How to get energy to make decisions in life

Sometimes we struggle with figuring out our daily lives. Even the simplest and minuscule choices. And when it comes to more important conclusions and life choices, you just lack the energy to make conclusions and decisions. Here are 3 important methods on how to get more energy to make the right choices and better outcomes.

I’ll share some details from the last years work with a guy called Jonas. Be sure to get notified about my next blog post on this as I share his situation, reasons for his illness and low life energy, and the exact changes he was told to make.

I’ll share some details from the last years work with a guy called Jonas. Be sure to get notified about my next blog post on this as I share his situation, reasons for his illness and low life energy, and the exact changes he was told to make.

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So, to quickly through in a quick answer to this topic. [tweet_dis]Here are the main reasons people struggle with sharp thinking and decision making[/tweet_dis].

  • It’s their body and mind is sluggish. Detox and shift your eating
  • You got too much bad history that you carry on to

If you do have some sad, bad, and shitty experiences lurking in the back of your mind. Don’t pretend that you don’t as long as it keeps messing up your life.

I wanted to write this blog post, almost like talking to some people I have met lately. These conversations have been typical motivation talks to nudge those I met in the better direction from where they are. One is a coaching client of mine I have been working with for months. And after our meeting yesterday, I just had to bring it on with being direct, straight in his face, and totally clear about some things. He’s been in bad shape for too long.

And doctors won’t sure as hell enlighten him because they don’t even see the real reasons for why he is out of balance and harmony with his body and mind in the first place.

Don’t pretend as, be real with yourself

This is how I work and how I am. I’m open and direct. But most people, especially in this farm field of a country, Norway; The Norwegians prefer to pretend, hide, act, not speak their truth, and just babble along being stupidly fake-friendly. What-the-fuck!?

That’s lying and being unauthentic.

Don’t expect me to shut up and roll with the words, not sharing what I see. And I see things in people when I meet them, speak with them, and especially when a mentor relationship is unfolding. If I see solutions and have some useful answers to those I advise and help, why would I keep it to myself?

Why do I tell you this? I’m telling you it’s about being REAL. Be true to yourself and what the state of the sutation is. Go deep and hack the truth.

So let’s be clear on some important, valuable insights and lessons that might be relevant for you. The following fundamentally important list will raise the level of life force and energy to make the right decisions in life. It will make you less fog-minded, less negative, make you think sharper and boost your overall agility and body energy to, thrive. Which you are supposed to do, as a default setting.

How do you reset your body and have new energy

So here are the 3 simple things I talked about to my client yesterday. Do this, and you will over time purify and help the body to attain its vitality and start to generate higher energy.

  1. [tweet_dis]Reset, clean, detoxify and then eat the right foods.[/tweet_dis] This is important, to begin with. If not, you won’t get rid of the fog-mind that kills your ability to think clearly to even make the right decision (Crucial step!)
  2. [tweet_dis]Be true to yourself and your past.[/tweet_dis] Rough childhoods or even just one-time traumatizing experiences can pull you down for years. There might be something blocking you and draining your life force because the sub-conscious keep hustling with it. Fix it.
  3. [tweet_dis]Feed your mind with holistic teachings[/tweet_dis] that will lift you UP from the limiting beliefs and norms. The information is available. That’s why I teach it to those who are ready. Choose a method for meditation.

Now, these things are so simple. It’s so BASIC, but most people never mind it. For some, it’s in fact too scary to dive into one’s own well of the mind. And so their preferred choice will be to either never mind the situation, or just run a busy life to avoid himself. And often when life becomes too dramatic, humans drown in dope.

They embrace tranquilizing and seductive stuff like;

  1. Filthy food you believe is good for you when it’s not
  2. Shit-food you know is bad, but still, eat it
  3. Television entertainment and other mind-dope
  4. Pharmaceutical drugs you think is smart to use
  5. Dope, like in drugs, alcohol, and smoking
  6. Regurgitated misleading religious preachings that have been the No1 reason for hell-fire and torture on this planet for decades, butt you still think it’s fine to live by. I won’t help you in the right way.
  7. Work, work, and over-work yourself to keep your mind busy until it explodes.

Now, you KNOW what your situation is. At least you could tell me if some or several of these 7 methods of self-denying, or maybe just as a bad lifestyle, you hold on to. But I do also understand that a lot of people have “issues” that are hiding in our memory and subconscious that we are not fully aware of.

Self Mastery is about stepping out of the norms, the common, the limiting conformities humans follow. So you can be a Boss and make smart moves and decisions. Self Mastery is about understanding you are more than your body, and to understand knowledge and wisdom that brings you insight reaching for enlightenment. ➕ Self Mastery is about figuring things out, being independent and not live a miserable life in complaint or a poor-me mentality. This way you will become strong, healthy, energized, and focus. Which will make you a leader in your cluster. ➕ I teach Self Mastery. If you want something more in life outside of the advertised way of finding success, aim for Self Mastery. If you’re stuck in the old, I can’t help. 〰️ #selfmastery #selfmasteryofthemind #selfmasterycoach #selfhelp #helpmegrow #helpmewin #helpmedecide #howtowin #howtogrow #howtobehappy #personalgrowth #makemebetter #figureitout #motivation #motivationalquotes #personalstrength #personaltrainer #wisdomwords #ancientknowledge #knowledgeofself #videos #instavideo

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That is totally fine. We are in fact living a life on planet earth, where each live’s agenda is to EXPERIENCE. Fucking-period! But, if you see life is not really making the turns in the direction you want, and you don’t know why. At least you DO know that something is not working. So where does it come from?

Let me add in there, for your note;

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Every mental and emotional unease, or physical disease, comes from an emotional body out of balance.[/tweet_box]

It doesn’t matter WHAT you experience. You make it happen by thought, it’s coming about, and you experience it. From that point on, it ALL depends on how you handle and deal with it.

In the next blog post, I will share a connecting story about a guy I have been working with. His situation became the basis for this post you are reading now. I will share part of his story, why he is so out of balance as he is, and how I told him to fix things to begin healing himself.

My main goal for this blog post was to help you understand that A LOT of people are deep in the situation of being “fog-minded”. And this is what creates all other struggles developing onward.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]”Lifting your brain-fog is the first step to clarity and to ignite your inner guidance”[/tweet_box]

For Jonas, as I told you about. This is his main struggle. We can put them in two simple terms:

  1. He carries too much fear and cramped negative energy in his body, from his past experiences. So much that it effects his whole body posture and attitude. It’s like a physical depression.
  2. He and his family have been consuming regular grocery foods for years. Shit food, really. Accumulating over all these years, it slowly weakens and poisons the body.

One of the first things I told him last year was to quit eating bread and drink cow milk. He just smirked, like…

“Haha, why. We have been eating bread and been drinking milk for years…”

I said;

“Exactly. I know that. And I can see that. Change it. It’s one of the first food tips I will give you”

Cleaning your whole body system is easy. You just have to make some simple changes in what you put in your mouth whole. After you start your new eating habits, stick with them and give it time.

Gradually, your mind will clear up and you will think more freshly and slowly have more rapid firing neurons and a more response brain.

In our chat yesterday he told me that he now went to a nutritian physicist. He was given two adivces for his eating habits. Quit drinking milk and stop eating bread.

Amen to that.

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