personal growth through spiritual expansion

You could easily pence on to a route where your personal skills, mental capacity, productivity and overall performance level up drastically. By not copying societies lower norms and instead include your Spirit when improving your life skills, you will join the ranks for the high performing outsiders and experience personal growth through spiritual understanding.

But there will be a need for you to make a choice unless you’re already established with a holistic mindset. The choice will be to accept your magnificence. And that would have to include more than just your brain and body. You may have to accept that your greatness is more divine than the meat surrounding your bones and the electricity in your brain.

Consider this post a rewrite, follow-up and reinforcement from my last post on the same topic.

Aim for Self Mastery -It’s to master all of one’s self

You will probably want to[tweet_dis] become the best, strongest, smartest and likable version of yourself[/tweet_dis], right? That’s because it feels good. There’s not a better long-term feeling in the world than experiencing self-confidence, drive, living from passion and progress towards your dreams.

Okay, maybe being in love, and the sex feels magically awesome too. But only for a short while.

Those two things are, in fact, more like losing your mind. Falling in love is like getting temporarily insane! You’re even chemically unstable. Also sex, which lasts for only an even shorter while.

But to control the totality of you, all of which you are, you will need to open your mind. Because your mindset or programming defines how much you are willing to grow, holistically. Not just how much you are willing to learn the practical stuff, but what you are open to sense and receive outside of the intellectual mind.

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I believe that to be able to feel whole and happy. You do need to be in touch with your spirit side, whether you know it or not. For you to achieve Self Mastery, I would say that it includes having a conscious mind about your energy body and physical body.

Want to become the best, strongest, smartest and likable version of yourself, right?

Do I need to practice spiritual stuff or rituals?

There’s nothing you HAVE to do in life at all. And especially not, according to a lot of crazy religious regimes, the need for pleasing any type of God. Like praying at certain times, reading THE book, walk quietly on Sundays, wearing special clothing, starve yourself, burn incense, go to a religious house, bring offerings, say mantras, stab a goat and spill the blood, wear funny hats, do special signs with your hands, or whatever and whatnot.

-Those habits man created for himself have convinced, ruled and regulated the minds of the simple man for too long. Look what it did to the planet. Still, people, politicians, and priests do crazy stuff in the name of God. Holy shit.

No. Something went wrong. And we’re not like that.

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Your spirituality is of a more grander and cosmic nature. It’s simply just a part of all that is, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And there’s no need to. But…

There are certain things you should probably look into, and also consider if you want to reach the feeling of contentment, bliss, and happiness. Because those things connect to your spirit.

You’ll be more free by not putting a lid on your energy

I completely understand how some families, close societies, and authority figures like old-fashioned teachers and priests may have gotten your interest and acceptance of “spirituality,” all muted. You may feel like puking all over the place.

I have felt it. And I have seen it. And I’m not surprised why. The Bible, religion, churches and holy men are the reason for that.

But let all those belief systems and frightening dogmas die out, and mind your own business. Some people have just misunderstood somethings. But these things are about to change all over the planet.

If you watched the documentary by Tony Robbins called “I am not your Guru,” you probably noticed the horrific story about one lady in the group. She came from this religious sect in Brazil, rendering her into a completely spiritual hell. Still, it doesn’t mean she can’t be connected to the spirit which she is, and privately grow her spiritual side based on a more simple and cosmic love-infused energy.

Both Tony Robbins and this magnificent, beautiful lady handled the situation and her transformation in a profound way!

I urge you to watch the documentary with yourself by your side.

We’re outsiders for a reason

Some of us completely accept our spirit side. And it’s important to us to practice some simple routines. Like meditation, conscious gratitude, touch nature, say thank you for our food. And to people we love.

Others, may not fully be into their spirituality, yet. But we’re rebels of the norms for a reason. You got the urge to step out of the herd because you’re different than them. And you may have an innate feeling of that there is “something more.” Do you want to know what I think it is?

It’s you, calling you. It’s your spiritual world nudging you. Because you and I are part of this totally of All, which have been called God for a long time.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]It’s you, calling you. It’s your spiritual world nudging you.[/tweet_box]

There’s nothing scary or spooky with “spirituality.” And I’m sorry that some cultures and societies may have blackened this topic for you. Or if that’s not the case, I know it also can be scary to just think about and consider this ’spirit’ side of yourself.

