Why and how to improve your spiritual health

Why do plants and trees need water? Why do babies need their umbilical cord in before getting born? Because it’s their life-force. Plants and babies are dependent on this life force, and the same goes for you life-force on a soul-level. So how to improve your spiritual health?

I wanted to write a short blog post on this topic. Because through the years of discussing it, talking to people, training and coaching them, this question seems to hover above their heads at times.

When I point out certain insights that are related to their situation and that would, in fact, help them, sometimes they ask “why do I have to take care of my spiritual side?”

One time, I remember, my answer was simply:

“Well, it’s like if you wanted to keep plants at home, because you really like plants and want to see them grow, but you refuse to give them water”

Since you are reading this blog post right now, I want you to know and understand that, first of all…

There is nothing you HAVE to do at all

You don’t have to spend time diving into your own spirituality. There is no universal law or God-like entity that demand and expect you to practice or perform in any levels or areas of life at all.

That’s just old limiting beliefs and some bullshit mind-fuck to screw with people’s heads so to have more control over them by using scarcity and fear.

Good, so now that you know that, you can relax with a new piece of knowledge. Knowing that there is nothing to be stressed out about, unless…

That’s what you allow yourself to be by the push or expectation from family, friends, teachers and other misguided people.

Relax. It’s fine.

But if you want to feel better, maybe you should

So let’s be real here. You are alive, like everything else that’s alive on this planet. There’s no way of denying that you also have a spirit. Our spirituality is about the invisible part of us. And it’s the most important part.

Unless you believe that you’re just a simple biological entity with a brain. That’s fine also. But when life happens, struggles become part of it, and there are things you feel don’t match what you would like to experience or feel, you should probably dig deeper.

You see, the thing is that you are not just your body and brain. The purpose of living is simple. It’s a way for the All That Is, the Universe, God, whatever…

-To unfold, be, do, have, act, serve, experience, in all possible ways it can think of. By the help of the tiny spark of the entity that is you, and me.

Combined, all the experiences we have through our life feeds back to the All and becomes a part of the collective consciousness. That’s the reason we also have several lives, not just one.

So for you to be more in tune with yourself, find purpose in life, get to know your patterns and become aligned with that invisible part of you, starting to tune inward is a good idea.

Because your spirit don’t lie, so you will find the right answers

When you have felt insecure, confused, worried, mismatched with life and the people around you, it’s because you’re not in tune with your core. That spirit inside you.

Your spiritual side does not lie, so it’s wise to get to know it. Your spiritual self is not something else or other. It’s you.

So why hide from you?

The day you decide to explore and spend some mind-time tuning into your spirituality, you will find hints, clues, and truths that will show you what to do next in life. And when you begin to make decisions in life based on the deepest parts of you, those choices will be more correct. And feel so much better.

Give it time.

But I’m afraid of going deep with myself

I know how that can be. And a lot of people are. Like I said in the beginning, there is nothing you have to do at all. But the complications arise when you ignore your own life-force.

What you are scared of is, like I said, not something else but yourself, in spirit form. What’s scary with diving deep is getting to see the real you. Those dark hidden parts of you that you don’t like and may be ashamed of.

I would recommend you to take control and decide to do it anyway. Be friends with yourself. But do it in segments and careful steps. Use methods to make it bearable and interesting.

By using meditation you can take smaller steps and find peace at the same time. By listening to the right kind of music (about vibration), you can loosen up emotions.

But sometimes, it can be wise to have someone outside of your family and friends cluster to observe and walk with you in this.

I would love to see you connect more and more with your spiritual side so you can build that strong and powerful life force inside you. Your body loves it. You become more happy, stronger, more healthy, less sick, and with a clarity towards new goals and a life of purpose.

Consider a mentor. Consider a coach. This individual can give you a clarity map so your journey becomes smoother and easier to travel.

May the force be with you.

How to improve your spiritual health, then?

Humans have had a weird way of creating special methods, clothing, rituals, and ceremonies to drive the energy and force of their spiritual nature.
All this is not needed at all.

How to improve your spiritual health is much more simpler than it sounds like, and is simply about relaxing and acknowledging that you have a spirit. And that you are part of the Universal spiritual force.

It’s about focusing your mind and feeling, sensing and observing. Know you are part of everyone and everything, because that changes the perspective of how you should relate to, life. And your fellow earthlings.

  • Spend time in nature, because it grounds and reconnects you
  • Eat clean food, because you want as pure energy as possible in your body
  • Drink clean water, because you know water has life-force and memory
  • Ease down on fear and spend mind-time understanding where it comes from
  • Move your body. Stretch, dance, walk. This changes your chemicals and emotional state.
  • Find a method of mediation that you enjoy and look inward

Be mindful, not forceful.

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