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I never liked working with email when I started as a blogger. Especially not when I started to offer my services. Everything became a hassle, making me sloppy and slow with e-mail list building. Until I found the top e-mail service for bloggers: ConvertKit. And now they got some awesome updates coming!

You should try ConvertKit and see the difference

When we look for ways to earn out own income instead of having a job, [tweet_dis]the most important thing you need to get rolling is having an e-mail list[/tweet_dis]. Why is that?

Because this is YOUR contacts and followers. It’s not Facebooks’s or Instagram’s. And e-mail is still the top performing method of staying in touch with those who follow you and maybe want to buy something from you later. But it has to be fast, slick, and effective. So I suggest you try out ConvertKit for a month or three.

I tried a lot of systems, beginning with Mailchimp. I ended up not using it. I tried others and didn’t like them because they were too fancy. Finally, when I found ConvertKit I love working with e-mail and building my list right out of the box!

Now there is some great news and updates coming out in August, and I happen to know about it.

Check out these new updates in ConvertKit e-mail platform

In August we got some cool things coming up in ConvertKit. Here are a few updates:

  • Visual Automation Builder with “mindmap” workflow
    It’s the automation and triggers that are so powerful in ConvertKit. And they the builder for it becomes like a visual flowchart of your actions
  • When editing automation, sequences and forms show up on the right side of the screen for editing
  • Tagging links in the e-mail editor directly
  • ConvertKit have integrated landing-ages also. And now it becomes even better. They have partnered with InstaPage to make landing-pages.
  • While working with e-mail newsletters and things happen fast, we want answers fast. ConvertKit now has Live chat support right in your account.

Prioritize building your e-mail list from today

I would be happy if you would decide to try building something from home that you can make money on. Maybe just as some extra income, but perhaps also as something you could live off.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]Check out these new updates in ConvertKit e-mail platform[/tweet_box]

When coach and mentor my followers and my Mastermind group, this is one of our main goals. But what I tell them to start:

Gather all the e-mail addresses you CAN, from today! But use a fun and effective system for it.

You should try ConvertKit for free!

I’m sitting at a café (as usual) writing this post 5th of July. And since I help a lot of people with ConvertKit, I know a pretty rare chance of trying ConvertKit for free is approaching.

The ConvertKit company’s vision is to serve professional bloggers and website owners with something simple and elegant. And they are, in a very powerful and beautiful way.

I will take care of notifying all my followers about this upcoming free trail. It’s only running for a few days, so don’t loose it.

Get on my regular e-mail list below so I can include you in this, or the next (if it happens) trail of ConvertKit. You will also get a lot of other useful how-to’s, motivational content, and life hacks from me anyway.

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Remember, your e-mail list is your most secure future of new income!

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