I love using it, I’ll stick with it.

The reason I recommend the App called Todoist is that of my experience with it the last year.

  • It’s fast, lightweight and slick to use
  • Todoist runs both on my Mac’s, iPad and iPhones. (And Windows, or even just in the web browser)
  • The keyboard shortcuts make it really fast to use
  • It has a nice interface not cluttered up
  • The recurring tasks have improved my work consistency a lot!

The fastest shortcut for adding new tasks and reminders

One thing I wanted to show you is the super quick shortcut I use a lot.

You know, when you get ideas or suddenly remember things while working on something else, or talking to people: Adding a task should super-simple!

I press Cmd+Shift+A (Ctrl+Shift+A on Windows I guess)

-and a big text-bar shows in the middle of the screen. I don’t have to open the app. It’s running in the background. Now I just type out the task, adding # for which list to add to, and type “today, tomorrow, next Friday” or even “every Friday” to make it recurring.

Create recurring tasks to keep steady progress

Last tips for you using Todoist. [tweet_dis]Create recurring tasks to keep a steady work-from-home progress![/tweet_dis]

You can create different lists for tasks. I have 3 lists just for recurring tasks.

  • Daily checklist (never missing important daily routines)
  • Weekly checklist (including work with my team)
  • Monthly checklist. (few items, but stuff like accounting and tracking)

In this lists, I keep recurring tasks I do every day, every week and every month. This is what made my workflow consistency level up sky high.

You can download Todoist here. Its basic app is free. Todoist also integrates with a lot of other online systems. And you can hook it up to create simpler automated workflows for yourself using and if you want to be extra cool.

Go forth and be awesome. Which Apps do you find awesome to use? 

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