The best online payment tool for entrepreneurs that I have found

Let’s take a step back from personal growth for a moment. Instead, let’s get practical about useful tools that you’ll need the day you decide to charge money for your services and end the flat salary you earn from a job you basically hate. I have found the best online payment tool for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Within my concept of Self Mastery, we talk about methods to leave the old, detach from the norms, and serve nothing but our own dreams. We talk a lot about freedom.

To do that, we shift and strengthen our mindset, learn about opportunities to make our own income, and what tools to use to achieve our goals.

You may have read some of my other blog posts on this topic and found that I seem a little like a geek.

And you’re right. Hands up ??

I love geeky stuff. I guess it comes from my alien past filled with high tech stuff and super-fancy gadgets.

I just love when the tools I use work well, look good, and are fun to use.

The best all-in-one online payment tool!

When it comes to getting paid, you need to have your shit together if you’re selling digital, physical, or service-based products online.

I want you to make smart decisions so in this blog post I’ll explain why you should invest in this service and not continue paying expensive monthly fees for something with fewer features and more hassle.

Today I want to tell you about ThriveCart. [tweet_dis]I just purchased and secured a lifetime license for this super-awesome payment tool[/tweet_dis]. (Yes!)

This is a closed beta promotion not promoted by ThriveCart! So get it while you can.

For years, I’ve been able to make money online as a web designer. I get a shit-load of work, and I can operate wherever I want. To get paid for this, I send invoices to my clients.

But for all my other services, like my coaching about how to achieve a similar lifestyle and freedom, a personal development event called the Awakening Mindset Summit, my WordPress update service for bloggers, and other stuff I get paid for—I use ThriveCart now.

I have tried a lot of tools for online payments, but I think ThriveCart is the best online payment system I have worked with. And I don’t pay ANY monthly fees for it.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]I have tried a lot of online tools for online payments, but I think ThriveCart is the best online payment system I have worked with![/tweet_box]

If you’re smart (like moi) you want to have as few monthly expenses as possible but still keep the tools you need. ThriveCart is one of those tools you HAVE to use because you want to continue getting paid, right?

And when your business grows, you got everything you need in this tool.

A beautiful payment system, templates, tracking, and a lot more

First of all, if you are new to setting up systems on your website or linking to a payment tool in order to charge for your services, ThriveCart is very simple to use. If you’re wondering how to add a payment form to your website, scratch your head no more.

You don’t even need to add ThriveCart as a payment form to your website. You can simply link to a standalone page.

But I prefer to have the option to create both pop-up windows, embed forms into my website, and create link buttons. I can do all of that with ThriveCart.

With this online payment system, you can quickly and easily create a new product and put it out on the web. You can choose fields to add, customize the templates, and choose payment options.

For the more experienced business owner, I’m going to list a few special features that make me really happy. Some of these features are functionalities that I missed when using f.ex. in SamCart and other services.

  • I can add both upsells and bump-offers to each product
  • I can create sales funnels
  • I can add several Stripe and PayPal (finally) accounts and choose which product should use which Stripe account (I have several, based on business area)
  • I can add several WordPress membership services like several Wishlist Member installs from different websites (I can attach different products to these membership platforms)
  • I can add several email services platforms like ConvertKit and Mailchimp
  • I can integrate with Zapier to set up even more cool action features
  • Invoices are created automatically and sent to the customer (I can set up recurring payments and customize invoices)

It’s probably a little nerdy to say I love all this. But I just like to have everything in one place, looking good and giving me the overview, and to see the stats for money coming in for both single sales and monthly recurring charges.

How to sell affiliate products online with this tool

What can I say? Everything is built into ThriveCart. If you are new to “affiliate sales,” it’s basically about creating unique links you can give to others to promote for you so you can sell more. For their effort and partnership, you give them a 10-30% commission for any sales. Affiliate sales are included with ThriveCart, and I’m going to use the feature when relaunching the Awakening Mindset Summit this year.

When you log into the system, you can choose to jump into your own affiliate center. It’s neat. And affiliates can, of course, have their own login.

I won’t spend more time on this feature, but I recommend checking it out for yourself.

You can stop figuring out how to create online payment forms

Ah, I spent hours, days, and weeks before just trying to create good looking and professional payment forms. Combining ThriveCart and Divi theme for building my websites makes it easy and slick to set things up fast.

If I were you, I would end the hassle of figuring out how to create online payment forms and invest in a tool like ThriveCart that comes without a monthly fee.

I don’t know how long they will offer this one time fee to secure lifetime access to their complete system. I felt I was lucky to get the chance to take advantage of this offer.

You can pay about $200 per month for similar systems, or you can spend days hacking WordPress plugins to make things work. I’m not doing that anymore. I’m not going to miss out on a complete system, good looking invoices, affiliate system, integrations, and so much more.

Investing in ThriveCart is one payment. Investing in similar systems can quickly add up to $2,500 per year!

Go get ThriveCart and start making money.

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