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You life rebel and system buster, trying to find ways to make money in other ways. I got some tips for you on how you can set this up simple and pretty slick. I want to share how to charge money online for products you offer because this is important so to have money flowing in.

It’s pretty fast and simple to set up methods for you to capture payments from clients and customers for any work you do for them. Whether you offer some products online or in person, you want to have some kind of method to charge them by credit card. Either by a handheld device or by sending an invoice.

If you are where I was many years ago, being new at discovering how you can create your own workspace and charge for something you love doing, it’s fine. You can still save this post and keep if for later. And in the meantime read THIS POST….

Cash can work fine when working with people in person, but I don’t prefer that myself. I want everything coming into my bank account, and also have everything in place to track all income sources in one system. And not counting cash when coming home, add this income to my systems manually, and then run to the bank with a fist full of dollars.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]You want to be able to have people pay you using their credit cards for whatever service or product you sell. I use Stripe for this.[/tweet_box]

In this blog post, I will show you some methods and services I use, which you can also use, to charge for your services and have money flowing into your bank account. It doesn’t cost much anymore and is a lot simpler than you may think.

Use Stripe for charging credit cards

You want to be able to have people pay you using their credit cards for whatever service or product you sell. I use Stripe for this. One of the biggest and most popular credit card payment gateway you will find.

Stripe is free to set up. First, go and check that your country is on the list for the Stripe services. You can check that here on Stripe country overview page.

Next, set up your free account, knowing that Stripe only charges for their services by keeping a certain percentage of the amount your customers pay to you. For me, that is 2.4% “transaction fee”. So if a client pays me a $100, Stripe will keep 2.4% of that. This is normal for all payment gateways. And like with PayPal, they charge 2.8% which is too much!

Use app for credit card payments on the go!

I love this app!

You see, for you to be able to keep a good overview of all incoming payment sources, use a slick monitoring and income administration tool Built for Stripe and PayPal. With that service comes an app for iPhone called “Control”. For me, just having the “cha-ching” sound popping up every time I get a payment is awesome. (giggle)

With, I keep track off all Stripe and PayPal payments coming in. I feel that Stripe does have a very (VERY) slick and beautifully designed native app for keeping track of only Stripe payments, the Control service also lets you overview and review PayPal payments together. Pluss a whole bunch of other metrics.

It’s specifically made for people offer online recurring services. Monthly subscriptions products or services, like the in-person maintenance and simple service for WordPress bloggers I’m running. (It’s called WPConfidence)

How to charge money online, on your mobile

The second and really useful function you’ll want to have is the app’s function for scanning and capturing credit card payments on your mobile phone. Very slick method, and it’s fast. The app opens a card scanner using the phone’s camera and reads the numbers. You can also type in the numbers manually if you want that. A token is created and sent to Stripe, so this information is not stored on your mobile phone.

You can also add your customer information and choose to have an e-mail receipt sent to the customer when the charge on the card have been done. Perfect if you are out on the field giving clients and customers the option to pay your using their credit card.

Use FreeAgent or Invoice2Go for invoicing clients

I guess it depends on the kind of service you offer. But typically we want to be able to send people a bill for the work you have done. Do you offer dog babysitting? Car-cleaning by coming home to people? Or maybe setting up beautiful websites only sing WordPress and the Divi theme?

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With these two services, it’s fun and fast to ship out an invoice for your work, and you can connect them to both Stripe and PayPal so that the client you sent the invoice to can pay you with their credit card or PayPal account anyway. There will be a link in the e-mail for them to click on.

This will have you look professional and makes you look good. And will have your customer feel safer and taken care of by letting them get that invoice for their payment.

I have been using FreeAgent for many years and love that service. Every time I log in I see my dashboard with all the invoices, payments and outstanding income from clients.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]So to recap, get a free Stripe account so you have a gateway ready. It’s about capturing your own salary![/tweet_box]

Another service I will recommend is the Invoice2Go service. The reason is that they look good, which is something I care a lot about. And you get a mobile app so you can keep up on while on the go. Note that this service is only for invoicing. It does not include accounting also, like FreeAgent.

It’s about capturing your own salary!

So to recap, get a free Stripe account so you have a gateway ready. And maybe also PayPal, since a lot of people prefer that and feel safer. But as far as I know, there is no way of capturing payments for PayPal right on your mobile phone.

Then get the free app on your mobile phone to capture credit cards payments on the go. And sign up for one of the services to issue client invoices from FreeAgent or Invoice2Go.

How can I withdraw the money I earn

Okay, last tip for you. Do you need an extra risk-free payment card to use in your business?

Signup for a free Payoneer MasterCard debit card. You will get a Bank of America bank account which you can then add to your Stripe account. When clients have paid you, you transfer funds to your new Payoneer account so you can withdraw money as usual.

With PayPal, you can also add this new account and transfer money to your card. Or, add your regular bank account in Stripe and PayPal and withdraw and spend your money as you normally would.

Good luck with your setup. Do you have any questions or other tips, add to the comments above. Follow my Instagram above and connect. Let’s share our work lifestyles.


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