How to build multiple income streams
Are you one of those thinking: “I’m tired of this shit job, and I want to quit.” I know I was a few years ago. I was having my business, but also a part-time job, which I didn’t enjoy. So I quit, gambling on making it on my own. Here are some ideas on how to build multiple income streams for freedom and security.

Returning to some 9-5 or 11 am – 7 am work hours like I had, won’t happen. Or just having a flat rate salary. Or knowing that all the hours I’m spending in my life, I’m just robotically plodding through a set checklist, making sure the company get’s a good reputation. And not really investing in my own plans for the future.

I am more than that. My plans and expectations are greater than that. My life is more important than just collecting a monthly paycheck , just as survival money for buying food and having fun.

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I’m familiar with that many others feel the same.

Sure, for some, having a confined job within a scheduled set of work hours makes them happy. And to be honored and recognized for work they do may be just what they find fulfilling. This is perfectly fine and good for them. But some people have told me:

”Neeeeh, I’m better off with having this stable and secure job, knowing my income with cash in every month”…

Until it doesn’t. Like when you suddenly and unexpectedly just lose your job. For a reason not foreseen, like a company shutdown or other circumstances. That one single income stream you through was your security suddenly stops flowing.

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More and more readers, followers and people I talk to ask me about how tired they are and want to move on and be free. But most of them are also struggling with seeing what options they have and how they possibility could have their monthly income by not working for someone else.

A paycheck is not security – several income streams are

Last year, my sweet little sister had worked her way up to be a store manager after spending months doing her best. She was happy, felt she achieved something. She even liked the job, which is good.

Until the day came and she walked into the store and got fired. The main office of the company decided to shut down that particular store where she worked.

I was happy to see her not panicking as a lot of people would do. She carried on, determined to find another job. And she did.

This is nice, but that struggle and hope to find yet another job you MAY like is not something I wanted to stick with. I didn’t like just to be a gray alien on the floor, effectively doing what I was programmed to do.

Early on when I first started out with acquiring my income through client work, I also kept my employee job. So I had two income streams. Then I also started working online, slowly building up a third income .

Now I had three pillars generating money. So soon after, the decision came to elegantly terminate the employee job, sucking life-force out of me. What do you think happened then?

I got more energy and happy, positive attitude to continue working on something that mattered to my future plans. Building more income streams and working on stuff that I enjoyed, and was more in line with who I am.

Making an income in work from passion is one of my favorite topics, and it’s one of the most popular items on the checklist to work within the coaching with my clients. So first of all:

Yes! Of course, the change should be gradual!

I find it inspiring and motivating talking about this topic of how to generate money online. Or even hustling up something locally in your area. When I mention it as a new idea to my fellow citizens, most of them does, in fact, get annoyed and a little scared.

There’s an inner worry well established. The one of letting go of the belief that “jobs” are the safe and only way of making an income . To serve another Master.

When you start considering to leave the flat-rate way of making money and develop a plan for something of your own making, you should do this switch gradually. Keep your job while working with your new plans. Keep your job while even taking on private work, and aim to make a gradual shift.

The two ways to discover new income streams

Let’s start with a simple idea. This is one of the methods I use with my coaching clients, so consider one of the following two options.

  1. From the kind of work you do in your job right now, what could you take out and offer as a freelance or single agent service? Come on, use your fantasy! One limitation I see too often is the lack of imagination and creativity. Be creative, over a longer period. Ideas will come.
  2. If you just have a boring and limiting job now, like many others, not at all within your range of passion, skills or life purpose, we need to spend the time in a different way. It may take a little more time, but this is about your life and your happiness for the future! We need to discover your inner core values, drives and why’s. If this is new to you, it’s about time to figure these things out.

Let me mention one example I have told before in another blog post. A friend of mine worked as a kindergarten supervisor. Seated alone on the second floor and mostly working with hopeless employees and company owners, she lost the passion and purpose in something she basically loved doing. And she was good at it.

I told her to ditch the place. And brand herself high end, for hire, Kindergarten Advisor, and Pedagogical Supervisor.

While talking about this idea, she suddenly lightened up and was inspired. I gave a lot of ideas on how to run the business, how to work with the kindergarten business owners and how to distribute her time.

How to make money online, is not dead!

I have (still) heard people say: “Ha! Making money online is over! Too many people have done it already”…

Sure. They have no clue.

Or: Ha! Making money online is just a scam, not for me!…

Sure. They have no clue either. Let them stick with the old jobs.

Making money online is by utilizing the tools and systems that are available online now. You may even do your work locally and use online tools and methods to maintain and administrate it.

Like for me, one of my income streams are courses that I run on at my beautiful local beach hotel in the south of Norway. It’s, in fact, my income stream number 6 or 7. When people join the course, they book via my coaching page and pay using WooCommerce (which is free) built into my web page. The payment is made using Stripe or PayPal.

And to mention another method for online income which is one of the most popular is sharing “affiliate links” to other online programs, tools, and services. If people click those links, I’m given 15-30% of the sale if people buy a program, app or service.

If you ran your own online course using a ready-made platform like Teachable, teaching people something you know a lot about, creating an affiliate offer to have other people promote your course for you, would be a sweet deal.

Speaking of courses, it’s one of the hottest methods of yet another method for creating a nice extra income online. Yes! I know you, in fact, might have the skills to make a course. Be creative and don’t underestimate yourself. Homemakers have done it before you.

Here’s my blog post about how to create on online course

How to charge for work served to your clients

My primary method for income is from being a freelance Web Designer. And as a Web Designer, I know about different ways to set up payment systems. There are usually two options that I’m adding to every store, built with Shopify, that I’m suggesting.

Adding Stripe as a standard payment gateway, and PayPal as an option. Many users want to use PayPal as it feels more secure. And they know the company.

If you have made the transition and can do some work for your own clients, here are some methods for how you can charge for the job done.

  1. Get a free Stripe account and activate it. 
This way you will even be able to charge clients credits cards in person using the Control app connected to your Stripe account.
  2. Have a PayPal business account just for this purpose. You can issue payment requests straight from within this account.
  3. Sign up with a slick invoicing system like (I use this one) or You will be able to look more professional, and the clients you do work for will have invoices sent to them. Both of these companies will be able to connect to both your Stripe and PayPal account.

-I always suggest option 3, because you want to look good and professional, right?

Find creativity for changing your life

Creativity is what has moved this planet forward. (even at the crazy stage it is now) (US election of Donald Trump doesn’t count!)

Find a notebook and bring it with you at all times. Creative sparks shoot when you least expect it. So when you get them, don’t lose the ideas you get.

So, moving on.

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