How to join Telegram channels - Here's how I did it

When you want to become your own boss and find methods to earn a self-made salary, you need some public channels to become visible. But be very selective. Now, to be more personal with my closest followers, I share my best content and links using the Telegram app. I’ll also show you how to join telegram channels on your phone.

Hey, be sure to read this whole post to get all the details with the Telegram app you can try out.

Maybe I should join in on a group conversation in an open AA clinic. (App-geeks Anonymous). Yes, I’m an app geek and love trying and discover better productivity tools and systems. And later I talk about it to my readers.

So what ’s good about Telegram?

All the cool toys, tricks, and tools to make you start a small business is just freaking awesome. But when it comes to social media, I have been very restrictive on what I want to spend time on. Now, I use Telegram, and I got my “pocket community” closer to my daily work-life than with Instagram. Let me tell you why in a moment since I just mentioned there is too much out there already.

First of all, I love the Telegram app as a messaging tool. It’s replacing both Viber, WhatsApp, and SMS. (not always, though). Making calls with Telegram just came out a couple of weeks ago now also. There are a lot of messaging and communication apps out there, but I don’t trust most of them. The founders and the open source community that are the makers of Telegram is something I have spent some time reading about. Their system is well encrypted, and you can even start a self-destructing chat messages.

It’s open source, their security looks good, and it’s a very slick, lightweight and fast app. Both on my iPhone and Mac. It’s even supported by an API, which means other developers can create more apps and tools connecting with Telegram. Another cool thing is that services like and now supports Telegram for a lot of automation.

Like, I have set up so that when I post a new photo to my Instagram account, IFTTT automatically pushes this to my “closest” followers in my Telegram channel.

Why using Telegram app, channels, and groups?

So I started a Telegram channel for a few followers to be able to share some content and LINKS to them. And have just now started promoting it openly.

You will have a permanent URL for your Telegram channel. It supports an unlimited amount of members. And you will, in fact, have a view counting for each update you post, knowing how many read it.

I have decided on three social channels for my brand and business. Here, in order of priority.

  1. Instagram as my main channel
  2. Twitter, where I share most of my links and blog posts
  3. Facebook, which I basically don’t like. (I’m just fucking tired of the chaos and hassle to make it work)

Now, the thing with Instagram is that I can’t just share a link with my followers. On your account profile page, you have ONE link. Usually, the “hack” many people do now is to keep changing that one link in the bio for every important event, product, or other destination they need to promote at the moment.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]I wanted to try something different. And I wanted MY private space for my followers. So I opened a Telegram channel.[/tweet_box]

With Telegram, you can create Groups, Supergroups, and Channels. They all have different properties. For me, starting a Telegram Channel was appropriate, since I wanted to share public content, and not have a channel for chatting. So a channel is a one-way method of sharing. I’m the only one being able to write and sharing links. (and very cool stickers)

Your channel followers is YOUR list, not the company’s

Another reason for setting up a channel is that this will be MY channel, with MY followers. You have probably heard of Facebook just closing down Pages with 1000s of fans, and people are losing their precious Instagram following. Usually, it’s probably because they didn’t follow some guidelines, but still. You are not in control of your followers, and you don’t own them.

Having an e-mail list is having control of your followers. That’s why we always tell people that the most important thing you do when starting a business or work-from-home income arrangement: Start an e-mail list. They are YOUR followers.

I keep my emails list using the slickest system I know so far, ConvertKit.

I wanted to serve my followers with something extra that I can’t do on Instagram. It’s short content and links. Mini sharings that are too small to sit down and write a new e-mail newsletter for.

Besides, not everybody has e-mail on their phone, and especially not notifications for them. Being allowed to send my followers something like a short message right to their phone is, generous.

Be polite and respect your Telegram channel followers

So, if you want to try this, don’t overdo the delivering and spam your followers with too much stuff. One thing I do now and then is silently updating my channel with new “surprises” without letting the channel followers get notified. You can, in fact, turn this off for every separate message, photo or link content you share. So I would say, maximum one message with notification per day.

Remember, this is like sending a private message. It’s not like a social media app where they can go in and check updates when it’s comfortable for them. Be polite, don’t nag on your followers. You will just lose them over time.

A motivational Telegram community channel

You can join my channel by installing Telegram (unless you have) and just click this link below.

Here’s what you can expect to receive in this private VIP channel.

  • Links to practical and useful articles (not just mine own)
  • Funny updates, photos, and inspirational quotes
  • Being notified on my new Instagram followers (not stories)
  • Important message about my events and offers
  • Very cool stickers (lol)

Like today, I shared my best Spotify playlist for work to my channel. Since a lot of people have asked about what music I listen too and where I find it. I have collected my best Spotify playlist for work over the years, so today I shared it in my channel with a link people can actually click on! (Not working on Instagram)

How to join telegram channels

To join a new Telegram channel you need to know the URL for that channel. When I created mine, I decided on the URL Or, I can use Open that URL on your mobile phone and Telegram will open this channel.

Public channels have usernames and are searchable in Telegram. To find other channels, there are some directories and lists. Here are two links you can try out.


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