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Who do you follow? I mean, who are you closest friends? Lately, when having my “mentor talks” with clients and people I have as followers, I see a pattern. Most people should be a little bit more mindful about who they mirror in their life. If you want a success mindset, is it time to re-evaluate your closest network and friends?

Most of your friends lack the drive and mindset

Some people get pissed off when I start to tell them that their friends might not be right for them. When I suggest to someone that it might be time to find new friends, they look at me with angry folds on their forehead. They think I’m a cocky entrepreneurial airhead.

I know I’m not. And I know why they react the way they do.

The mindset of a successful person is NOT to stick around with those that don’t care. 

There’s a common trait amongst some of those that yet don’t have the success they dream about: They find rich and wealthy people annoying, disgusting, and sometimes excluding.

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At the same time, they have what you want!

People think it’s bad to be selective of their friends. That it’s bad to reject and take a stand for what, and who, you want to be associated with. At the same time, most people don’t have the courage to take a homeless to a restaurant.

The common way to live life is to go through your daily routines and just “have friends.” Whoever pops up into your life. Maybe a few of your friends in your network comes from your childhood background, and you stick with them. This can be nice. But usually, most of your friends from that time will change so much that they probably won’t match who you really want to be. Because of so many things change in our lives through our childhood and younger days.

Which one of your closest friends already have the success you dream about? When you have discovered your passion and want to built on it, will they follow?

If your friends and network don’t mirror and attract the kind of success you want by having that “success mindset,” you won’t either.
[tweet_box] Here’s the important insight: “You will mirror and become the average of your closest friends!” [/tweet_box]

It’s time to rearrange and establish a new network

Those successful or wealthy people you admire and look up to, those that have what you would like to have, choose their close network acquaintance carefully.

This is because people copy each other. We become each other’s mindsets. So if your group of friends or family are like most people, motioning through life with a what-ever-happens mindset, you will do the same.

Picture this: Pick one of your preferred wealthy individuals and mentors of your choice. One you would like to be associated with.

Do you think this person would enjoy hanging out with the same friends you have, that just slumber through life, not having the motivative and success mindset?

Or do you expect this person to actually want to spend time with you, at all?

Understand that Law of Attraction is not just a cute quote. It’s a universal law. You don’t have to care about it. But then, if you don’t, you don’t care about the results of your outcomes either.

Like attracts like. Crucial insight to keep in your pocket.

Are they keeping your dream-life away?

What most people are good at is complaining and reaffirming their current struggles, mistakes, faults, illnesses, and bad situations in life. They do it so often that they become really good at it. And sure, if you make a habit out of something, you WILL become good at it.

Do you have friends or even parents, or siblings like that?

If you feel that you struggle with your current life situation, it’s a good chance that even your best friend of even parents are fucking up your growth and progress!

[tweet_box] “It’s not about rejecting -it’s mindful selection of preference”[/tweet_box]

It’s time to sort them out! You can’t accept those low energies to surround you every day. Yes, it sounds sad! It feels egoistic and cold, but what comes first?

Their lack of knowledge about success in life? Or your ignorance of what kind of people that brings you forward in life? I have even met people who says: My friends keep telling me you’re no good. Ditch them. This week!

It’s not about rejecting -it’s mindful selection of preferences

You’re not supposed to suddenly jump out of the closet one day, screaming Eureka and tell those sleepy heads that they’re not good enough for you anymore. What kind of energy would that bring into your life?

It’s about mindfully moving closer to the right kind of people having a more vivid energy and positive aura around them. Those that motivates you and see opportunities and are driven by their dreams and positive beliefs. When you change your own mindset you will start to syncronize with important people.

There is a shift happening in your mind when you get together what that kind of people. Those who really do care about their quality of life.

And about those close friends of yours, those that lack that motivation: They have to same change to make that shift also!

Make the shift.

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