Santara Resort in Spain

Sorry I haven’t been writing for some time. I couldn’t stay home, so I packed for another trip to Spain. This time with my camera guy. A new short film is coming up where I share some more lifestyle design tips and methods for creating self-made salary to be able to work, travel and feel free.

Being addicted to the freedom

It’s not that long since I had my last trip. I was in Spain in November with some friends. I wrote about the different places to work here in this post from November.

If I hadn’t joined my friends for that trip in November, I wouldn’t have discovered the resort I’m now living on, and also the surrounding area, including Alicante city.

When you get the taste of freedom and find out that there are methods to turn your life around to keep this lifestyle, you won’t go back. For this trip, I’m also having a buddy of mine coming along. Together we’ll spend time on our business, find inspiration, work with our content and shoot film.

Would my next film give you the inspiration?

I do Web Design. I have been doing this for years. When working with new clients now, it’s mostly for setting up new Shopify websites that make people sell products online.

In March 2015, as part of a partner contest, a short film was made about me as a Shopify Expert and Partner. I talked about why I choose to work with Shopify. That film seemed to inspire a lot of people. I got a lot of feedback from all kinds of freelancers and digital nomads around the world. But also from people who wanted to have this kind of work-life freedom.

Now I’m working on my second film, with a more general topic. Not just about Shopify or web design, but how I format my life to step it up from the conventional norms. It’s what makes me have the energy, health, motivation and the work freedom that I have.

Being on the move, to travel, brings in new ideas

Even before this trip, I got hints of being on the right path. I knew that going back to Spain would bring in new “synchronicities” and fresh opportunities. And it has.

You know, just being in travel mode, to be on-the-go gets the energy moving. Why?

Because you make changes in location, destination and put into motion a lot of new segments of synchronicities in your life. It creates change. And if it’s a change you want in your life, then change something.

Some time ago I wrote about how being stuck makes you, stuck in life, and how you can move out of stuck-ness. Read it here.

Wanna see the film when it’s done?

It’s like I got a “fan group” last time from the previous movie. Cool, inspirational films that motivate people is fun. Let me send you an email when the next film is finished in the edit. Join in below.

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In the meantime, if you want to see the previous film, watch it here from YouTube.

Any topics I should include in the edit?

People ask a lot of question, so I try to include as much as possible in my writing and films.

If you as a reader have any comments or questions that you think I should include in the next film, let me know. You’ll find me on Instagram and Twitter, or send me an email.

Your topics could be like;

  • How to built body and mind energy to “handle” life
  • Ways to grow your spirit, to become stronger
  • Methods to create your own income, without being employed
  • On how to grow, personally, and become stronger

Yeah, let me know.

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