How to succeed in your life by having a mentor

Your mindset, the habitual way of your thinking, is what will define your future and how You succeed. What are your options when the school or a life-sucking job is trashing your life quality? Let me share a video from Tim Ferriss about how a self-doubting lady completely changes and triples her Yoga practice income. How to succeed in life is all about how you think and decide.

Your negative expectations and bad self-doubt

People I work with, change. A positive transformation happens because they decided and intended for it to happen. I’m just the method they chose to use.

You need motivation regularly. Because it keeps you on a steady path and reinforces a more rigid journey towards a more desirable destination.

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But the common norms of most people is to not, deliberately, search and discover new and motivational sources at all. So everything stays the same. Is that what you want?

When I work with my clients, changing this habit have a huge effect on their progress. To have a mentor to lead and tell “you’re not alone anymore.” Being held accountable will vastly improve all steps of your progress.

Great example in this story

I wanted to start this post with some constructive criticism because I see there less beneficial thinking all over the place. People living only by the hope that things will someday work out. This is normal. And it’s sad to watch.

This is why I call my concept of mentorship and coaching “Self Mastery”. I want you to shift because then you will make a huge difference in your own life.

Have a look at the self-doubt and low expectations from the lady in this film. How the right mindset and practice makes her Yoga class lucrative and thriving.

Update 1st of June: The Tim Ferris video have been removed from YouTube, but you can see a trailer.

To watch the full episode of the film I’m referring to in this post, all episodes are available on Vimeo now. The one I’m talking about is episode 8 in the series. You can watch that one and all other episodes here.

After watching it, consider what you could change and built in your own life. What thoughts do you think and what is your passion in life? How You Succeed is up to you. Start by watching this video.

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