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To find a yoga retreat in Thailand is not hard. But to find a local gem? That might take a bit of searching. I’m lucky because 45 minutes outside of our city we found a magical yoga retreat that is not overpriced, hyped up, or too crowded. 

If you’re looking for a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, then you should continue going to this retreat. Plus, they have Hobbit-like houses!

When you’re searching for the best yoga retreats in Thailand, the place I’m about to suggest probably won’t come up in your results. 

To find out more about this magical place, keep reading. I’m sharing more details and prices! Plus, here’s my YouTube video from that weekend. 

If you want a local wellness retreat that offers yoga classes, organic food, steam baths, ice baths, and various events then this place is for you. 

Peaceful Yoga Retreat in Thailand - The Mala Dahra

We came here by chance because a few friends suggested coming along to a peaceful event with them for the weekend. And? We don’t regret it. 

The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm is only about a 45 minute drive outside of Chiang Mai in Thailand. We live here, so it was a speedy trip through booking a Grab Bike.

Magical Yoga Retreat in Chiang Mai Hobbit House
A hobbit house at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm in Chiang Mai.

We only stayed for one long day during our visit.

But I’ll share some of the features here for you to skim through:

A Wellness Center in Chiang Mai to Visit and Relax

Months before we came to visit with our friends at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm, I had spent a little too much energy on client work and my business project. I was stressed, fatigued, and low on energy.

Coming to The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm in Chiang Mai was a blessing. Though my girlfriend was the only one attending the yoga classes and taking steam baths, I was able to relax with good food, some reading, and I was able to meet new amazing people that I will connect with later.

I believe more people should take time to honor their wellbeing and search for a relaxing wellness center in Thailand (or wherever you are in the world!).

Magical Yoga Retreat in Chiang Mai Salt Water Pool
The salt water pool at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm in Chiang Mai.

During the last few months our minds have been tossed all over the place because of the madness from the pandemic and the various lockdowns around the planet. 

Coming to a grounding and rejuvenating place like The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm truly slows down time, gradually recalibrates your energy and heightens your senses again. 

We Joined a Sound Healing Event and Had a Magical Experience

I will never forget the sound healing event that took place at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm. I have never attended any gathering like this before. But my girl and I wanted to try it out and soak up as much of our time at the retreat center as possible. 

It turned out to be powerful, uplifting, and balancing.

The individuals conducting this sound healing event at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm also gave us a training session on breathing techniques that have a huge impact on the body. 

You may have heard about different yoga-based breathing techniques or maybe the Wim Hof method? What we learned is somewhat the same principle! 

Coming to a place like The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm is like getting back into the “right place” if you’re a conscious, aware and spiritually connected person.

It's needed from time to time, as you won't find this type of energy signature in the typical everyday life. 

A Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat Worth Visiting - (Video)

We visited The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm on a Saturday to partake in a special event they were offering that weekend.

We paid 200 Baht for the day, plus another 100 Baht to join the sound healing event.

That’s under 10 USD. Is your wellbeing worth that? 

One of our friends traveling with us for the weekend did rent her own private bungalow apartment. We stopped by to leave our stuff there. She paid 500 Baht ($16 USD) for the night, which is a very low price to be part of an event like this.

Her apartment was a round-shaped building with a queen size bed. A couch with a small table, and a double swing door into a bathroom that was, in fact, partly outside. It was placed below the roof alongside the outer wall. And it had a nice sink and an open shower that was covered by yet another thick wall reaching up under the roof of the building.

I don’t know all of the prices for staying at The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm.

You should get in touch with them and check for the time you want to stay.

Here are a few links to check out The Mala Dahra Yoga Retreat Center & Organic Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Follow them on Instagram @maladhara.

You can also check out their Facebook Page to stay up to date with their prices and events.

Did you hear about how mother earth’s frequency, or “heart-beat”, have gone up a lot in the last years? Is the Schumann Resonance increasing, where do we measure it, and how is it affecting us? Maybe the spike in the Schumann resonance is the reason for the weird shifts in energy, emotions, and life events?

First, what is the Schumann resonance? 

In 1952, a German physicist named Winfried Otto Schumann predicted this frequency mathematically. He discovered that there is a core, extremely low frequency (ELF) level that surrounds the planet. And it comes from the “aftereffects” of all the lightning activity around the planet.

