Everything is in motion - Stay in the flow

It’s time to balance our efforts and hustle towards our work freedom and independence. So I wanted to write a blog post inspired by my latest observations of people. The universe is in constant motion, especially this year, and this fall. Everything is in motion, stay in the flow, so you don’t get hurt.

In my writing and the teachings I share, I help people that want to take a distance from the madness of society and the traditional norms. Besides discovering better ways of working and making your own income, we also need to balance our inner life and spiritual strength. That’s what makes us stand out and be the new world pioneers and healers.

I wanted to talk about what you and I have always been a part of. Something that’s always been and always have been. Yeah, you might have heard those words before.

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It’s Energy. It’s the universe. Some call it God. Others call it The Creator, or All That Is. The elder ones I met in South Dakota in 2004 used the name Wakan Tanka, or Tungkashla.

The sad part is that most people on this planet got it wrong, so they keep fucking up their own home place, Gaia. Over and over. But it’s changing now, though, finally.

You are part of all that is, and it’s changing all the time

I wanted to write about this because lately, I have met some new people that tell me they are stuck in life. I also see some that don’t know how to get out of a negative pattern.

But first, to be honest: There are not really any such thing as actually being STUCK in your life.

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There are many ways to be stuck in life. You can be stuck in your emotions. Your work situation, family situation, eating habits, daily routines and in even just figuring life and your purpose out. A few days ago a friend of mine even got stuck with her butt in a small maintenance latter while helping her grandmother out.

If there’s a life situation you want to change, there’s always away

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]“Nature always finds a way. And you’re part of it”[/tweet_box]

If you would change your mindset a little and start living with the insight and reassurance that you are Energy in a body, you may start making changes differently.

Our existence, what we are, energy and matter: First it was ancient knowledge. Then it was lost for some time (pretty long time). Now it’s starting to be rediscovered as a new understanding. Even scientists are getting there. They begin to see that “there’s something more.” Even the topic of a multiverse is pretty open now.

Energy: You, are part of this universe. And the universe is always, never ending, in constant motion. And this is what I want to make you get some clarity on:

If you try to stop this motion, you create resistance. It’s like building up a dam. Over time the pressure builds up, and the flow is forced to blow through the resistance. The same will happen in your life. Unless you’re open to flow with the energy, figure things out, dear to think or try new solutions, pressure may build up. Then, nature finds a way and forces itself through your mental resistance in a way you didn’t prefer.

The outcome feels random and not what you wanted. Life suddenly just “happened” to you. Now some people get back to blaming God. Or that the Universe is against them. Some even say they were just unlucky.

Sure, it’s pretty comfortable to blame God or the Universe so not to feel so much responsible. Maybe you should blame McDonald’s or Coca-Cola instead?

What does stopping the motion of then Universe mean?

I could go on and call it the “Universe.” But I might as well talk about you. Since you are part of the Universe, even though the life you are living seems separate and detached, you can’t not be part of it all.

By stopping the motion I’m talking about things like;

  • Being stuck in a mindset, not willing to see things differently
  • Not making decisions and take action to move on
  • Not to focus on figuring things out when you’re lost
  • Not nudging yourself out of bad daily routines
  • Like getting out of the couch. As simple as that
  • Like sitting too much still. Your body get sick by not being in motion and have exercise
  • Holding on to old beliefs that have kept you stuck for a long time

There are endless of ways to not live a life being a little more in the flow. Most people do not think if Life in this way. Life is change; it’s in constant motion. The Universe IS Life. You are Life. Stopping the natural flow of things is to, not, live.

[tweet_dis]“There’s a difference in being alive, and to actually Live!”[/tweet_dis]  and [tweet_dis]“There there’s a difference in surviving, and to actually Thrive”[/tweet_dis]

Stay in the flow, so you don’t get hurt. You may get hurt physically if you don’t keep your body in motion. A lot of people get sick from just not moving at all.

Your mind may get hurt by not allowing changes in perspective, remove fear and work out solutions. Depression, low self-esteem, and a foggy mind are very common.

There is order in the chaos – trust the Universe

This is a topic for another blog post. But one thing I will say is for you to start looking at yourself as a metaphysical being having a human experience on this planet. Your physical body AND your mind are energy. Even the thoughts you are thinking.

With that in place, start trusting the Universe, God, Santa Claus or the White Buffalo Woman.

Stop watching TV, read newspapers and drug yourself with bad entertainment. Look in a different direction, heading ONLY into the kind of reality you want in YOUR Universe.

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