How to get paid and withdraw money

Sometimes I get asked by people who are starting to build the freedom of working solo. Creating their own salary and maybe some passive income. They ask “How do I get paid and withdraw my money?” So I wanted to share a short tip on how to get paid and withdraw money from your income.

Having spent years working as a freelancer and solopreneur, I have tried and tested a lot of things. I often call myself an app geek, cause I like to play with new tools. I’m testing to see what works, what doesn’t, and how I can improve productivity and to make work more fun.

Having a smooth workflow with slick apps and programs is a MUST in your daily work routines!

And after you get paid, you need ways to access your funds.

Get a Payoneer account the free MasterCard (debit)

So here’s my tip. Sign up and get yourself a Payoneer account. It’s fast and simple to create one. I got my own account and the debit MasterCard coming with it. It’s very convenient for receiving payments from different companies and payers, and it’s nice to have an extra card while on the go.

After setting up your new account, you will also have access to get yourself a new Payoneer debit MasterCard to use for your daily spend, in ATM’s or online.

Here are some benefits of having one:

  • A Payoneer account is accepted for receiving payment by many companies
  • It’s perfect payment card for freelancers working on or
  • It’s a handy payment card for bloggers who make an income on affiliate marketing. Payoneer is supported by several affiliate platforms, like Amazon Associates, Commission Junctions, Tradedoubler and more.
  • You get a US bank account number to transfer money to
  • You can connect your Payoneer card to PayPal, so for you that don’t get a PayPal payment card can use Payoneer. Just transfer the funds to your card.

The Payoneer card is a nice backup card also to have while traveling. Since it has MasterCard signature, you should be fine with using this all around the world.

How to withdraw money from PayPal and Stripe

The way I have set this up is that I have added my Payoneer bank account number to my Stripe and PayPal account.

I use Stripe for capturing payments for my services, like coaching/mentoring calls. And for clients outside of Norway paying their invoices.

In my PayPal account, I get all of my Shopify partners income plus all affiliate earnings. I have added my Payoneer account to PayPal also so that I can quickly ship over some money to my card.

So this is one of the methods you can receive your income when working freelance or a work-from-home mom or dad. The other option would, of course, be just to transfer your money to your bank account directly, if you can.

Since I use Payoneer myself, I got my affiliate link that I share. Use this one and get 25$ into your account right way. (Payoneer offer, nice?)

Do you have some other tips to add on how to get paid?

Share it below…

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