He discovered that the space that forms between the earth’s surface and the conductive ionosphere functions as a “wave-guide” for the frequencies generated. And this low frequency was measured with a baseline as 7.83 Hz. (There are other ranges as well)

This frequency was then named the Schumann resonance. You can watch my top-ranked video on YouTube where I talk about this.

So, the Schumann resonance is a measurable low frequency that basically gets triggered by lightning activities around the planet. And the bouncing of discharges between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere. 

Why are the Schumann resonances important to us? 

The reason why I like to talk about and pay attention to the topic and changes in the Schumann resonance is that, to me, it can be one of the measurable indications of our shifting reality on this planet at this time.

The Schumann resonance is electromagnetic energy surrounding the planet. And if that frequency starts shifting and changing, it’s something to pay attention to. Because the earthlings, currently at a 5-year-old stage of development in a cosmic relation, like to measure things.

Humans especially like it when conventionally educated guys in white coats can tell us what’s really going on, even if it’s right or wrong at the time, to confirm the truths about our existence. On paper.

To have something that we can now measure, observe, and witness at this time on the planet is good to use as comparison to what ancient civilizations and indigenous people have told us for thousands of years. 

We’re in for a huge shift on the planet and it is happening right now. 

I think the Schumann resonance is one of those ways we now can measure some of the effects of this shift. 

What’s going on? The Schumann resonance increasing on the planet

I wanted to write about the Schumann resonance again because of the attention this topic has been getting in the last years. 

Since the discovery of the baseline frequency of 7.83 Hz in 1954, it was considered a stable measurable frequency. Some called it the earth’s “heart-beat”.

But something started to happen in 2014. Suddenly the baseline frequency of 7.83 Hz starting increasing and went up to spikes at 15 -25 Hz levels. In later years these spikes have gone even higher. That's why people talk about the Schumann Resonance increasing and that it may affect our bodies and minds.

So what’s going on with this? It seems like something is completely changing on the planet.

Is the Schumann resonance increasing for sure?

I wanted to make sure that we keep this hyped-up topic of the Schumann frequency increasing on a ground level.

For spiritually connected and interested people, it’s easy to get hooked on the topic of this sudden increase in the frequency of the Schumann resonance. And how it all explains their changes in mental and physical energy, mood swings, and life events.

Of course!

It MUST be the Schumann resonance spiking again! No wonder I have had shitty sleep, a foggy mind, past life dreams, slept like a rock, floated above the bed, or whatever change you think you had.

Don’t be one of those mindfulness-unicorns that lose touch with the ground you’re walking on when it comes to the spiritual awakening on this planet. Truth-seekers also, they love topics like the Schumann resonance spiking.

This is just a note. I’m not ditching the awake and aware people. Because I love you. And becoming more awake and aware is what this planet needs. Not more religion, no more clowns in battle (Politicians), medicine and vaccines, or more fancy hamburgers at McDonald’s.

There is just ONE thing that will elevate this planet: Spiritual awareness. 

A more spiritually aware and connected species would do completely different choices on the planet they inhabit. We’re getting there. That’s that grand plan.

It’s cooler to be sure about what’s going on, and be right about what we have been observing and experiencing than just jump on the wave of hype, about the Schumann resonance. 

Now, the thing is that some people argue that the Schumann resonance frequency is NOT going up. And I’m not going to brutally claim that it is.

I have just been made aware of it a few years back and I like to stay updated with it. You can stay up to date with the current measurements of the frequency every day from a couple of websites. I will share the links at the bottom of this article.

I’d like to ask this question myself. Is the overall Schumann resonance frequency really going up over time? Well, to me it looks like it is. With variations of course. 

Let’s take a look at one year of measurements from Heartmath Institutes’ website. If you see the same as I do, you clearly see an elevated frequency in the months of July to November in 2019.

Schumann Resonance increasing in 2020

I can’t know for sure if the frequency have been elevated in the past year. But to me, looking at the charts, there is for sure a clear difference from late 2019 to the beginning of 2020. 

And if you look at the far end of the long-range scale, we can see that there is now a long-term spike from the beginning of May. It’s not just a few spikes here and, stretching over a whole month. 

