The best chat app for WordPress

I did a very cool hack lately on one of my own websites. And then for some of my clients Shopify sites. Now they sell more and connect deeper clients and customers directly. If you have or want to have a website offering a service or product, get this app today. It’s the best customer chat app for WordPress and Shopify I have tried.

Let me share another tip today. Not just to you who consider to start and create an online income stream, but also for those that already have an established brand, service or product. (Hopefully all of them in place)

How I got instantly connected with clients

First, let me tell you what I did as an example. On my member’s website where I offer my mentor programs and coaching, I wanted to be able to have visitors chat with me directly to have their questions answered without the hassle of e-mailing.

I wanted to have an online Live chat. But one that looked good, and with a service that I could carry with me in my pocket.

After days of testing, trying and hacking of different solutions, I found the Chatra service. Instant love in the air. Why?

Let me quickly sum it up for you:

  • It looks damn good, which was important to me
  • It has an affordable price and a free option for single hustlers and freelancers like me
  • I can hop on chats on my mobile phone while on the go
  • It’s simple to configure styling and options with instant changes on my site
  • I’m setting up work hours for when I’m available

Pluss much more additional features. But these are the ones who got me hooked at first. It turned out to be the best live chat plugin for both WordPress and Shopify. And my clients are really happy with it because now I can response a lot faster and make them feel taken care of when connecting with me.

Why do you need a chat app on your website?

On Saturday I was running another course on how to create videos for Instagram and Facebook. One of the attendees, a young guy from a well known and prominent local company here in the south of Norway walked up to me. A few days before I had installed Chatra on their Shopify site.

He told me their sales went up right away because they were able to answer questions and support their visitor, Live. They have been having a good reputation for years. But with this new Shopify site and a slick Live chat app, the happiness rate with customers went instantly up several notches.

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Chatra has called their app a “cart saver.” And that’s true. Even if you don’t have a webshop, you should be able to talk to your visitors directly at the moment they are coming to your site.

If you offer a service like coaching, photography, physical products or in anyway should be in touch with a potential network; this will improve your reach, a lot.

Use the app for free on your website

Use Chatra for free and pay per chat agent to have all full features. I’m paying for mine because I wanted all the paid features. I love it.

You’ll get Chatra plugins for both WordPress and Shopify. Just be sure to set up a free account first.

Okay, try this out. And I hope you will improve your sales, connections or responses on your website.

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