Because this topic is touching something in us, getting a little too close to yourself. So it gets scary. I would say, two of the most touching and sensitive topics people talk about openly is spirituality, and money. It touches a nerve in our identity, so it gets scary. Some freakout and drug themselves. Either chemically or with entertainment of various shitty forms.

But please, don’t put a lid on your spirituality.

A new era of “hustlers” and self-developed performers of Life

You may feel pretty fed up with both school and the job you have. Or just thinking about sticking with a job, just to survive. And perhaps going to school is not your thing. Either because you hate it by now, or just feeling drained by the societies push to conform to what’s “always been done.”

Should you stick with it, and keep up with others demands or expectations?

If you ask me? No! Of-fucking-course not.

Let me tell you about a new breed of life hustlers that have emerged on the planet. Sometimes we can call them freelancers. Sometimes digital entrepreneurs. A popular term is “Digital Nomad.” Or maybe just a “work-from-home-mom.”

The typical situation of these outsiders.

The typical situation here is that this is people that have taken control of their personal success. They decided that “it’s about me,” and began building life routines and work habits that are outside of the common methods.

Some of them never conformed to the educational path at all. Others have been there and didn’t comprehend the insanity. You’ll also meet those that completed but found it was a bad choice of education, and are left with a shit-load of debt.

I relate to those people. I barely came through middle school at all. And my expectations of reality and humans seems to be different because I can not take part in what the average guy in the street considers to be normal, fine, and okay to live by.

They have some common traits and habits

This group of people is gaining more and more attention. These rebels of the norms have become trendsetters for a completely new and expanded lifestyle. Here are a few of the typical lifestyle traits they possess.

  • They change their food habits and eat cleaner (This is far from the norm). They understand that this repairs the body, gives them a lot more energy and they think clearly!
  • They practice mindfulness and meditation to stay centered, handle stress-levels and shape their mind. This is because they know they are more than a body. So they tend to their inner side, their energy body and spirit.
  • They create daily routines and work habits. This brings result. Simple as that. It also marinades their hustle-muscle to be consistent, which will make sure there will be progress.

How to gain personal growth through spiritual expansion

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Create daily routines and work habits. This brings result. Simple as that.[/tweet_box]

These are the three most important changes they make in their life. You can follow that, and you will gradually make the shift also. The shift into a new reality where you, first of all, will feel more energized and sharp simply because you take better care of your body and mind. This heightened state of being will make you able to be creative, find solutions, and make choices that will change your career.

You will find new opportunities that you never did before. Because your focus and intention is now present, and not just bleeding out on the floor at school or a simple, boring job you really don’t care about.

This is called Manifesting, and you control it.

You will see it more and more. On YouTube, on Instagram posts, in blog posts and articles. But maybe you’re hung up on the word “manifesting” as some new age or spiritual crap. You can as well let that go right away.

Manifesting is something you actually do every day whether you like it or not. Most likely, you do it more or less without putting any deliberate intent into it. This is because life feels more random at times. That you don’t have control over whatever happens.

To manifest just means to “make solid in your reality.” It becomes, and you can actually touch it and experience it. Basically, it means, get shit done and make it happen by your choice.

Now, to manifest your life will of course also be to connect to your spirit side. Because most of the things we do in life are most likely NOT totally aligned to our higher purpose and alignment to that which we truly are. That’s when resistance in life show up.

If you feel happy, joyous and in harmony with your progress, that means it is right for you at this moment. And you feel good.

I’m ending this blog post now. But to recap, accepting some spiritual concept in your life will truly make you shift and grow. That’s when the new life starts.

If you find this topic tricky, I have helped a lot of people connecting with their self, their passion, and purpose. I have molded out complete business ideas for many of them. Sometimes they use it, and sometimes they leave it. Because they don’t dare.

If you think I can help, consider one of these programs at my member’s site. However you choose to continue, consider two simple things as a start for to optimize yourself.

Clean food and meditation!

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