Resources realtime and other links

If you are a truth seeker and an advocate for deeper knowledge, I’m inviting you to sign up for my e-mail Tribe. If you like to think for yourself, work out your freedom on this planet, and create a self-aware and awake lifestyle, my e-mails can really help you out. 

If you want to learn more about the Schumann resonance and love some sick mathematical formulas, consider to check out this PDF document.

And you can watch my video about the Schumann resonance here. 

Also, there are two sources I use to stay up to date with the current events of the Schumann resonance frequency. You can keep up with the Schumann resonance realtime on the first link below.

Besides that, do research. It’s good to know stuff on the things that matters to you in your life. 

I have spoken.

Are you a sensitive person? Maybe an empath? As it has been so often called the last years. Or maybe not? However, you experience changes in your life... maybe even emotionally? But you don’t know why and so you feel unbalanced. The truth is that we are experiencing a great change on the planet... And a lot of the energy shifts are being measured! Becoming aware is to know about what's going on around you.

To become an “awakened” individual you really need to dive into some deeper knowledge on a metaphysical and spiritual level. One cannot expand and evolve by limiting one's mind to think there is nothing more to the immense complex and diverse matrix of the universe and its infinite levels of existence and awareness.

Let’s say that you come from a conventional and traditional background like most people, with the typical set of knowledge and programming about how society, the planet, even your very existence, works.

For this reason you may have a limited acceptance on the “awakening” process that is happening on this planet.

This is not a good state to be in if you want to focus on becoming aware and awake.

It doesn’t matter what you think or believe... This shit is happening without your approval anyway! And if you’re one of those people that need proof or actually data, you can go and find it.

I talk a lot about this in my coaching and the concept I teach on Self Mastery. In order to level up to Self Mastery, you need to understand the flow of mind and matter and how you create your life.

You can’t continue on the lower level of awareness thinking that you are not in control, that God is to be obeyed and served, and that your thoughts produce no form of energy.

That’s when you become a victim, living on hopes, default outcomes of life, and with a very limited idea of the immense power and strength you behold as a human being.

Now, let’s take a look at three sources of data that I like to keep an eye on. I’m a spiritually connected person because it is natural to me. Now I’m a spiritual being, but I also like to stay grounded and understand the “nature” of the universe.

I recommend you watch the video above. However, you can also continue reading if you prefer that. I’ll share a few tips below and you’ll also find links to keep track of the three data sources I’m discussing in this video.

The Weird Rising of the Schumann Resonance Frequency

The intense bursts of frequency levels is one of the most interesting things I keep track of. It has been so incredibly intense the previous two weeks while I've been writing this blog post.

The Schumann Resonance was discovered by the German scientist Winfred Otto Schumann in 1952. It is a very low frequency that is produced by all the lightning hitting Earth's ground each second all around the planet.

This energy bolt creates a bouncing an energy wave between Earth's ground and the stratosphere. They discovered that this frequency had a stable level at 7.83Hz. Which translates to around seven point eighty two waves per second!

Now this is something that has happened for the last few years. For some reason this frequency has started going up - in bursts. And at the time of writing this blog, it has been crazy high!

It has been peaking up to 40Hz. Just a few days ago the monitoring showed a completely white chart! I’ll copy in an image of the Schumann Resonance frequency below.

Becoming aware of the Schumann Resonanse 2019

If you look at the image, you can tell that something is going on here. When we hear and learn that the planet is “raising its vibration” we surely say that it seems like it.

It’s just interesting to keep track of this and compare it to the emotional changes in your life, the full moon cycles, and the activity of the Sun.

The Global Consciousness Project and The State of The Earth

Did you know that there has been a project in the U.S that actually measures the global “state of mind” on this planet? It was started at Princeton University.

Changes in the global consciousness
Global Consciousness Project - Dot

Feel free to watch the video above where I talk more about this in greater detail. For a quick sum-up: It’s bascially a shit-load of small computer boxes called NEG’s placed around the world that produce random numbers of 0’s and 1’s.

Except when there are bigger world events going on... And the numbers suddenly changed and are not so random anymore!

