How to create online courses from home

This is how you make a course online!

What would life be like for you if you had your own online course? When people sign up to your course, and you see money coming in, it’s a wonderful feeling you might get hooked on. I love showing methods of creating work freedom and generating online income. And in this post, I will tell you how to create online courses and which platform to use .

I have also had a lot of people talking to me and asking about how to create online courses. So I wanted to write up some tips on that, and what platform to use.

Create online courses – work from anywhere

There are so many people having impressive skills in all sorts of ways within different life areas. They are now able to teach others by setting up and selling online courses. How to create online courses now is by using ready-made platforms like Teachable, which makes it simple and fun to set up.

And to create online courses, I wanted to share Teachable’s free 7-day training. They have a bunch of the best course creators showing us how to do it all.

Single moms, homemakers, students, and online entrepreneurs are creating and selling amazing courses, helping out people in all kinds of niches.

One of the top priorities in my concept as a blogger and mentor is helping individuals who want to break out from the “common ways” of doing things. You know, to earn your income from someone else in a shitty job. And also for those not fitting into the failing school system.

There are better ways for you. Unless you need a title, degree or special label.

Internet users love to choose their own learning path now. What you can learn outside of all the educational institutions are amazing. You only need a computer and Internet. Who do you think creates all the different courses online?

A lot of regular people like you and me! So think about it: What do you have the skills to do that you could teach others?

Choose one specific topic that stands out

It can be and should be, very focused on a particular topic. I mean, there are an astronomical variety of hobbies and interests on this planet. And there will always be newcomers to your particular niche. Why not teach others?

Creating general courses with a too little specific topic can both mislead people, look uninteresting and are too common. There might also already be something like it online already.

I have no clue about any of the following topics (except about coffee), but since I’m good at bringing up ideas for my coaching clients, this is what came to my mind as suggestions for some courses to create :

(Don’t be ashamed to steal them, but let me know if you will go for it, I want to help)

  • How to maintain and build a home aquarium of fish
  • How to do knitting for hamsters
  • Course on what to buy and how to brew the tastiest coffee
  • How to grow and maintain a 5×5 meters organic garden at home
  • A quality course on astrology for beginners, with video
  • A fascinating online video course on herding sheep using a dog
  • To learn how to create home-made candle lights

how to plan and create an online course

Sit down one evening and go through the following short plan. Bring a close friend that knows you well. Here’s what I would do.

  1. Brainstorm, even with that friend, different courses you can create. Decide on one only and make that a quality course.
  2. Create a plan for the course. A step-by-step outline of the learning content
  3. Decide on the content to use. Videos, images, text, and documents
  4. Think through how much your course will cost
  5. Set it all up using Teachable -the most simple course platform online now (just click Create free Course, top right)

And don’t think too much about the technical stuff yet. I think Teachable is one of the best online course platforms now, so for you to set this up will be simple and fun.

By the way, I also know that at the time of writing this blog post, they have their annual Teachable Summit giving you a WEEK of free training from the best course creators online.

Use this simple platform for online courses

I have worked with Teachable myself, and I love that simple platform for creating online courses. Everything from setting up the content and all they way to the included payment system and the ability to keep in touch with your students.

There are also many options for you to brand yourself, you course and set it up like your own website even. It’s just beautiful; I feel like crying.

People who have started selling online courses get hooked, and usually, continue to grow their portfolio. Teachable is not restricted to setting up only one course. On your profile page, visitors will be able to see all the courses you offer.

Create a course for free and learn from the best

I don’t know for how long this offer will be accessible at, but I noticed they also have a free PDF file for download.

Grab that and get a smooth start. Learn from the best.

They also offer you to set up a free account to start building your course. I also want to mention the Teachable Summit for this year. (if you ready this post in November 2016) .

The summit is a free event for 7 days where you can sit on your sofa at home or café, learning how to create online courses. The event gathers the best in the business now, so you should grab this opportunity to learn from the best.

Decide, create, and change your life.

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