Think about a person, or maybe several individuals in your life that have inspired you. What do you remember from that, what positive effect did this have on your life? Among the best mentors in the world, there is a few I carefully select and follow myself. Here, I present Toby Robbins.

This planet holds a huge variety of different human experiences. In fact an overwhelming cosmic mix of all kinds of life. And those being present on this earth now in a bodily form have very different levels of understanding, experience, and life purpose.

There will be people who feel totally lost, for different reasons. And there will be others who live on top of their own experience affecting those crossing their life paths. Often, after have been lost themselves, thus, the reason they now have reached a top.

Many of the most balanced and experienced though leaders, mentors, and motivators out there have the ability to affect many people. At once, often in big groups. And I wanted to share one of the top mentors I think you should consider looking into. This guy might motivate you, get you to think, and move you in a desirable direction.

He comes from a pretty shitty background but has built himself up to become one of the world’s most well-known and influential speakers, coach and motivator. He is big, loud and powerful, but with what I consider a perfect balance of power and emotion. I’m talking about Tony Robbins.

This planet needs mentors

First, let me explain why I find inspiration, guidance, and keeping my mind focused and motivated by a mentor like Tony Robbins. It might light a desire for you to be aware of teachers to follow in light of your own progress.

You see, I’m very well aware of the way I experience my life: My insights on our existence as physical human beings and the overall level of understanding I have built up from my passion for self-education, is pretty different than most people’s level of knowledge. It’s easy to measure for me because comparing myself to the general public, even downsized to my local connections, repeatedly shows where people are in general when it comes to their unfolding of life.

Their fear, limited insights and personal beliefs keep them in a constraining mindset, which to me on a bigger scale, reflect the state of this planet.

I consider myself an outsider of the norms, one that jumped off the carousel spinning the nuthouse earthlings to keep them entertained and fakery happy. I just see so obviously that the human speed-race is clearly off balance, and it needs mentoring. And there are many of them out there, operating in different formats and with varied voices.

Follow those who match who you want to be

To me, Tony Robbins has the attitude, the energy and the power that I connect with and relate to. I need that because the expectations and standards that I have for my own life is way above the “regular” expectations. That’s why I follow teachers and mentors that operate and perform on such a high level where the mindsets and way of thinking will bring me closer to my most desirable outcome for life. It’s like being a “Human Experience Athlete.”

I’m giving you this intro to tell you how things will start to change for you when you begin to surround yourself with sharp, motivating, and intentional, focused people.

At some level, we all have small moments of being a leader or mentor for others. Little brother or sister, neighbor, a kid on the street, or as a quick enlightening comment to a stranger. You should never underestimate your mentoring effect on the world around you.

I know I’m both a teacher for some along with allowing myself to be mentored by others. But I’m very conscious about it. I want to, and choose to be a leader. It’s a natural state. Again, this is why I find even more inspiration with power-teachers like Tony Robins. So with this, let me tell you more about this figure with the big hands that sais; “I’m not your guru.”

About Tony Robbins: Some astounding quick facts

Now, without you throwing something out in the air and thinking “Yeah, this is just American business circus!”; Let’s look at the big things first, being mindful about that it didn’t start out this way.

Anthony Robbins is well recognized as a real authority on the psychology of business leadership and organizational structuring. For almost 40 years he has been an advisor and coach for celebrities, presidents and other thought leaders around the world. He is an author, and Tony was first recognized for his very successful self-help books; Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. He is running some insanely crowded business and life changing coaching seminars, and he runs several companies and has been sought after for economical and financial advice on investing and money saving. Especially after his latest book; “Money -Master the Game”.

There are so many big numbers around his businesses and organizational programs that I can’t spend time on them now. But, specifically, when it comes to his philanthropic mission, he has personally been serving 59 million meals around America through his programs. Mr. Robbins is a huge giver, in capital.

Okay, so he’s like a movie star celebrity. Well, it doesn’t take too much to be noticed and talked about when you perform, express and share a well balanced and powerful talk on stage, flipping everyday people and business men’s lives around in a heartbeat.

And Tony Robbins started out with this practice without any formal education in psychology. And even before that, where do you think his background was like at an early age?