Increased Activity On The Sun

Another strong source of energy is the Sun! Don’t come here and tell me that we’re not surrounded by energy... The Sun is incredibly intense, and it has a 13 year cycle occuring.

When the Sun had extreme outbursts of energy, it was reported that telephone lines have been fried in different areas all around the planet!

Another interesting thing to be aware of are the tiny quarks of energy from the Sun that we get hit with each and everyday. In Egypt, they have new methods of how they measure and discover new hidden areas in their pyramids. They use huge plates of photonic sensitive films that pick up these energy particles from the Sun - even deep INSIDE the pyramids (which are covered with tons and tons of huge stone blocks)!

Just imagine how our bodies get bombarded with this energy every day.

Keep all these sources of information in mind when you observe the changes that are happening around you, in your life, on the planet, and the unexpected emotional shifts in your ever evolving life.

Please feel free to subscribe to my channel on YouTube and click the little bell so you get updates about more films coming out!

Create positive spaces for better energy

You may know about the law of attraction, right? Whether you do or don’t, the thoughts you had in the past have created the spaces and surroundings you experience today. So it’s important to be mindful about manifesting your reality to attract and create motivating and uplifting spaces for you to live in.

The other day when I was heading with my girl to visit a buddy of mine for breakfast, I had a thought... It’s important to think, create, and then manifest motivating and loving spaces in our life.

During breakfast, my friend mentioned he bought his house because he wanted to spend his skills and ability to totally rebuild it in a modern style. The idea was great because he created his own motivating and loving space!

The truth is that everyone likes to feel good. Whether it’s how you dress, how you live, where you roam or which friends and family you decide to spend time with. Many people are totally unaware of their power of choice to be picky and deliberate about the space where they operate in life.

You know, a friend is also a “space” for you to experience your life. It is you that manifested this individual into your life, and who you hang out with is who you will become.

Be mindful about your space for living and work

In my tiny apartment at home, I like to keep things tidy, clean and to have a certain style. People who visit tend to take notice because they like what they see. For me personally, I need to keep things in order and with a loving and motivating style to enjoy my home.

It’s the same for the workspace we create in our lives.

Where do you work? Maybe you don’t have much to say about your office space or the location you go to work every day. Do whatever you can to improve or make a positive change in this life arena which would benefit your creative and motivating workflow.

For those who have decided to step out of the norms and invest time, creativity and energy in their own business, you have a huge benefit. You can make clever choices on your own workspace at home and make sure it’s a harmonious, loving, and motivating area to spend hours doing your craft.

When heading out to do my work at various coffee shops I will only visit places that have the right atmosphere, table height, staff, and coffee.

Why? Because it FEELS good. Waking up in a tidy home with personality and a branded style, leaving the house dressed in an enjoyable fashion, and spending your day in a fancy café to do your work…

Makes you fucking feel good! Remember, you have the choice to make this happen by the power of your mind and the decisions you make every day.

And yes, I made a video about it.

Show some love, jump over to YouTube, subscribe to my tribe and hit that thumbs up icon.

Your overall well-being may connect to your past life.

As promised in a previous post about how your past life is connected to your present.

Today, I'm sharing a few examples of past life memories and how they connect to current life illnesses and diseases.

3 Examples of Past Life Memories

A 17-Year-Old Girl Having Problems With Her Legs

I have a friend who is one of Norway’s most experienced regression therapists. People use regression therapy to “go back” in time to find explanations and get insights into current life events, struggles, or behavior.

One day a mother came to visit the therapist with her 17-year-old daughter whose ankles constantly ached. Doctors couldn’t find any cause for her pain.

As a last attempt to help her daughter, the mother decided to try other alternative methods. During her daughter’s first regression therapy session, she accessed a past life on the first try (which is not common).

The daughter described the memories she saw:

She saw the horror of a house fire she was caught in as a 12-year-old girl in a previous life. The fire was intense, but she lived. It burned her feet up to her ankles.

As she described the pain, my friend reassured her, telling the young girl that the fire couldn’t hurt her now—that she could observe from a distance without being affected. The girl relaxed.

My friend also told the girl that now that she could see the reason for her pain, she could let it all go. Her subconscious did not need to hold on to it anymore.

The girl never went to the doctor again.

Her pain was gone.

