I hear it all the time. And I bet you have noticed too: “It’s important to discover your passion and work that,” they say. I find it funny. It’s as the human beings have suddenly discovered something obvious. Well yes little earthling, allowing yourself to be who you really are will lift you to new heights. Understand the importance of discovering your passion.

Two days ago while I was visiting my local hotel to arrange for a sleepover in Oslo next week, the lady in the reception started talking about it; She is missing something too. Her job brings income, but there is no passion in it. She knows about my lifestyle and the teachings I share, and she said: “I think I have to join one of your workshops.”

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This is something she said this because of her methods to “discover herself” have never been taught to her. Almost nobody does. When you get pushed through 15 – 20 years of school, you would think some of the curricula would teach some actual ways of life. Nope. Figure life out yourself; Now you’re in the Institution for Reprogramming.

Your passion is about matching energies

I like to use analogies to paint a clear picture of what I teach. Analogies are more visual in your head and makes the knowledge stick. First; Don’t forget that you are energy, right? Your mind is energy. Your thoughts are energy. The whole YOU is energy. And the You that you are now, have an energy signature, like a set frequency of what you are.

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If you go through life and your daily habits, work, experiences, whatever -without living it within the range of your frequency, things will just feel bad. Or wrong. Some people even get sick over time.

In Norway, we have a bunch of radio stations. All the stations broadcast on different frequencies and not every station has good and exciting content, music, and topics that fit my interest.

The analogy of the dial-in radio

Consider this: Like an example, we got modern, hip and fresh channels like P3 and P4 as we call it in our country. You’ll find them from around 93Mhz and up to 104Mhz. I like most of it. Not all of course, but most of it.

Let’s say I tuned my radio down to the good old P1 and P2 channels at 82Mhz, where the slow and boring content is: I would fall asleep. The broadcast sleepy stuff which my grandmother enjoyed listening too.

My frequency range is higher! It hurts me to tune myself down just to accommodate to someone else level or range. So I choose not to do that, but I know a lot of people who do.

I could go on talking about how this analogy fits in with matching frequencies. But in this post, I will stick with focusing on the concept of passion.

You are unique. You have an energy signature that is YOU. Understand this and live by it, and start discovering what that frequency are. WHO you are. When you figure out who you are, what you are and why, choosing your path is easier.

Examples of not being who you are would be like not being able to live your passion and purpose, would be like:

  • Working in the wrong kind of job
  • To choose, or have chosen the wrong education
  • Sticking around with wrong friends leaving you with a bad vibe
  • Having the sense of being left out of your dreams
  • Not being able to live out your TRUE passions, like a hobby often is
  • Being a chameleon, adapting to what others say you should do
  • Feeling an intense, sad/confused/lonely emotion, that’s hard to explain

Most of these experiences are manifesting because the energies and frequency of you don’t match what you live.

The magic of discovering your signature and passion

Oh My God. Such a relieve the day I quit my job at the hotel. For five years I kept that job! It wasn’t just bad, but all over, it was the wrong place for me. Most jobs that I have had, though, I was good at sticking with them for long.

When I agreed with myself to ditch the lame jobs, lame people, the boring, the limiting, the ordinary that never would allow me to be me, I packed my shit and left.

Most people will be afraid of leaving the secure, safe, the what-I’ve-always-done, and decide to choose the most important thing: Themselves.

If this is you, listen to this: The magic of discovering your passion emerges when you make the choice. Something happens.

Remember I wrote that everything is energy?

If this is still a new concept, insight, and understanding for you, consider wrapping your mindset in this knowledge first. The thing is that the whole universe, our existence, is energy. And since you are part of this eternal energy and have that particular signature and frequency range, starting to work WITHIN that range will benefit you.

How, or why?

It’s simple, let’s consider the radio again: If you want to listen to the fresh, hip, and channels with the right content matching you, you have to BE THERE.

If you tune into it, choose it, and BE where that frequency range is, you will start to receive it. You have to be more of who you are to receive more of what you want.

When new synchronicities start to happen for you

It’s like new synchronicities start to happen. It looks events, people, and places start to align in your favor. The resistance and numbing feeling you had from your daily routines and the work life that you had before starts to fade away.

You are starting to match yourself, and that always feels good!

Now, what would you like to change in your life?

What you first need to figure out, and like I have asked so many people that drag along with the OLD: How long would you like to stick with the resisting energy and limiting lifestyle?

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