Authentic Mindset of Mindful Leaders

Become A Bold Leader With A Captivating Presence People Will Admire And Follow 

You influence the world around you.

Are you a leader?

If so, what kind?

There is a big difference in a person who’s in charge and simply lead by the use of power, position, and fear. Those people think they are leaders, when in reality they are simple-minded individuals operating on a lack of self-awareness and an ego-driven nature.

The world is changing. Those kind of leaders won’t gain followers, except for a few equally simple-minded and misguided copiers.

True leaders, maybe like yourself, are people who we admire for their authentic character, their truths, their accomplishments, and their true nature.

Often, for some, we admire them for their presence in the room and the radiance of authority and noticeable energy.

You are a force of nature that cannot be faked and ignored.

True, authentic, and mindful leaders have honor and depth. This depth comes from something. The source is more than a well trained act, and it is connected to the development of the spirit and innate wisdom in the leader that can be felt across the room.

The nature of it is Vibration.

A force of nature we’re all a part of, which is why we’re sensitive to the changing frequencies of light, sound, people, and all other levels of energy.

It doesn’t matter if you see this world as energy or not. 

YOU affect the world around you and leave an impact on your tribe whether you want it or not.

The choice is how you would like to be perceived as a leader, either as a CEO, sports team-leader, or the head of your family. 

This may happen to you

These are true stories from years of observation.

Picture this…

You decide to head out one day to sit down at a café and do some work on your iPad or read a personal development book.

You enter the building, and quietly step into the café.

As you gracefully stroll through the building to consider a place to sit, you notice that there’s an unusual interest in your presence throughout the room.

It’s like people suddenly look up, notice you, and maybe even nod their heads and smile.

You know that you don’t know these people. So, why are they greeting you as you enter the room?

It is the radiance of your presence and authority energy that’s affecting the people around you. 

What may happen next is that some may have the urge to find out who you are, to come over and speak to you. Or, they can’t take their eyes off of you.

This is a state of being that some people reach in their lives.

It’s a powerful place to be that bares great responsibility, while at the same time being in a good place to lead and guide, to be a trendsetter, a motivator, and a guiding light.

But, how do you reach this level of authority and leadership awareness, stand out from the crowd, and become a mindful leader people will follow?


Learn to Lead with No Words

Use the power of your nature to influence, lead, guide, motivate, and speak without words. Let the depth of your acts and service speak for you.

Yes - Upgrade my Leadership

Meet your Mentor

Hey, I’m John Mac.

For me to admire a leader and truly respect their ideas, methods, and accomplishments, it needs to be one that stands out with the true nature.

In general, politicians and world leaders are not among those I admire.

There is a shift on this planet, and with it comes new leaders that see our existence as something MORE than what has been taught in schools, churches, or by politicians.

I respect peaceful warriors, authentic mindful leaders, and those that have the courage and power to stand out from the crowd, be proud, and speak their truths. 

This includes the truth about our true nature, where we come from, why we are here, and what YOU and your capacities are!

Who am I to guide and teach you this program, you ask?

Since my (more or less shitty) childhood, I’ve had to figure out and master my own life. After leaving my stepfather number 5 and moving away from an old, scary house up in the countryside with my dog, I started my 17 years of Martial Art practice.

Already at a green-belt grade, I became an instructor. In the spring of 2001, I graduated and became a Dan black-belt. I moved on to become the leader of the club.

John Mac

With numerous sports, instructor training and programs, contests, and administrative work, it’s been a long educational path. Not to mention the various kinds of mental, motivational and physical work I have carried out with people of all ages.

Business ventures and Metaphysics

After three long-term employee jobs, I quit, because I discovered that the conventional hustle in a purpose-less hamster wheel was useless.

I have been running my own business since. Along the way I have educated myself in business practices, communication, combined with spirituality, Metaphysics, and ancient knowledge. I need to know.

My main profession has been as a Web Designer and Shopify Expert and Partner. Over the years, after working with numerous clients around the world, I have been led back into consulting and coaching.

