You are Always moving forward!

How the heck can I say this? If you are one of many feeling stuck in life or you think work or your daily routines unfolds with NO progress, I guess that stating this just pisses you off. Yes, know how if feels. If you don’t know how to move forward, I insist on that you ARE. But from a higher perspective. Doesn’t that count for you?

Okay, so to be able to read this post and get something out of it, you need not have your limiting beliefs system or old hard-wired mindset get in the way. Or you might already be open to what I’m saying here, which makes this post as a reminder for you, probably.

I want to make this post short. I don’t think it needs a long deliberation on the topic. I’m hoping for you to get a fresh new perspective of your greatness, not limiting it to just your mind, brain or reptile apparatus. I will also simplify this concept in two points, so read on.

Your progress is on a spirit level of the higher self

Yes, I know about the experience of feeling stuck. I have been there, several times and often for too long. And yes, being “stuck” can happen several times through life, and it feels like shit. At least in the long run.

I have two concepts to share. And I guess, the first one won’t really help you practically right here and now. But being in the stuck-ness is about being in a “temporary established mindset”. And our mindset can be changed, with certain methods and steady practice.

1. Is your spiritual growth worth anything to you?

One idea I think you should consider more strongly is what, and who you really are. Do you consider yourself to be just an erected lump of flesh with a reptile brain on top? Or do you experience yourself as something more?

The more and more understood idea is that; We are not just humans being here on earth to obtain a spiritual experience -we are SPIRITS playing out life as a human experience. In a body.

So the body is just a method and not the means, which implies that whatever experience you gather in this life brings value to the soul or spirit level. No matter what it is. Even tragedy, or extreme bliss. Both is valuable as intense experiences for our growth.

Until this becomes a concept you can embrace and live by, your life will be reduced to very limited core values.

No matter how stuck you feel, and no matter in what area of your life you feel trapped, you ARE moving forward. Because the stuck-ness are the experience for growth. Just know that you don’t HAVE to be in it longer than you which too. There’s always an opening for change.

2. Being stuck is the learning itself

Try to embrace the state of feeling stuck as elegantly as you can. It will release a lot of restrictive energy and loosen the knot that makes you feel stuck.

Don’t curse it, just to make the whole situation stronger and even more harmful. You might agree that something the humans on this planet are really good at is creating drama and problems for them self. It’s like a natural and automated response in our brains. I suggest not clicking into that negative reinforcing thought-flow.

The resolution and progress you want to happen when you are just fine with not having progress. Because in the moment when you tell yourself that being stuck right now is okey, change happens.

The magic of this acceptance and nugget of wisdom have a tendency to loosen up on your situation and give you clarity. Suddenly, ideas come, synchronicities happen, and you just discover or are presented with fresh opportunities.

How to move forward by not choosing to

Above I mentioned that I have been into this shit myself, so I wrote a blog post about it at that time.

Since I might have annoyed you already with the statement of this blog post, I figured that I can piss you off some more; Being stuck is a choice!

Before you dick-slap me or scream at my face, chill. Let’s talk about it. I’ll buy you a caffeine free coffee!

At least consider what I wrote in the blog post “Get unstuck in life -by not choosing it anymore”. You do, in fact, always have a choice.

Always, to your success and growth.

I have spoken

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