On to grow my YouTube channel

What if it’s too late to grow my YouTube channel!? For the last weeks, I have been thinking more and more, why the hell didn’t I do this before!? Online business, mentoring and sharing useful content is something I have done for a long time.

To grow my YouTube channel -is it too late to start?

I’m asking this question to you, not to myself. Some people would answer this issue with:

“Neeeeh, that’s already been done”…

“Too many people are running already awesome channels”…

That’s not the answer I would give to someone beginning their online career journey. I would reply with something like;

“Nope, go for it. This is your story, your format, and your uniqueness”.

I’m pretty, totally, mega-sure that there’s nobody with the same script, format, methods, and way of conveying my story and techniques out there.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]If somebody already did it: Your life’s script, story, and format are unique! You should share it.[/tweet_box]

And the same goes for you also. You could be starting something completely similar to any big hot-shot YouTube’er out there. But still, your format and uniqueness would make you grow!

I know it’s not too late to begin building my following on YouTube. I just know I should have started years ago!

But, it’s been about priority and diversifying my capacity and energy. For years, I have had the luxury of having work pouring in, and it’s hard to keep clients off for new projects.

I have simply been spending most of my time for their work, which has been my primary income source.

What to expect from my channel (and films)

I’ll make it short. I come from a shitty background, to put it simple and clear. Our childhood is a mess, and my younger days have been rough, which is part of the story I’m sharing when mentoring people and sharing my background.

Hell, I’m all fine with that. But it put’s a perspective into what I have accomplished, just from “self-help” and without education. Also without any mentors worth talking about.

From that start out in life and up until now, it’s been a journey many listeners would call a wild ride. The way I have “life-hacked” myself to the version of Johnny that I am now is what I will be sharing in my videos. I left the herd years ago. I’m not like the “other kids.”

My years of learning, self-educating and figuring out my business and hustle online is also what I teach people. Combined with my 17 years of Taekwon-Do practice and as a coach, I merge mental fitness with spiritual insights.

– Without that part included in my lessons, I can’t help you.

I also teach my principles and understandings from my 7 Steps to Self Mastery:

  1. Choice of Thoughts Where it all begins
  2. Belief systems and established assumptions
  3. Choice of Personality and Lifestyle Design
  4. Who are You?
  5. Playing with the future
  6. How successful people plan and get moving
  7. Decide, Plan and Create

You can read all about it in my short eBook and start living my those insights. Things will change for you.

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One secret revealed: I have worked with film for years

Alright, so this is not something I have been promoting to the world, as a service.

But my interest and passion for filmmaking began years ago. In fact, when I first started to hunt for self-made salary and get my own clients, it was running video for the web that was my initial idea.

Later, since I developed the technical skills and feel for the craft of filmmaking, I had a few years of working with projects locally. I have made several film and DVD’s for clients together with my crew.

I don’t do that kind of work anymore. Only short movies, documentary work and, now, more of my short motivational films for my new YouTube channel.

And now, I need to grow my YouTube channel

As of now, while writing this blog post at a local café in my hometown, I got a huge crowd of 19 subscribers! Wheeee! it’s just a few days since I uploaded my first film segments.

I just had three weeks in Spain. Part of the project for the trip was to work on my second film as a freelancer, sharing my best advice to go the rebel and uncommon way, and start growing yourself and your methods of income.

You can subscribe to my new channel here. If you join in and download my eBook above, you will also get a notification when the second film is done in edit and will be posted.

Thanks for subscribing!

What experience and advice do you have to a new-born YouTube’er?


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