Facts about instagram 2017

People drown in social media. When I started building my platform, I decided early on that I NOT going to be part of that orgy of “sharing is caring”. I decided on Instagram as my main channel. And in this post, you will learn 139 facts to strengthen your insights on this platform.

Ever since it was bought by Facebook back in 2012 for the impressive sum of $1 billion dollars, Instagram has been blowing up each and every day. You know you’re doing something right when Selena Gomez joins and bring the platform to its knees, with over 105 million followers out of the 600 million users on the app. [tweet_dis]It is clear that Instagram is growing, and it has not shown any signs of slowing down.[/tweet_dis]

Instagram is growing like crazy

Instagram has quickly gone from a trendy iOS-only app to a massive social network with Android and web presence. And with its exponential popularity, not to mention with Zuckerberg’s pocketbook behind it now, Instagram is only getting better. What started as a simple mobile app with the hope of facilitating communication through images, has now become a broad—but still very easy to use—platform with multiple features that have taken the photo and video sharing trend to a whole new level.

Instagram Stories, live video broadcasting, the slideshow maker, not to mention the two spin-off apps by like Layouts and Boomerang, offer users from all over the world an easy, fun and creative experience.

No longer do you have to be a professional photographer, neither owns a thousand dollars camera to be part of such a creative community. Instagram’s filters and editing options allow users to fully embrace the creative soul inside each and all of us. Maybe your page is not packed with beautiful landscapes or fashion shots—more like selfies, kitties, and good—but you’re still getting the full experience, and I’m sure you’re loving it.

Facts about Instagram 2017

Here are 139 facts about Instagram for 2017 created by WebsiteBuilder.org

Instagram infographic 2017

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