Having been Johnny’s Partner Manager at Shopify, I can attest to the high quality of work he produces for his clients and how vital he has been to our growth, not only in Norway but in the rest of the Nordics as well. As one of our first European partners, Johnny has been one of the first people I turn to when validating decisions about his markets.Shopify testimonial Amanda Marochko

Partnerships & International Growth EMEA, Shopify Inc.

“Johnny was super sharp in isolating what my skills were and how I could turn these into a business/gig for myself. He helped me get clarity on the things I really liked doing and sparked the ideas for possible ways to turn this into MY LIFESTYLE”.

-Sebastian, England

I have been working with a lot of great do’ers and dream builders.

What other people have to say:

Johnny is the best person I’ve ever known. He gives me direction and guidance with work and my personal life, suggesting what is best to do and what isn’t. He is a very nice and kind human being. Stay blessed and be with me always, Johnny!

Aarti B.

Developer in India

For someone who quit school at a young age and has no education, it is very good to know that there are different paths you can take to earn a living in life. The inspiration Johnny has given me through these years has been truly life changing!

Andreas, Norway


Johnny to me, is someone who is a mentor, brother, teacher, and friend all at the same time. He pushes you out of your comfort zone gently and wisely. I always tried to set plans and goals by myself but with no execution in sight. However, with Johnny, I actually manage to accomplish the plan that we set out together. It’s a powerful experience.

Nives Kurjak

Podcast Advisor and Editor, Serbia,

After the 7 steps and my mentor meetings with Johnny, I always get recharged with a lot of positive energy!
He is a wonderful and honest person, and he has given me the last nudge I needed to make a shift to start my own business that’s connected to my passion. and to teach me the right tools and systems to use in my work.

Silje Peersen

Entrepreneur, Norway

You can tell Johnny is a great coach by his skill to listen, his patience to wait, and his positive attitude. When Johnny teaches it isn’t just a random solution, but advice that comes from his heart. You will find to your advantage that he utilizes his past experiences, present knowledge, and future wisdom to impose a positive atmosphere when there is none.

Kenneth, Malta

Customer Supporter

Johnny has given me invaluable years of emotional growth, spiritual enlightenment, as well as endless life hacks! I have immensely benefited from his guidance. Johnny’s patience and experience enable him to teach me how to recognize my strengths, weakness, and my gut feelings. He is very honest, but also in a kind and loving way.

Rizka, Indonesia

Researcher assistant

Ready to upgrade your leadership presence? Join now.

Authentic Mindset of Mindful Leaders

The Authentic Mindset of Mindful Leaders life strategy program is a 7-day plan of action for mind and spirit.

As a CEO, leader, entrepreneur, or decision-maker, you’ll want followers who admire you. You want to attract attention purely from a positive vibe, because of your deeper knowledge and inner peace.

Learn to deepen your life perspective of self and others to become a better leader, motivator, consultant, and head of family.

Discover and gain clarity, purpose, and improved decision making.

Reveal truths that will help you reach your goals in business and personal life, both for yourself and your tribe.

Awaken the Master within you and build respect, confidence and the charisma that every authentic leader should have.

This is NOT a fat book read – NO time consuming videos!

Enjoy easy to read program letters delivered to your email for 7 days + BONUS content to help you self-discover your plan.

For only $97!

You’re In Total Control.

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14 Day Money Back

Even though the purchase cost of this is very low and the lessons can be life-changing for you, I’m still offering a 14-day money back guarantee. You could potentially steal all of my content and claim a refund, but I trust that I’m attracting benevolent earthlings.

Clever Investment

 Authentic Mindset of Mindful Leaders is a safe investment as you are the most important person in your life. The better your life gets, the more people, family, and friends around you get to enjoy having you in their lives. People who invest in themselves, become leaders.

Johnny • Shopify Partner & Expert

John Mac is a motivator and coach for personal empowerment. He’s helping people achieve an awakening mindset to exponentially shift and upgrade their lives. He has 17 years of experience in Martial Arts, over a decade of entrepreneurship, and a mindful approach to life’s mysteries.

He is the creator of the Awakening Mindset Summit which hosts speakers from around the world. The summit will launch its second online event in 2019.


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