The Methods and Tools

Top recommended tools for Freelancers, Digital Nomads and startups.

The best apps and services for bloggers

To built your own work from passion and life a freelance lifestyle, you need some good toos. I’m picky on my workflow systems. And for me that is apps, tools, and services that work well, feel good, and looks good. If I don’t enjoy using them, I will just ditch it and find something better. I have been working online for many years, and have tried A LOT. The collection bellow is some of what I use now and recommend trying out.

Best hosting for WordPress

Siteground WordPress hosting

I was on cheap shared hosting. But after I transferred all my sites to Siteground, I saw the light! Fantastic improvement. Fantastic support. I have never done a site transfer this fast. They did this for me in 1 hour, and my site was up. This blog runs on the Siteground GoGeek account. I really recommend going for this.

Best e-mail service for Bloggers


I dropped out of Mailchimp after I found ConvertKit! Very slick and easy e-mail service aimed at professional bloggers. Even Patt Flynn moved over to ConvertKit! They also support creating simple landing pages, and you can very quickly set up your first e-mail course and autoresponder series. Sign-up forms look good also and fully mobile responsive.

Spell checker for bloggers

Grammarly spelling and grammar

If you do any kind of writing that others are supposed to read in the public, like e-mail newsletters, blog posts or other content. Grammarly is a must. This service can be used with a Mac app, a Chrome plug-in and by logging into your Grammarly web account.

Project management tool for bloggers

Asana for project management

One of the most important tools I use online with my team, is Asana for our project management. Really happy with it. Though it lacks some visual overview. This is where we run and maintaine all our Web Design clients.

WordPress theme for bloggers

Divi professional WordPress theme

You need a design template, a theme for your WordPress website or blog. Building a beautiful site is much easier now, especially after Divi 3 came out. Build using drag-and-drop modules, and create a fully mobile responsive site, fast. I use it for my client work, and for this site.

Best content calendar for bloggers


This is THE most amazing plugin addon to WordPress. Two things, simple calendar scheduling of your blog posts, AND rocking sequence sharing of your posts in the future. Even better, like me having my team, is adding comments, tasks and planning the blog posts. Recommended!

Online layout tool for bloggers


Canva have become a really cool and useful too, used by more and more individuals and companies. It’s very easy to design graphics, banners, flyers, social media graphics and other stuff here. It’s pretty much free, but you can pay for added content and assets.

Accounting for Freelancers

FreeAgent Accounting and Invoicing

I use FreeAgent for both accounting and invoicing. Since I work with clients from all around the world, it’s easy to set up their invoice payments. They receive a PDF file, and can choose to pay with their credit card in the browser. You can also brand your invoices, and they also have an excellent iPhone app.

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