A Young Man Struggling With A Bad Temper


This story was also told to me by the regression therapist. She spent a few sessions with a man who had a great struggle controlling his temper and rage. The smallest things would trigger him, causing him to raise hell, and it was beginning to take its toll on his relationship with his friends and his girlfriend.

He was a tough guy who spent a lot of time weight training and working out in studios.

And it was his girlfriend who finally made the decision to drag him to regression therapy. They had to try something to figure out where his rage came from. Neither he or his girlfriend had any special knowledge or faith in past life regression, but still, they wanted to try.

In a regression therapy session, sometimes you may be taken back to forgotten childhood memories.

But that was not the case for this guy... After three sessions, his subconscious allowed him to overcome his fear of the treatment and gain access to his past.

He started describing his past life as a Viking. It was an intense session. As it continued, the images in his mind became clearer—the scenes, landscape, and details all extremely vivid.

As a Viking, he and his tribe set off on a raiding mission in their boats. As they paddled through a narrow canal, they were ambushed. A swarm of arrows rained down on them.

He was mad. He and his warrior buddy tried to take cover, but an arrow struck his friend. As he described the scene taking place in his mind, his rage began to build up inside him.

The guy’s friend fell overboard. And in that moment, he was also hit by an arrow. But despite his own injury, his immediate response was to jump overboard to save his friend. They both sank down into the depths of the water. He desperately tried to pull his friend up, but his strength gave out.

He described his death scene as he faded out.

Even though it was ancient history, he could still feel the intense rage exploding in his mind as he died in the water next to his friend.

The therapy session went well, even though it was dramatic. His past life gave him the answers he needed to improve his present.

He could let the past go with suggestions and techniques from my friend.

Over time, his mood and temper improved.

The Five-Year-Old Boy Missing His Parents From A Past Life


This story was not told to me directly, but it’s a pretty well-known example of a child who still has memories from his past life.

A charming little guy from Scotland who, since he first learned to talk, kept crying and talking about missing his REAL mother and father.

Cameron is one of the more famous children talking about a past life that's documented in a film. 

His mother didn’t understand at first, but over time, she knew she had to do something. The little boy's senses kept feeling and remembering his parents from a past life, and that was what he tried for.

You can watch this documentary on YouTube to learn more. It’s really interesting and a little touching to see the boy find peace in the end.

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You being here is a lot more than just Life as you see it now. It’s about your grand plan and total existence. When you begin know this, life changes, and all that is going on in your life makes more sense. There is a reason for everything. ➕ Did you think that your life was just about your body and what you see around you? If so, your struggles will be much greater. Your body and mind are being animated by your soul and higher self. ➕ Did you think that your soul could learn everything in just ONE life? If so, your experiences and struggles makes no sense, which makes life hard. When you die, you will choose to live again. You’re never done. ➕ Can you have more deliberate control of all this? Yes! And you do, without knowing it. Start knowing it and feel in control. ➕ Why are you here now, do you think? 🤔 〰️ #lifepurposecoach #lifequotes #pastlife #incarnate #incarnations #lifestruggles #passion #motivation #louisehay #themotioneffect #timeandspace #mindfulness #meditation #spirituality #spiritualawakening #mindsetcoach #mindsetshift #dimensions #innerknowing #ancientwisdom #lostknowledge

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I’m stoked that this film has been aired on two Norwegian TV channels.

While I won’t go into details, as you can simply watch the documentary yourself, I find this child’s story amazing.

And there are many just like it from around the world.

We Choose Our Parents

One last example I want to bring to your attention is from another friend, a single mother of two. One day, we were sitting at a local café talking when we got onto the topic of spirituality (as we often did).

She told me that one day her older son, who was five-years-old at the time, suddenly came to her and said “Mom, you know that before I came to be in this life, I decided that you were going to be my mother, and daddy was going to be my daddy.”

Something like this doesn't usually surprise my friend, but she felt a little different hearing these words come from her own son.

You choose your parents before you come into this life. There’s an agreement made, and there’s a plan behind it.

past memories choose parents

Your life is not random. Your parents are not random.

The Universe at large is not random. Nothing is.

There are countless stories from past life regressions—children who begin describing details and people who simply KNOW because they have a level of awareness and soul growth that makes them understand and recognise this.

