My brother on the street

You may think that I come from a safe and sound background since I have the lifestyle I have now. And since I walk the way I walk and talk like I do. We’re three siblings having our past full of struggles. And for my little brother, he never really made it well. I met him on the streets of Oslo this weekend.

It’s fall 2016. A popular newspaper in the south of Norway published a pretty big article about our childhood background for my sister, my brother and me. They heard about our story, and that my sister who is the youngest one hadn’t seen my brother for seven years. A journalist and a photographer spent three nights and days on the streets and back alleys of Oslo, Norway, trying to find my brother.

Our paths divided many years ago. Me as the oldest one, now sitting at this outdoor restaurant, eating lovely food and hustling my own business. And by brother is sitting on the street right now, begging for money to get his “medicine.” That would mean, heroin and pills to keep him going.

When the passing smart-faces gets confused

I went back to Oslo, our capital city in Norway, to run my 4th course on Video for Instagram this weekend. I had in my mind to try and find my brother and spend some talk-time with him. But I never know if I will bump into him or not. And if I do, I usually make sure he’s in a condition that makes him able to have a normal conversation with me.

Saturday, after I had finished my course, I walked to Carl Johan street where he is often to be found. And I did. He was sitting there with his cardboard sign and a paper cup. He makes sure to empty it and put the money somewhere else, so the Romanians don’t rob him again. On his cardboard sign he has a well-crafted message to the public:

Hi! Would you be able to spare some coins? Best regards: Jan Olaf

Have a good day 🙂

I’m noticing how all the smart-faces and clueless are looking at him pretty often. I walked over and sat down with him on the street and spent an hour just talking about our lives, listening to his stories, and looking at the crowd passing by.

The funny thing to observe is how the smart-faces and clueless get their confused looks on their faces. Now they are staring more at me instead, wondering why I’m sitting there with this guy. Sometimes I pull up my phone and film them.

Towards my brother, it’s like their expression on their faces is saying:

“You filthy street dog! Why don’t you just get up and get a job!?”

I can see it on their faces. And like my brother says, some are directly cruel. No matter how little clue they got about the history of the hero sitting there on the street. And they wouldn’t even consider me to be his brother.

Same background but entirely different paths

How come I live this “successful” life now and not my brother? And what kind of background do you come from? I like to talk to people about their different stories. So if you please, share it below in the comments.

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My little brother, my sister and I come from the same background. We spent most of our years living with our mother, different places. Including, at least for me, five different step-fathers. My little sister tells me that we moved 32 times in total.

Well, if we include when we were living in a tent. And on a motel for free, for a while. In fact, even that time at the motel, a newspaper wrote a story about us. Maybe I was six years old; I don’t know. I can’t remember it, but I remember seeing the newspaper article with my mother and us three siblings. She kept it for a long time.

I have my own father, which I never met. So in a way, I’m a little different than my brother and sister. Different genes at least. When it comes to the mindset of us three, I believe that brings along a little different metaphysical configuration for my part.

Why couldn’t my brother just get-the-fuck-out of that low-life as a drug addict and do something better with his life?

Yes, it’s about mindset, and it can set you free

At 18 years old, my last stepfather moved out of the house upon the countryside where I was living with him. I had to find my own place and ended up in an hold scary house a little further down in that area. Luckily, I had my dog. It was at that time I made a choice to begin my Taekwon-Do practice.

I know this choice is partly what saved me. I could share a lot of details about my personal growth, but this post is not about that. I just know that my MINDSET is what led me to the different joyous points in my life. I reached some goals that make people call me successful. Okay, thank you. You don’t call my brother’s life successful?

That’s because you have a limited understanding of life, living it, and purpose for us being here. Yes, it’s about mindset. But our lives are also about an agenda. All lives have a primary purpose, like a thin red line going through it. Now I’m talking on a spiritual level. Because if you limit your worldview to only the drama and acts of life as we perceive it with our limited minds, it doesn’t alway look so meaningful. Like, you would think, what’s the meaning of living the life that my brother have now?

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]It’s about mindset, yes. But there may also be a Life Agenda for this experience.[/tweet_box]

Moving away with my last stepfather saved me from child welfare. My brother was in “twilight zone,” just rambling around. My little sister was caught and moved around to different foster homes and institutions. Now, the difference between us is what created the different paths in our lives. And it’s two-fold. The difference is part mindset, and part Life Agenda. Our purpose for this particular life.

