Linn Dreessen, Norway

In this first blog post series of three parts, I’m telling the story about Linn from Norway who came from a deep struggle of a bad work-life balance and low self-esteem, to discover her passion and did a home-based business out of it.

But let me first give you a short intro from my own background and why I share these stories on my blog now. It’s about discovering your passion, [tweet_dis]making passive income online, and growing a life-style outside of the norms[/tweet_dis].

Teaching and sharing my methods

Several years ago I made a choice to drop out of work and go full time in with building my own self-made salary and grow a passive income. I have spent an insane amount of work hours, learned a lot more than I ever did in school, and expanded my capacities in a variety of areas I would never be without.

The freedom I have and my primary method of income is to work as a Web Designer with a focus on creating Shopify e-commerce stores for people wanting to sell stuff online. Shopify has also become my main passive income stream while I keep working on several others.

But the other area I value A LOT and spend a good amount of time on is teaching others how they can “break out of the norms” and construct their own self-made salary, and also passive income. Part of this journey, for me, is mentoring people into a transforming mind-shift. [tweet_dis]Those who want to sail their own boat need skills and the strength to stay on their journey.[/tweet_dis]

To share some example stories and show you what others have done, you will read about Linn from Norway in this post. She did an incredible job with transforming herself and the making the decision to make a change and sail her how boat!

The story of Linn Dreessen, her passion, and her home-made products

I was lucky to be connected with Linn in the fall of 2016. She had been advised by a friend to get in touch with me about her idea to maybe sell her home-made products online. She did, and we connect well. I have worked with her since then.

Like most people, Linn came from a typical background having a regular job working in a kindergarten. She kept that job for long. Like 20 years.

Over time this job started to take its toll on Linn’s energy and capacity for work. It was a job, and it did bring income to herself and her family. But something was missing. And so there was another feeling dominating her mind for too long. It was the sensation of being misplaced in her profession, not truly belonging.

This burning and draining feeling kept on tearing on her energy for too long. So much that after 20 years, she was totally burned out and had to call in sick. Her body said stop, and she didn’t come back for a long time. For three months, she was more or less laying down. The result of the burnout and the feeling of being overwhelmed brought her down to ground level. Apparently telling her that this is not working out.

Being in this kind of state brings about the need for making new choices, which was not so easy for Linn.

Her need for change: Remedied by Yoga and mindfulness

She started thinking about what to do next. What kind of work and profession would bring her to happiness and joy? How will she keep her safety for income? And like the moment so many others get to in their life; What were the purpose and the dream in her life?

At first, these questions were too big and scary. So she put it off. Until the pressure to make a change became so necessary that she had to.

One persistent gut feeling she had been living with, more or less always, began to give her hints on where to go next. Linn always had pictured herself starting something on her own.

Along the way, Linn says that after she had begun taking Yoga classes and having a more deliberate practice with her mindfulness routines, her life started slowly to change for the better. She got more energy which over time gave her the much-needed clarity to figure out the right choices for herself.

This is what got her out of the foggy landscape and into a new path in life.

Being a sensitive soul craving more nature and purity

Linn also told me she has learned over time that she is one of the more sensitive souls among us. A lot more reactive to people, places, and to the kind of food she had been eating.

“I have always been attracted to nature, and to herbs and natural products. Its like it`s been an innate guiding system telling me what I need. Something more people should listen to. We all have it within ourselves”

Though Linn is not a typical makeup-diva, the products she chooses for her skin and face is also carefully selected. And through the last years, she has learned that her food choices had a dramatic effect on her skin also, which is one of her good reasons to eat clean and drink water daily.

“This is one of my most important advice when talking about my products and to people asking for advice. Its simple; [tweet_dis]Eat clean food, drink a lot of water and don’t use toxic skin products[/tweet_dis]”

By being sensitive and having the urge to keep her products clean, she started to discover what she was missing. This is one of the reasons she was lead to make her own products home.