They all talk about a plan. These souls say, “I chose you, mommy, before I came here.” They say there’s a specific journey our souls are meant to go on in this life.

There are countless stories of past lives, all taking their own form, shape, and trajectory. Revisiting a past life is all about growth and expansion on a soul-level.

Did you think that you were just a piece of dead meat and bones without a life force?

Did you think that your higher self and soul would grow just by living ONE simple life?

Don’t Make Yourself So Simple, Little, and Limited

When we understand how complex our existence is, life events, struggles, and highs and lows begin to make more sense. There’s a reason behind it all.

Limiting yourself by believing you’re a small, one-time being who vanishes when you die is the same as saying you are meaningless in the Universe.

Expand your mind. EVERY part of you—your spirit, your higher self, and your experiences—have worked together to create the person you are now.

Scientific Research On Past Life Memories

For those of you who need evidence for such a wild claim, you can follow the work of Dr. Jim Tucker, who’s a staff member and doctor at the University of Virginia division of perceptual studies.

Dr. Jim Tucker also appears in the documentary recommended above.

Another well known authority, Dr. Brian Weiss, who almost risked his career by talking about his patients’ past lives, is now one of the most famous authors of books on the subject of past lives. His book Many Lives, Many Masters is well-known, and his talks, TV appearances, and other works are also really interesting.

There are many other people discussing and books about memories of past lives, if you really want to enlighten yourself and learn more.

Feel free to check out these other important and enlightened souls who are helping wake up the planet: Dolores Cannon, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Bruce Lipton.

Why your past life matters in your current reality

You may have wondered why you repeatedly find yourself in certain situations, why you meet certain type of people, or why you always feel the way you do. Often, our past life (or lives) play a role in the synchronicities that occur in this life.

At the end of this blog post, I’ll suggest a few books that will give you insight about your past lives and how it all connects to your current reality.

When I teach and train people about my concept of Self Mastery, I include insights about the WHOLE person—not just the reality they’re living right now. Anything less would be limiting and almost rude, reducing people down to soulless meatheads who aren’t part of something greater. Sometimes our past lives play an important role in our current reality.

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_8]

Having a holistic view and understanding of what we are and how we accumulate knowledge and traits from several lives can provide clarity about our current situation.

Church and various religions have constrained humans, making them believe they are simply physical bodies who experience life once. Oh, yeah—there MIGHT be a blissful afterlife in heaven IF you do and say the right things.


[tweet_box design="default" float="none"]Often, our past life (or lives) play a role in the synchronicities that occur in this life.[/tweet_box]

So, why do past lives matter?

As we go through life, it seems we often have experiences that repeat themselves. This can be due to longtime “programming” linked to one of your past lives—a significant event that stood out and left an imprint on your soul, or higher self.

Or sometimes you meet a special person that instantly affects the rest of your life, and it’s like you recognise this person in some unexplainable way. You might have weird relationships with family and friends that you can’t explain. These relationships may be negative or positive.

You may react to or experience unexplainable emotions toward people, situations, or places. And you don’t know why because nothing in this life has happened that would explain the trigger.

Why do things like this happen?

Because you are the total of all your past lives. Sometimes we have strong connections and energy threads linking us to one of our other lives, affecting what happens in this life.

I think everybody is more or less affected by their past lives. We just don’t know it’s happening, and we’re not supposed to. We wouldn’t be able to handle all that information. Humans, in general, are barely able to handle their current reality.

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Fuck, I’m looking forward to dive into book III of Convoluted Universe series from Dolores Cannon! ?? Just arrived from Amazon yesterday. . Forget about learning any of this stuff in school for at least 20 more years. . You can’t just go to school and be re-programmed. Educate yourself. Properly. . #metaphysical #metaphysics #theuniverse #pastlives #pastlife #paralegallife #paralelluniverse #paralleluniverse #lifechanging #lifepurposecoach #lifepurpose #lifechanges #dolorescannon #regressiontherapy #lostknowledge #ancientwisdom #wisdomteachings #deeperknowledge #spiritualawakening #spiritualwarrior #lightworker

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Some people ARE aware of their past, or parallel lives. (Since time doesn’t exist.) But those are people who are curious seekers of truth and who are awakening an understanding of more of their past lives, who they are, and their existence in the cosmos.