Not the background you might think

Well, yes. He is wealthy now and has a big house, like many other rich people on the top of the hill. But for Anthony, it wasn’t like that when he started out.

At his age 7, his parents got divorced. After having a series of stepfathers, he was adopted by one at age 12. Things never worked out and after some time, his mother started drinking combining this with drugs, like pills and different prescriptions. The relationship with Tony and his mother was harsh and unkind, mistreating him badly. This was from the fact that she feared to lose him as he was the main caretaker providing for her and his siblings.

She even once stuffed soap down his throat to be sure to keep him in-house. Later, an incident where she chased Tony out of the house with a knife had him never to return for a long time.

But Tony Robbins had a strong spirit. Later years he started promoting and working for Jim John, another well-known American author, motivational speaker, and author.

Over time, Tony began speaking himself and very soon built a very strong and charismatic character on stage.

His methods, reach, and the effect he has on people

One of the biggest and most well-known coaching seminars Tony Robbins serves, and one he praise the most to present, is his “Date with Destiny” life transformative seminars. To some, it may look like a crazy religious gathering, while it is in fact just the powerful and motivational effect he has on the attendees that sprout their innate life-force to greater heights.

Of course, when people discover their purpose, destiny and get pumped up with clarity and motivation from both their leader and others in the same boat, an explosion of joy and exhilaration arises.

And like I said in the beginning: Since this is not the ordinary state of most people, an ecstatic feeling of relief will lift people to new heights. A place where all people should be allowed to feel at some point in life. Unless they don’t want to.

When I see Tony Robbins on stage, I recognize his methods and powerful character. If you spend some time watching his methods on screen from his seminars, you might be, like me, both amazed and empowered by how he connects with random people in the audience. How does he do that? Do you think any formal or higher education would make him a better coach or such an insightful mentor that he is?

I don’t think so. Tony Robbin’s strength, knowledge, and intuition lies in the fact of his past, his struggles and his hustle for discovering and finding his own way.

Tony Robbins on meditation

I’m amazed by the clarity, the spot on knowledge bombs and insight he can give his targets while connecting with them. I have seen Tony completely shift a person’s life-long struggles on the spot! And having an immediate effect and to see them leave his seminar totally changed. The rough, honest and personal connection he usually makes, first puts the individual out, to just right after, put them back together and built them up.

His performance is what some will call magic. No wonder there are those who label him a “guru”.

Now it’s more than tactic and clever words

Tony Robbins, with his story and background, having to rise from the depths of childhood fears and the unlikely possibilities of great success, have built a character of a giant. And exactly because he was unaffected and uninterrupted by pompous faculties. Instead, he consciously and deliberately constructed an overseer and mindful warrior persona. A character determined to deliver his message and be a mentor for millions.

And even more; This reincarnated soul manifested and experienced as Tony Robbins have, I believe, developed through lifelong self-education. Building his innate strength and connection with his spirit to return him his high intuitive capability.

Like he says when asked; “It just comes to me…

Yes. But he is still not a guru. He is just following, growing and living his passion which automatically connects with his higher purpose. He is in alignment with himself.

So yet again, most people on this planet are not aligned. Though the news is wildly dramatized, you see the state of the world. But low and behold, we have great teachers among. People that are the same as everyone else. The difference is, they made a choice.

You should see his documentary: “I am not your guru”

On Netflix, you will find the new documentary, created by Joe Berlinger, called “I am not your guru”. I recommend all people to watch it, especially if you already have some presumpsions about Tony Robbins already. Check it out, and make your your mind after.

Why should you find a mentor to follow?

It’s not just to find only ONE mentor or inspiring leader and walk his talk. It’s about starting to take that mindset and find similar mentors aligned with your mission. It’s a way of thinking, and adopting a mindset that will bring you further. And it’s also not just about discovering external motivational celebrities to read about or watch on your computer; You should start with looking at what you bring to your life close and nearby, like friends and even family. Are they at the level you want to be?

Like Tony Robbins and most other self-help authors, motivational speakers and leaders say: “You mirror and become like the 5 of your closest friends

So who are they?

As for suggesting motivating, transformative and powerful coaches and mentors to follow. Tony Robbins is one of my top recommendations. This is because he has built a genuine character of value, insight, passion and not least, emotion!

Let yourself be inspired to change, for your own good.

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