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You might be missing some major insights and completely necessary approach to be able to move on in life. Do you struggle with roadblocks and issues keeping you in a negative loop and repeating cycle? You need to accept these spiritual concepts for transformation and personal growth. I will tell you why.

In the lifestyle I build, becoming a strong, authentic version of myself is at least 50% part of my self-education. What I have taught myself have made me become a shit-load more at ease with LIFE, my existence and my purpose here. So when I help people make the shift, sharing these insights is where the biggest transformation will begin.

Running my business as a Web Designer need me to have a top energy to stay sharp. But I also need a high energy level with the people that want to work with me. My ways of educating my mind have given me this energy level.

What books will change your life?

First, I want to include and share this: Books always change people. Even if you listen to the audio version of the books you choose. I have been reading a lot of them because I shoot sparkles by reading and learning, and often confirming my understanding of reality.

I collected a bunch of the books I have read myself to share them with you. These are some recommended books for spiritual growth and, to have a wake-up.

If you read any of these books, I would be happy to hear from you to tell me what you think.

Tend to your spirit, not just your body

But most people I know do not, sadly, ever mind their own Spirit. Not tending to the energy version of themselves. This is why struggle begins in life.

I talk to people often. Not just because I’m having a client meeting or mentor conversation, but because I can suddenly just walk up to strangers and ask questions or start a conversation. Let’s say its part of my research and learning. I’m interested in personal stories, and I like to dig into them.

What do you think I keep learning over and over through these conversations? If you have followed me for some time, you may have guessed on which topic my passion glows most intensely.

It’s about human spiritual awakening and our connection to All That Is. And I learn about the level of understanding and insights.

No, not in the common sense of “Faith” based on religion or other hardened frameworks. Those “users manuals” on how and what to believe is what have caused collective spiritual cancer on this planet for thousands of years.

What am I missing in life? -people ask

Not just one person have directly, or indirectly, asked me: What am I missing in life?

This question comes up when you don’t find the way. The way to find solutions, a life purpose, meaning, and insights. Do you think you would find the way if you had more insights?

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I’m very sure that you would. When I share my knowledge with my clients, they light up and awaken to ideas that bring self-discovered solutions from within.

If I’m to guess, you are taught the same common knowledge spoon-fed by your parents, family, later on by teachers and then the society. Most people that I know is not tough enough to stand up for themselves even IF they have other beliefs, so they stick with the old anyway.

What you are missing is [tweet_dis]knowledge and insights on spiritual and metaphysical understandings that are connecting the dots![/tweet_dis]

Some spiritual concepts to consider and adapt

Hm, how can I say this from my point of view: I don’t find the God concept hard to understand. I see it as really simple. The core and a foundational idea of what and who we are is fine with me. If you and I could have a conversation, I would explain.

A simple analogy would be, to consider a tree: The stem and the roots are God. The leaves are us. Coming to life and falling to the ground. Coming to life again and falling to the ground again. But the poor leaf doesn’t know it’s part of the tree.

Here are other life transforming and important topics giving you a bigger picture.

You are God!

WTF some would say! Or, most, would say that. But not all. You know the Big Bang concept? Yeah, well, it was just that God that had this brilliant idea to just EXPLODE all over the place in a gigantic cosmic spread. Individualizing himself into tiny pieces. Stardust, a plant, and you. It’s still God, right? Because he is all that is and ever will be.

And you are part of it all, so you are God individualized. I’m sorry you feel lost and abandoned. But we all do as long as we are experiencing this kind of reality. But hey, this is the whole idea! If you knew it all, what would there be to learn?!

So, sorry to tell you. But there is no freaky awesome God OUTSIDE of all that is that rules over you and have specific needs. You may just as well stop waiting for God to decide the life for you, or even punish you. Jesus doesn’t care either. And tho I for sure believe Jesus lived, he won’t return. So start figuring your own life out!

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Be the awesomeness that God is, and stop waiting for salvation.[/tweet_box]

You always have lived, are living, and will live again

Why do you we have Déjà Vu? Why do some kids tell vividly detailed stories about their past life, where we later can find the exact details of them? Why did the son of a friend of mine suddenly one day come over to his mom and spontaneously say:

“Mom, you know, before I came to this world: Then I chose that you would be my mother and daddy would be my dad”…


He was five years old. Very common for 3-6-year-old kids to remember their past lives because it’s a short time since their rebirth. Also because you didn’t stuff their mind with entertainment and sugar-info yet.

[tweet_dis]The reason we live again and again is that you would not be able to learn, grow and develop in ONE lifetime.[/tweet_dis] Get it! Now watch Cloud Atlas, the movie. And have a walk in the forest after.

Your reality today is your own making

If you are still living in the belief that life just happened to you, this can be a hard one to swallow.

I know it’s comfortable to say that life just happened to you. That you are unlucky, or that it’s God’s will. But even not all scientists will support you in that idea any longer.

They are talking about the power of the mind. How the brain sends out energy, and that we create our own reality. Go learn about the Double Slit Experiment, and how energy/particles can be several places at once. And learn about how particles are changing as soon as we observe them.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]What you think, you become. [/tweet_box]

Are you fat and don’t like it? Are you sad all the time? Does money always seem to be a struggle? Would you consider that money is spiritual wealth in physical form? (probably not)

Does life suck in every way, and just keep presenting to you more bad luck, shitty circumstances, and an up-hill battle?

Let me tell you this: [tweet_dis]I am pretty sure that the daily life, no matter what it presents to you, is what you focus all your energy on. [/tweet_dis]Yes? That’s the same as trying to put out a burning house with gasoline. Sorry.

This may sound weird. But if the house is burning, let it. Walk away and start looking in another direction. You will sooner or later get to a place where a house is not burning.

Consider this:

  • God decided to explode and manifest worlds
  • You are part of God
  • Use you mind in the same way

If you want to continue with the same life you’ve always had, here is how to do that also:

Continue to think the same thoughts you usually do. Stick with the same routines every day, don’t change things too much. And keep watching the news to be sure you get a daily dose of confirmation of everything that’s wrong. (And often, not even true)

You are not your body or anything outside of it

So one of the hardest things to shift our minds around, to consider and understand is that we are not our bodies. Well, we could say that, in a way it is. Because it reflects us in this particular incarnation and your state of being now.

But you are your spirit! That’s who you are.

The body you “wear” now and the world you have chosen or created around you is also not who you are. But you are experiencing it because it’s what you have created for yourself right here and now. But it doesn’t mean it’s who you are.

Do you get that?[tweet_dis] If your outer world, including your body, does not reflect who you really want to be, this is the same as being out of tune with yourself.[/tweet_dis]

Begin to learn things all over again

So during a typical conversation, people will ask: Then how do I start to learn the right things to figure things out? I have more to tell you on how you can rely more on from now. But that would make this blog post too long, so it will be a new post in a short time.

Get in touch with me if you have comments, and join my community below. I will send you an e-mail when the follow-up post is ready and posted.

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