Best Instagram app for Mac

So I’m just saying it again. I’m an app geek. I love testing out new tools and systems to make my workflow better and more fun. And for people like us who spends time crafting our productivity, slick apps is a must. This time, I just wanted to share the best Instagram App for Mac I have seen, to handle your Instagram account. It’s called Flume. It’s sexy.

The best Mac app for Instagram?

To find new ways of working my daily habits and rituals of online entrepreneurship, I keep changing my workflows and apps that I use. My methods and tools are always getting better, so I share what I find and how I work.

I think this must be the best Mac app for Instagram. At least for me. I like that apps and tools look good. It’s about aesthetics. The interface is slim, edgeless, clean and simplistic. I love the little app-sounds you get when using it. Almost like using the DayOne app for journaling. I found Flume very intuitive and simple to use. It’s quick to browse through many images and updates at once, and you can swiftly dive into the details of each image, and you also quickly get into each account if you want to check them out in more detail. First I found the app was a little TOO minimalistic until I discovered the hidden menu in the bottom of the screen. Cool. On the Mac desktop, this app looks like art. It’s a slim and nondisturbing window floating on the screen, and you can choose to see the photo stream as one column or as a grid-flow. What I like here is that it’s also really fast to stay up to date with comments and feedback. You can tag people and places during an edit, and move the tag around to the right spot on the image.

Upload Instagram photos through this Mac app

There’s a Pro account you can sign up for. Flume Pro gives you the option of multiple accounts and to upload photos straight from the app. Can be useful, especially if you’re creating branded Instagram photos on your computer and want to upload them. I do that often. Because I have a message to deliver. And, in fact, if you want to use some of these images on your own account and share enlightening comments and life lessons to your followers, you can download 22 ready-made Instagram quote images below.

22 Free Instagram quotes pictures for you

To me, Instagram is an important channel. I don’t want only display my lifestyle and the freedom I have in building my own income. I have a message, and I want to inspire and motivate. I know others like that too, but they don’t know how to make the images look good. So I made a few for you to download and use on your Instagram account. Here’s 22 Free Instagram quotes pictures for you:

Still a new app -expect some bug smashing

This app is still pretty new, so I’m hoping for some quick updates pretty soon. I have to say that I have seen too many app shutdowns after I got it. On both of my Mac’s. Hoping for some fixes on this pretty fast, I can’t stand unstable apps. Anyway, worth testing this free app. I think you will like it and that you will find it useful for your Instagram workflow. Check out Flume here.

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