Personal Coaching

I do accept a few work-relation ships through personal coaching and training.

Take control of your hidden qualities, skills, and master your life

Not everybody fits smoothly into the current norms and ways of living in society. For souls waking up and those seeing through the layers of chaos and confusion, see into a more vibrant, positive and purposeful reality. They are also looking for better methods and alternative ways to master their life by educating them self and create a self made salary.

The right mindset and learning necessary life lessons through uncommon knowledge will lift your life into a new reality. It’s time to reach Self Mastery in such a way that your body, mind, and soul feels lighter, more happy, and fulfilled.

A few of the reasons we should work together

To find your most important thread for us to work on, an initial call would be the right thing. But here’s some typical topics I work on with my clients.

  • I can work with you to achieve a stronger and healthier mind.
  • We will improve your skills and create a plan to reach your goals in life
  • You will be able to find your purpose and choose the right path
  • I can work with you to built a new platform and choose the right tools if you want to offer your services or products to the world.

Coaching program options

I handle my clients and members at my membership site, and I offer two ways of working with me in my training:

  • Monthly ingoing program with regular calls
  • Individual one-time session calls

How much time we spend together depends on your desire for progress and learning. Depending on the package chosen, we will have one, two or four calls pr. month.

Reach out for us to have an initial evaluation call of your situation.

I feel stuck in my life!

It’s not a pleasant situation when feeling stuck in your path and purpose in life. But there are methods to a solution. This is the tool I use with most clients.

Download it and see if this can help you.


I'm Johnny

I'm Johnny

Mindset Coach • Motivator


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