Better morning routines for success

The way you will educate yourself now is by choosing exactly what you need based on what you find interesting. But it should also be considered useful as a time investment related to your goals. I needed inspiration on how to get better morning routines. And my book tip today is exactly about that.

My main reason for reading the following book I’m about to recommend was to change ONE habit: [tweet_dis]How to get up earlier in the morning and make it stick.[/tweet_dis]

The book you see below includes in the title, “for writers.” And I was thinking, perfect! I’m a blogger, and I write eBooks. Sounds good to me.

We freedom hustlers have plenty of excellent sources to go out and learn all kinds of stuff for building yourself up to become independent and create self-made salaries. Articles, books, films, and mentors to become mental fit, motivated for reaching our goals, and to learn all sorts of practical stuff. I love self-education, because everything I pick out to teach myself, I’m now open to and WANT to learn.

I had to change my “sleeping schedule”!

So for example, one bad habit (or maybe not, for some) I feel I have had for years is that of hustling late night times with either client work or my recurring administrative tasks. I like those late hours, but I’m sure I would be a lot more productive in the early mornings when my brain is recharged.

After I just finished the reading the remarkable peace of Honorée Corder; “You Must Write a Book,” I was lead to this next one. Perfectly in line with my goals. And since I, for some time, wanted to figure out how to get better morning routines, I jumped right into this one.

“The Miracle Morning for Writers.”

I truly enjoyed reading this book the first time. And even more now. I was skeptical in the beginning if “just a book” could get me to make the right changes for getting up in the morning. It’s basically, fucking hard. Because I have been night-owl for years. It’s like, I’m just NOT going to bed when I should!

The way Hal and Steve wrote this book, have for me, change my THINKING. Which is the main ingredient in all formulas for making a change of habit. The book doesn’t only present motivating ideas, but practical methods and how-tos to make it work for you.

And I think it’s important to mention that this read is not only for making habit changes in getting up earlier. The authors bring you some truly valuable advice when it comes to writing. Just to outline a few for you to quickly eye-scan:

  • How to track your ideas
  • Creating content that readers will love
  • How to be monetizing your writing
  • Building a platform for yourself as a writer and blogger

When you and I invest a shit-load of time in constructing our dream lives outside of the system and common workrooms, we need a regular refill of inspiration.

And a lot of other cool mentors and business owners sailing the same seas as you and me have A LOT to bring to the table.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none” width=”70%”]When you invest a shit-load of time in constructing our dream lives, we need an inspirational refill.[/tweet_box]

Let’s learn from them. Just like other people also learn from us from our particular industry, arena, and skills.

So this is my recommendation to you

I’m reading the book “The Miracle Morning for Writes” for the second time. First on my iPad/iPhone (lol). But since I enjoyed this book so much, it was very much worth it to have it in my book collection. So I’m reading it again, and this time I get reminders, even more details sink in, and by reading the book again, I’m reinforcing my own success.

Read this book and begin adapting some important success factors that Hal Elrod and Steve Scott teaches you in this book.

You will see that there’s something essential to the methods and the mind-hacking of one’s early morning work routines to improve progress.

Did you read it already? Let me know, or comment below when you’re done.

I bought The Miracle Morning for Writers on Amazon.

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