Valentines suck - I'll keep working instead

It’s late at night, and I’m walking home in a frosty mist with the moonlight shining through the clouds. It’s shit-cold. I have been having a romantic evening with myself, far away from any love. Yeah, the dream-hustlers life can be lonely.

The loneliness of having a broader perspective and bigger goals

It’s one thing to have lost people you love and people you trusted and landing hard like plain-crash. But another thing I have learned over time is that its equality lonely to be one of the few having extended goals and a reach for a higher purpose. It simply doesn’t seem to be interesting for most people.

If you’re somewhat like me, you may have had times when you are so fired up about your own plans, goals, and progress that you talk to everybody about it. Well at least in the beginning. Just to have you realize that there’s an echo coming back to you.

Even stupid grins on people’s faces are what I have been presented with.

“They” are not connecting. It’s just not seeping into their more or less conscious brains, you tell yourself.

So after some time, you figure out that it can be a pretty lonely road out here on the way to success mountain. And success doesn’t have to be about money. Just to make a note to you that struggle with finding love in the word “Success.”

Let me tell you; I am already very successful! Because that is what I already feel. And I have found my way, and I don’t take crap heading there.

What’s most important to me?

I’ve been getting good at mind-hacking myself throughout the years so to keep a positive state of attitude and mindset. I do it by checking in with my dreams. I look at my written goals while listening to my “Self Mastery” playlist on Spotify. I converse with the few other people in my network that vibrate on the same frequency and feels inspiring.

So reminding myself about what’s most important to me is now a daily habit.

This evening I was asked if I could be someone’s date for the joy of valentines together. Ah, this romance. To be honest, not an area that gives me an exciting energy for the moment. Mostly because I brutally lost it, and now don’t have it.

Anyway, I said yes to hang out with her this evening. I’ve known this girl for years and were close friends. I was thinking it would be a lot better than just sitting home hustling my work as usual.

Well, I never heard from her this evening until it was too late. She fell asleep on her couch. Whatever.

I decided I’ll set up my own romantic evening. I packed my bag with my laptop and a Moleskin notebook and walked out into the night. Just 11 minutes away from my home there’s a beautiful beach hotel. They stay open late and have a fireplace. So I walked down to continue the writing on my upcoming book.

I’ve been trashed: Be sure to find good and like-minded people

Have you felt this kind of loneliness in your reach for inspiration, dreams motivation and bigger goals?

Last year I connected with an amazing girl from the US. She got brutally dumped by her husband and was having a heartbreak for weeks. She reached out, as we occasionally did. And I supported and helped her for months. We got more connected and had an excellent time with our online calls and with all the work we did together. Similar branch or type of business.

She was a rare gem. That’s how I saw it.

She decided to come to Norway. We had plans. I put in my best effort to make her feel safe and to look forward coming. We had two workshop events coming up here, and I promoted us for that.

She bought her flight ticket. And she was looking forward to the trip to Norway. Then…

Two days before her flight she messaged me and said: “I got some bad news. I’m not coming to Norway”…

And it went silent. I was trashed again.

Valentines? Whatever…

Am I sobbing or weeping now? Not really.

What I want to tell you in this post is that if you’re one of the few hustlers and dreams builders not giving up, be prepared to feel lonely at times. You’re sailing your own ship now, and few matches what it takes to sail with you.

Also, though it’s sad, to let go of some people that either drains your energy, fake their friendship with you are just stealing a lot of precious time that you need to get where you want. Some people can truly surprise you. And even closest friends or family can be your worst connections to have.

Should I go out and play or get moving on my goals?

I have a great network and a lot of friends. But I know, the last year and particular in the last months, I haven’t been much socially active and playful. Just a few in my inner circle are the ones I spend time with.

I’m prioritizing what will give me the ultimate freedom in the future. A freedom most people don’t have. And it doesn’t cost me any money. But I’m investing my precious time now and go out and play later, without worrying about money.

So yes, it’s lonely at times. And Valentines? -Just a sad reminder. For my part, I’ll choose to work on my dreams instead. Even though I will walk alone for fucking miles until I’m there.

Wanna join? I’m with you. Tell me how you feel… 


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