Couldn’t my little brother change his life now if he wanted? Of course! He is in a place where everything is limited only by his own mind and beliefs. Of course, when you understand the drag of the drugs and what insane grip it has on your body, you will see how it makes it more difficult. But his OPTION to shift is there, every day! [tweet_dis]It’s mind over body and matter[/tweet_dis]. He would just need the right nudge, a push, and some help.

But, in Norway, which is a wealthy country with high standards, our help and support for our struggling families and those with this kind of special needs is useless and a fucking joke. It’s not about the wealth in this country because millions have been poured out to thousands of other people not from this country, instead. Making sure they will live good lives coming to Norway.

Your mind is powerful, but a Theme of Life may rule

I’m seeing this type of mindset especially in my business: The hustlers, entrepreneurs, business owners, dream builders, those with a grand plan and big dreams. Those with a muse to separate them self from the norms and create remarkable lives, including personal growth to be sure to reach them.


Do you hear me? Your mind, that thinking brain combined with knowledge, [tweet_dis]wisdom and a little magic from the universe creates amazing things for you[/tweet_dis]. BUT, sometimes there might be bumps in the road through life. This is not uncommon. We all have that. But sometimes the bumps, hiccups, and the struggle are so profound that it becomes the theme of your life.

Well, there might be a reason for that. And to understand this, you have to lift your perception higher than the average person. You have to look at this on a spiritual level. Becuase you chose this life. Climb to a mountain top, a higher vantage point and get some overview.

When you experience the same struggle, the hurt, the issues, and situation over and over again, it’s obviously something you are supposed to tend to. If you don’t, the same situations will go on repeat until you get it.

We live again and again. Life after life. That’s the reason we get Deja Vu. It’s the reason little kids talk about weird memories from past lives their parents never heard about. It’s the reason some people totally click as soulmates sometimes. Or the reason some people recognize utterly strange places they never been to in this life. It’s the very reason some people have a higher innate level of understanding both on a mental and spiritual level than other people. Because they learned a thing or two through all their lives. We accumulate wisdom and intuitive levels of insights through eons of existing and living.

Can you change such a pre-defined theme of your life? You most likely can, at least to some degree. But you need to make changes to your understanding about the concept of life, and it functions in the universe.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]We live again and again. Life after life. That’s the reason we get Deja Vu.[/tweet_box]

What if you are born paralyzed, or lose your right arm in a car accident, can you change that? Noooo, you most likely can’t. I believe that so-called miracles can happen, but in our plane of existence, I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to grow an arm by only using The Force.

But you DO have the power to change your perception and future life around this, FROM NOW. Consider the story of Nick Vujicic.

Nick Vujicic TED talk

He was born with no arms and no legs. Does that seem like a theme of his life to you? It’s wasn’t an accident, he was born like that. And there are no mistakes in the universe. Only perfect alignment of cause and effect, with purpose. Would you leave your struggles and try living his life? He seems pretty happy to me.

Watch Nick’s TED talk seen by over 4 million people here

Watching my brother on the street while dining at a restaurant

Yes, it’s sad sitting at this restaurant looking at my brother tending to his cardboard sign, so it doesn’t blow away in the wind. Hanging his head down after hours of hoping for someone to help him with his daily dose of “medicine.” It is for sure sad with all the years we never stayed in touch, only having a few years together when we were kids.

Bacchus Restaurant in Oslo

But, with my level of understanding, it also has a meaning to both his and my own life. There is something for him to be taught in his current journey and this parallel reality, as I would call it.

When you sit down with my brother to have a chat, which I challenge you to do one day, you will see that his level of insights and deep down thinking is, in fact, reaching farther and wider than most of the suits and fine folks, glaring at him.

A buddy of mine just called. He was sitting down with my brother to have a chat. He came over after, we had some coffee, and went back to my brother. I wanted to say hello before leaving this city in two hours to go back home.

It was a good talk. My brother was in good shape, and we laughed from our sick humor. We did our brotherly handshake, and I walk away. Hoping he will still be alive so I can see him the next time.

What’s your situation and where will you go from here?

I’d like to hear a short pitch of your life’s story. Where are you in your journey right now, and where will you go from here?

No matter where you are or what troubled situation you are in, are you able to think?

If you are, and you can make choices. Decide to make some smart choices now, and don’t get stuck in whatever struggles you think you have. To some people, I would say: Stop whining and crying and begin walking. If you keep sitting down, you’re creating such a slow time that it take forever waiting for the universe to fix things for you.

Get up, move around, be in motion, and start walking. Then changes will happen.

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