Building websites for bloggers, businesses and for other work-from-home people have been my main daily grind for many years. I create hub-spots for people doing awesome things, like sharing their passion, building some new income and to grow personally by becoming an online “celebrity”. But, most of them struggle with how to update WordPress, do the backup and other maintenance. Have you been hacked yet?

I just created a new service called WP Confidence for my clients. And now other bloggers want it. I’ll tell you why: Most clients don’t know how to update WordPress core, themes and plugins.

Your blog is “your precious”

I help people wake up to new possibilities, step out of the norms and become awesome in a new form, in a new life. And for my clients, starting or having a blog the ultimate tool.

I care for my website. I like to have it look good, attract readers, run smooth and show myself and the branding I’m about.

And you know what? Your blog is the most important part of being able to build the lifestyle you want. It’s an online attraction point where people will get to know what you do, read your posts and find your offers and promote your other social channels for them to follow.

If you don’t take care of your website you will sooner or later get into various annoying technical issues. Worst case is getting bot-hacked. And that is the most common case.

Take a look at this, an example I have had many clients experience:

You have a blog that attracts a lot of readers and visitors. And you got some important stuff happening on your site. Even if it’s just a contact form. You also rank well in Google because of your content. But suddenly you run into WordPress, theme or plugin problems, and you site goes down.

[tweet_box] “Loosing your blog is like ripping the needle of the turntable while the music is playing! #wordpress”[/tweet_box]

That’s like ripping the needle of the turntable while the music is playing! Nasty sound and, the dance is suddenly over.

What you SHOULD do, but lack the time for?

These are the most important updates you should do, and what usually happens over time if you don’t do them.

  • Keep updating WordPress to the latest versions and keep it fresh
    The old WordPress version numbers are usually visible online, and automatically gets hit with bot-hack scripts because of it.
  • Keep your plugins updated
    If not, you lose all security and features updates. Compatibility problems may happen also.
  • Upgrade your theme to the latest version
    Important for both security, bug-fixes and functions. Compatibility issues sometimes happen when old themes never get updated.
  • Do often enough backups to have a fallback when shit happens
    If not, you may end up laying naked in the shower crying out only leaving an echo in despair.

Most known challenges doing WordPress updates yourself

This is the main reason and motivation for creating WP Confidence to my own clients. I was too often told that they don’t want to touch the technical part of doing any upgrades or backups. They simply don’t know how or dare to even try.

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Basically, WordPress is supposed to be pretty easy to update. But there are some limitations, and in fact, I understand why many bloggers don’t want to handle this themselves.

Here’s why doing all this maintenance can be risky:

  • Upgrading WordPress can crash, and most people don’t have a backup
  • WordPress, plugins or theme updates can hang, freezing the site
  • Upgrading themes can break the site and create visible surprises
  • Doing updates on Plugins can break the site, crash it or make unexpected visible changes

You think I’m being a drama queen? This has happened to me many times. The reason is related to how the site is set up. The combinations of the WordPress version, the theme used and what plugins have been installed. The whole setup is not always playing well together.

So, this is why I wanted to offer my own clients this automated help. Security and reassurance that their biggest node and money making hub-spot is taken care of. For geeks like us, we know how to set things up, do backups manually, fix crashes and all other typical nerdy stuff.

A team handling your two most important WordPress tasks

It feels good to have someone do some work for you. It frees up time and limits headaches. Knowing how to update WordPress takes time, and there are several ways.

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For a long time now I have been running my business together with my “virtual team”. As I write this post today, 3 of them have been working for me for over 1,5 years. We are now 5 in total.

Now I can focus on what I enjoy the most!

And it is totally necessary because there are a lot of small and bigger tasks I don’t wanna do myself, or even should do. And I now, this can be a step to take for a lot of bloggers, work-from-home freelancers, and business owners.

You think you should handle it all by yourself

Well, that won’t work over time when you start to build some daily routines and are becoming a serious blogger. You got stuff to do.

There are things you are awesome at and should focus on. And there are some things you CAN do, but shouldn’t, and there are things you absolutely shouldn’t do by yourself.

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I want my members of the WP Confidence community to feel they have access to something really useful and also to feel they are taken care of by their own team. So they can be able to focus on what they should spend their energy on.

But more stuff is coming in our members accounts. They will have access to our best tips, plugins, how-to’s and inspirational articles. There are a lot of bloggers who can handle and DO like to figure things out by them self. And instead of searching, checking and hopefully find something recommend for your site. We show them what to go for.

When this stuff gets live, the monthly membership will go up. So before we open up this content and start promoting WP Confidence in full, get your early opt-in with the lower introductory price we have now.

So get your team started and a fully maintained website from today.

Check out WP Confidence here.

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