You can dive into the story and deeper truths of who you are as a result of all your past lives. This can’t be done with simple tricks, but there are methods to go “back in time” to get a glimpse.

There is only one author I recommend people to learn more about past life stories from people in regression sessions. Check out the books from Dolores Cannon, like the one on my Instagram photo above.

[tweet_box design="default" float="none"]You are the total of all your past lives.[/tweet_box]

Your body may struggle from past life karma

I have read countless stories of people who struggle with both their physical and emotional well-being because they are still carrying around unfinished karma from past lives. Doctors will, of course, not understand or be able to figure out the root cause of these issues. They can see the physical symptoms, but they don’t understand the reasons for them.

So what do doctors do?

They stuff their patients with medicine, pat them on the shoulder, and say “good luck.”

The failure of western medicine is one reason people turn to regression therapy, a form of treatment that involves gentle relaxation and spoken words that lull you into a state of mind that allows you to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

I’m just about to finish writing another post about three stories of current life struggles that were connected to a past life.

Emotional connections and past-life habits may limit your joy of life

Another reason why your past life matters is that you may have some unhealthy personal relationships. I have met several people who repeat the cycle of unhealthy relationships time and time again. Of course, very often this is simply connected to unfortunate events from childhood and adolescence. Traumatic experiences with parents, family, or friends can create ripples that spread throughout your whole life.

When diving even deeper, you may find that the reason you make these unhealthy choices is connected to karma.

When I say “unhealthy choices,” you may respond: “But I didn’t make these choices as a child!”

And you’re right. Of course you didn’t. At least not directly. But you did make a choice before you came into this life, on a soul level. Why?

When you learn more about the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth, your current reality starts to make more sense. It’s all connected. Together, each of our lives is a never ending story of total growth and transformation.

The day you understand and live by this, life won’t be so dramatic, and you will have the inner peace and capacity needed to handle your circumstances in a much healthier way.

When past life regression therapy is appropriate

A lot of people are fascinated by deeper spiritual understanding, mysticism, and ancient knowledge. That doesn’t mean you should treat past life regression like a recreational sport.

You could, but don’t expect to get too much out of it. Using methods to dive into past and parallel lives may not bring about any results. Sometimes you may need three, four, or more sessions for your subconscious to get out of the way and stop blocking the session. You may not be ready for that.

But don’t worry—it’s not that regression therapy is unhealthy. You won’t be shown more than you are ready to see. Very often regression therapy is about making peace with yourself and figuring out what’s been going on in this life, possibly even since childhood.

You can sign up below to be part of my tribe, and I’ll send you an email when these stories are ready.

Practicing Mindfulness: How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Practicing mindfulness is a hot topic. Finally, being mindful is becoming common practice. Maybe that’s because scientists have confirmed the healthy benefits of mindfulness. But what does mindfulness have to do with staying focused on your goals?

In this short post, we’ll talk about how mindfulness can benefit your daily life, your habits, and your goals—whatever they might be.

Mindfulness is not a new discovery, but in this world of chaos, noise, and humans fighting like children, we perceive the practice as being a rediscovery.

Mindfulness, like meditation, zen practices, deep inner work, visualisation, breathing techniques, and other rituals, is ancient knowledge. What conservatives call “New Age” is less the invention of hippies and more this knowledge’s reemergence on the planet.

And for good reason. There are many positive changes happening now. This shift affects our inner world, including our emotions, thoughts, interests, and understanding.

Goals you may have had are changing and what used to be important to you isn’t anymore.

So what are your goals?

[tweet_box design="default" float="none"]What conservatives call “New Age” is less the invention of hippies and more this knowledge’s reemergence on the planet.[/tweet_box]

People are making changes to their priorities, dreams, and goals because they are choosing a path that is more in tune with their truth. This is where mindfulness comes in. If you want to make sure you tune in, synchronise, and align with your inner self—your truth—you must create new daily rituals to ensure they come about.

Practicing mindfulness is about self-discovery and clarity

I’m often using myself as an example. I, as the rebel of societal norms that I am, have made having the freedom to do what I love my mission.

