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When did you write your last blog post? And when you did, was it carefully planned days in advance or did you just dive into the keyboard hurrying to punch an article out? Last year was crazy. Until I started using my planner I’m about to share with you, I had no plan, no schedule, and no idealist. Omg. Now I give you my blog post planner template for you to use.

You know that blogging is one of my recommended ways of starting a new life. As a Web Designer, I know how to set this up for people, but I have lost count on how many sites I have completed through the years.

Blogging and having a website is one tool I teach people to use. I have a desire to help people starting and building stuff at a low cost, and that could shift your life into another direction and even start a new income stream.

Built many income streams, and you will become free!

Now, for you new or even experienced bloggers, you need tools and cool workflows to make things more productive AND fun to work with.

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While talking to new and experienced bloggers, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one suffering from bad content planning. You know what? I created my very own content brainstorming and planning system!…

Yeah, babe!

I didn’t find what I was looking for. So I thought, well, I will hack up a system that works for my brain. (I needed a visual content plan for bloggers)

Last week, I decided to relieve many of you bloggers from the risk of running screaming out into the night. And having no idealist, plan or schedule.

You want to be a smiling blogger with a Grand Plan?

What you will get in this cute little package (which some say I should charge for) is not only the PDF idealist and content planner. But a ZIP-file with spreadsheet files for online use and Mac users.

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Now you got the tools available. The next thing for you is to decide to spend some time planning your blog posts. You will make your life so much easier for yourself. AND you will have more fun working on your website.

Another effect I have noticed for myself: Having the topic for the post planned weeks in advance lets your mind marinate on the specifics in the article.

For me, this makes it easier to write, because the brain spends time on this “in the background” before I get on with the writing.

Download the free blog post planner template for bloggers

So I’m not charging for this blog plan template of course. It would just be fun if you would get better at your planning with this blog strategy template: Yes because that’s what it is. Just add yourself in the box above and I’ll send you all the files in an email.

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For this blog you’re reading now, I have two months of articles planned already. It’s an awesome feeling.

Now I can just sit down and write. So join below and see how I created the column for blog categories!

The next thing I do is put my planned articles in the best content planner for WordPress I have ever used, with CoSchedule.

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