The best email marketing software for bloggers

After giving up on school and a regular job, one of the most important tools we have to set up when beginning our journey to earning our own money is to start collecting e-mail addresses. I was a fucking idiot, years ago, when I didn’t do this. I do now, using the best email marketing software for bloggers that I have found. And now they have a rare, free trial!

If you gave up school and are not really Jolly Jumper to get a 9-5 again, you may as well hustle your own income. It’s a passion of mine to share why, and how this is a much better lifestyle.

I’ll make this post short! One of the most stupid things I have done when beginning my freelance and work-from-home lifestyle was to NOT collect e-mail addresses1 from people I knew. AND from people who wanted to know more of what I offered and taught.

ConvertKit email marketing software on a free trial (July 2017)

I keep saying this to you because it is SO well known out in the professional world of bloggers and others making a living online, that having an email list is the most valuable they have.

MailChimp sucked, so I gave up

I started building a list and spent time figuring out the common email service everyone seemed to use. I began with MailChimp, and I struggled with it. So did many of my web design clients also.

I tried other services but didn’t like them. Too fancy several of them.

But there came along this beautiful sunny, warm day with butterflies fluffing around me when I discovered the best email marketing platform for bloggers and online business owners:

ConvertKit… and I have loved it since

And it seemed like Pat Flynn also liked it, so he moved over to ConvertKit also.

Today is 24th of July, 2017. If you are reading this post before July 31st, 2017, you will be able to catch the rare, 1-month trial of ConvertKit to try it out.

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So go and sign up and test it out. I have been using ConvertKit myself for a long time, so I’m sharing my partner link with you here.

If you read this post AFTER the 31. July, you won’t find that free trial page. But I suggest you try one month of ConvertKit anyway if you want simplicity, more fun, super-customizable automation and slick e-mail sequencing.

I also happen to know that [tweet_dis]ConvertKit is coming out with some impressive new functionality during August this year[/tweet_dis].

Why is having an email list important for you?

This is another topic. But mainly, it’s the most exclusive and luxurious contact with followers you can have. It’s YOUR list, with a direct address to private followers you have been allowed to send e-mails to.

That means you can send them offers, products, and services for what you offer. Of course, without being pushy or hard-selling.

Need help with this, like brainstorming and setup? Reach out for a session of collaborative work-meeting to figure it out.

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