3 work work from home business ideas coming to life

For the past six months, I have had the chance to work with some really cool people. A salesman, a hotel receptionist, and a staying home mom that dared to make the shift. For the coming weeks, I will show you three work from home business ideas that came to life. Be inspired and consider doing the same.

I’m currently writing on story number one, which is about a lady that, in fact, struggled with putting herself out there. It was a big step for her moving into the Internet jungle where the risk for public attention is, quite significant I would say.

The second story I will share is about a phone company salesman. Also, one I have had the chance to work with the last six months. What’s cool here is that, though he got a really nice and promoted job in one of Norway’s biggest companies, he is not going to stay. Why? The lack of passion. His thoughts and dreams have been wondering in other spheres.

And lastly, the third story I will share is about a lady who really struggled in her job after ten years of loyalty. She joined my 1-month coaching program, so I got the chance to work with her closely in October last year. What happened since that time?

A total shift. Both in her energy, happiness and the kind of business she will be doing. From home.

A little extra for my subscribers

All three stories will go out as blog posts. But for my subscribers, I’ll be adding a little extra. Because many of them also struggle with much of the same situations in life. That’s why they joined my list.

Keeping a job just to survive. Feeling down from the lack of passion-driven life activities. Not entirely knowing what, why and how to figure things out and to make a change.

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I want to share these stories and the little extra add-ons to who really want it and need it. So if you’re one of them, decide to join in now before I start sending out those emails.

Now please share your situation. What’s it like, what can we do?


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