Making natural soaps and shampoo

Inventing her need for natural products begins

One day she found some recipes for natural herb soap. She instantly got triggered, and she knew this was exactly what she wanted to continue working on.

The joy of just going out in nature, picking your own natural ingredients to make natural wellness products started to give her joy and purpose in life.

Linn began to experiment with creating her own soaps and shampoo. From her walks into nature, she began to pick the herbs and plants for her own production at home. She spent time learning the processes and finding the right combinations to create what now have become her collection of products in her store.

“After som time, I included friends and family to have and use my products for their own well being. And rumor started to spread about these shampoos and soaps, people wanted more”

Making the big decision to quit her job

After a long period of thinking and contemplating Linn decided to finally quit her job and choose her passion for a regular job. She decided it was not just about surviving from a paycheck but to actually live! To follow her heart and what she discovered as a meaningful purpose.

“Madness and pretty wild. I was actually going to start my own business. I wanted to share the beauty of safe and natural products”

At first, for Linn to put herself “out there” in the world was a very scary thought. As for being an introvert not wanting to get too much attention, she pushed herself to allow her passion and what brings her happiness in life to come forth and transform her at the same time.

“What could be the worst thing that could happen? It’s no way back now. I wanna write my own history, weather this will be a success or not. Either way its fine with me”…

Linn ends her conversation telling me that she does not regret quitting her job at all. But the advice she wants to give to others is that you should at least have a plan.

She concludes with herself that at least she have become a much more strong and content person. A lot more happy and much braver than before.

“From now on, it’s just about me. And I’m following my heart and a purpose”

I love sharing Linn’s story, as she represents several of my valued principles from my methods of teaching and training. The concept of Self Mastery.

She struggled. But she decided. And she figured things out and set it into motion. She ditched what most people found find crazy, to quit her job. And she decided SHE was the most important ingredient and followed her intuitive lead of what made her most happy.

I’ll finish this post with outlining the methods and tools Linn used for her transformation and the startup of her home based business.

The methods, tools, and system Linn used for her Startup

Though people have always had the option to self-motivate, grow and figure life out, the world is changing. It’s easier than before.

Here is the progress of methods and tools Linn used to get started with her home-based business.

Improving her motivation, inner strength, and body health

One of the most important little changes Linn Dreessen did is the choice of healing herself through Yoga and meditation. Those that understand life is about energy will turn to their inner self for guidance and healing when it’s needed.

Yoga and meditation were the first tools that made her capable of continuing her journey in the first place.

Allowing herself to be helped

One of the issues Linn had in the very beginning, she told me one day, was to allow herself to get help. She was the kind of lady who’s idea was always to be self-supported.

She was hustling her self-made WordPress site but spent way too much time on something that didn’t turn out so well. So she connected with me and asked for help to set up a webshop.

But another important part of our work relationship was the coaching side of our meetings. She found that having the mentoring as part of her startup progress and growth was equally important for her self-esteem and confidence in opening her store and putting out her name.

Online tools and services

Her store was built using Shopify. My goal when working with new clients that have never had any particular technical skills with a computer or online work is to make them confident on their platform. And Shopify is being used by all kinds of people, young and old, to run an online store.

Best e-mail service for Bloggers

Her new store was set up to accept payments using Stripe and PayPal, so to have customers choose their preferred payment method when purchasing her products.

When people buy from her store, or just want to join her newsletter to know more about her products and her business, she signed up for ConvertKit. As this is the most simple and professional email platform that also integrates with Shopify.

Her home-based business has a pretty simple setup and using just a few services to make it flow smoothly.

Like Linn says: “You don’t need any education to start a web store and to work on your passion”…

What’s your passion and how will you make that happen?

The access to knowledge, inspiration and all kinds of tools are so available now that you just have to choose.

The first thing that stops people from making a change and progressing are them self.

I hope Linn Dreessen story can be one of my first and more detailed client stories that can inspire and be an example for others to follow.

In a couple of weeks, I will share another client story for you to read.

You can visit Linn’s website here and check her products out: (Norwegian site)

Hail to your success!

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