Me, at the top of Santabarbara Castle

I just got home from Spain. The last three weeks spent in Alicante city, and Santa Pola left some clues on how this place is to work from, and what travel does to my brain!

Cheap extended stay to work on my second film

I mentioned in my last blog post that I was supposed to stay only two weeks. I left with a buddy of mine this time, Tarald Aaby, who’s a photographer and filmmaker. And our main goal was to work on my second film and Tarald’s first film as a freelancer.

Tarald Aaby looking over some equipment

Time flies, and we needed more time working on our films. So we decided to stay another week. Being flexible on time and not having anyone or anything demanding our attention at home in Norway, we could pick out the cheapest flights and change the ticket for a low cost. Though, this does often mean leaving at downright silly hours from abandoned airports.


In total, our trip came out low on the cost of the flight ticket. Except for some extra expenses for having a bunch of hard-cases for camera and equipment rigs.

Funny how the Brazilian lady at the airport in Norway came out so hard on us with the extra stuff, when the crew at check-in in Spain didn’t mind it.

How is it to work in Alicante -what I learned

I was here in November last year. I more or less visited the same places. But I didn’t work with any film the last time.

Alicante in Spain and the sunset at Santa Barbara Castle

I like Alicante and the surrounding area. I like the people also, as being friendly and pretty open to talking to. Not like all the scared people in Norway, reaching with “why is this stranger talking to me!?”

As a working traveler, most places I went to and spent time for work had Wifi. But what I see now is the Spain has a shitty and horrible Internet stream. And getting people to fix different related technical setups is often hopeless. A lady running a small local café told me that she more or less have trouble each Monday, with the connection just disappearing. She tried to call the company, but they just laugh, and nothing happens.

Food is often not the best in my experience. And I don’t like that. But spending some time to discover some more exclusive and quality restaurants helps. If you want sweets, though, it’s easy to find everywhere. I wonder how the rate of cancer is in Spain?

Of recommended restaurants in Alicante: Restaurant Casanova

Coffee is good in many places. And if you want to visit a jungle while in the middle of Alicante, you can! My favorite place is Soho Park. And outside gem and oasis with huge trees about 100 years old, unfolding their enormous curved roots for all to see. It’s not a place for eating, but to have good coffee, beer or a glass of wine. Excellent place to read, write or just watch all the people passing by.

Best outdoor café in Alicante is Soho Park

What others have experienced of Spanish service and completion

I was lucky to spend some time with an English gentleman who runs several businesses, listening to his stories about business and life. He thought me some things about the Spanish business people and the mindset around service: Horrible, tricky, nasty and too often with terrible quality.

He tried five different companies for his website and still didn’t get things right. The first company grabbed his upfront payment and disappeared. He has had a lot of hustle with having quality work done in general, often left half finished or with poor result.

A girl told me that this reputation makes outsiders in Spain to NOT pick local companies if there are other options.

For me, as a solo, Digital Nomad having my business run independently and with partners outside of Spain, it’s no issue. I’m running my own show, just visiting Spain.

Changes started to happen again – 11.11

This is not so strange. When you get off your ass and out into the world, the matrix of your existence shifts.

I could talk a lot about changes, synchronicities, and weird “coincidences.” But I’ll just mention a few interesting examples. Why the “”? Because I can see some things must happen for a reason. That’s when we experience order in what we consider chaos.

Have you heard about, or ever experienced seeing the number 11, or maybe 22 or 33 too many times?

This is what I’m presented with, and it’s related to numerology. I have been seeing this for years, and sometimes they show up too often. If you got no freaking clue on what I’m talking about, start looking up some research and read about numerology and master numbers.

I often document seeing, especially number 11, 1111 or combinations of this number. And like last year, from when I began my trip to Spain driving to the airport, 11’s started to show. This is also true for this trip, and they kept showing up in Spain.

So, seeing these numbers is what I consider a confirmation of being on the right path to a higher purpose. And every time they start to show up, things either change, or I get connected with new people and cool circumstances.

And on this trip, I met some very nice people and hooked up with several new opportunities.

Now I’m home, writing this blog post in my living room for once. I still feel a strong sensation of change and some new things that are about to happen, but I don’t know what it is.

Some travel hacks for you to steal

First of all, we had to book the flight tickets. From Norway, we chose Norwegian. Both me and Tarald live unattached and flexible lifestyles in our work, so using a pricing calendar made it easy to choose one of the cheapest tickets.

Sometimes, though it can be gambling, if you see the prices go up but still have time to book, wait a few days and see if a new plane has been set up. Then the prices will go back down.

Santara Resort bungalows

We stayed at Santara Resort in Grand Alacant, just 30min outside of Alicante. It’s a peaceful and quiet resort aimed to facilitate for rest, relaxation, and comfort. It’s not a family resort but welcomes athletes, elders, and people who want a beautiful place to stay. Having all their needs met, like a grocery store, hairdresser, spa and gym, clinic, bar, restaurant and other practical facilities.

So how much did we spend on staying at a resort like this for three weeks?


We just did some travel hacking here too. By offering the resort a complete and well-edited new film about Santara Resort’s beautiful village community, facilities, and offerings, we bargained a deal to stay for free. Probably longer if we wanted.

When Tarald ran out of money the last week

Well, this happens now and then. So we had to figure out a way to bring in some cash which was a simple task for him.

After spending a day at the Santa Barbara Castle, we went back down into the old part of the city and found a cozy Italian restaurant we truly recommend. After eating good food and answering the waiter’s questions about our film work, Tarald offered the restaurant a package with some brand new imagery and a film for them to use on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

I left the scene and Tarald spent the evening at the restaurant shooting and editing the film while getting stuffed with all sorts of food and desserts from the kitchen.

They loved him.

He came back to the resort with a fist full of Euros. Trip saved.

Could you do this?

A lot of people are stuck in their daily work-life routines. Many don’t even have a job and are still stuck in a daily life routine that’s hard to get out of.

I suggest you get out on a trip. There are many ways to make things happen, but first, you have to really want this. Only when will things change and options present themselves.

Would there be some things you could work with and offer along the way while traveling? Or maybe some kind of work you could do in your local area to get some money in for getting out on a trip. A lot of people struggle with making this happen because they don’t believe they can in the first place.

Traveling is good for your mind and body energy. You don’t have to go far, maybe even just to another city within your own country. I’m noticing for my part that as soon as I come home from one trip, I just want to plan the next.

Remember Sam, Frodo’s best friend in The Lord of The Rings? In the first film, when he came to the fence by the end of the farm field, his journey began.

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