About three years ago, I had to make some changes to my online business. Not because it wasn’t going well but because I was making the same changes I described above. I had new values to attend to.

Going back to a shitty educational system or working for some random boss was not even an option.

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I decided to get back into coaching, training, personal development, and tuning of people who want to upgrade their lives and leave the old norms behind.

One of the MAIN ways I found peace and focus was through meditation. It’s the ONE thing that made me calm enough to focus, and it’s been my path to finding clarity and sharpness.

You have a physical body and an energy body. Which one do you think comes first?

There’s a famous eastern proverb used often in martial arts . . .

The mind moves the body—that’s why

Sweet. But what moves the mind?

Your mind operates, in part, based on past experiences. But you are more than that. Holy shit, you are so much more than that.

Consider your higher self, your soul level, your energy body with strands attached to all-that-is.

That “inner landscape” is who you REALLY are. And that comes first. The mind and body follow. To work with, discover, and connect with that deeper part of you, you must have some methods in place to do so.

Practicing mindfulness will help you calm down so you can find the peace and energy to focus. Focus is important to make sure you connect with a deeper meaning and purpose for your life.

Why would you invest your time and energy in something that you’re not really passionate about?

Mindfulness will also help you see the path toward your goals and dreams more clearly.

Practicing mindfulness takes many shapes

If you are interested in mindfulness, then you’ve probably looked into meditation. This is just one method we can use to mindfully disconnect in order to reconnect.

Meditation works because when we close our eyes, we block off that input channel and focus inward.

Breathing techniques are usually combined with meditation, which has a positive impact on your nervous system and body. As you practice meditation, paying close attention to breathing techniques can help you focus inward.

In this video I talk about why getting into nature will balance and keep you focused.

But practicing mindfulness is about being, well, mindful. And you know what? You enter that state in subtle ways more or less every day. Practicing mindfulness can also be:

If you want to achieve your goals and dreams, I strongly believe in making mindfulness practices part of your routine.

Meditating every now and then will not impact your life.

Make mindfulness part of your lifestyle.

The day you make practicing mindfulness part of your routine, you already HAVE changed.

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Learn to sense energy

When your life unexpectedly shifts and your energy or mood swings up and down like the stock market, you can feel pretty confused, drained, and sick. What if you could learn how to sense energy and changes that makes up everyday life? What if you could see that what you’re feeling is a collective event—that as alone as you may feel, the changes and emotions you’re experiencing are not limited to you and your life.

For several years, I have experienced days, and whole segments of weeks even, that seem to be filled with something best described as a thick fog bringing with it low energy, a bad mood, and plenty of other uphill battles.

On these days, I wake up feeling tired and drained. I feel low on energy, mindlessly limping around my apartment. Everything feels slow and cumbersome. The people and scenery around me seem like stills taken of some sad movie. My eating habits are terrible, and spending time doing my daily training rituals or going out into the forest is the last thing I want to do.

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When I get like this, my brain, being the drama-queen that it is, thinks there must be something wrong with us (my brain and I, that is). So my brain fires neurons that flood my mind with images of me getting sick. Or my brain tells me that we’ve been cursed by some nasty person who is clearly not in sync with the light I’m radiating into the world. Or, worse yet, that everything is going straight to hell—the world is simply coming to an end and everything we are experiencing is only the beginning of the mayhem.

But I knew better and overpowered the confusion

I did this by realizing that there is more going on in “the field” around us than what we experience and feel as individuals.

My mind has been well-trained to expect the worst, a trait carried over from my childhood. But that’s a whole other story, one I’ve even told before.

Before, when I woke with those bad feelings and my brain began its journey down the rabbit hole, and even now on days when I still feel low on energy for no real reason, I check in on the current state of the planet. I talk to people around me—friends, family, and my online community—to assess the overall state of my fellow citizens of the world. And I do this without implying that I myself am feeling anything. I want whoever I’m speaking with to reply honestly, unaffected by my “reading” or other observations.

[tweet_box design="default" float="none"]On days when I still feel low on energy for no real reason, I check in on the current state of the planet[/tweet_box]

What I discovered over time is that there is, very often, a synchronicity to all of this. That what I felt in my body and mind—that my intiutive sensations, if you will—was also being experienced by other people.

This energy was not something that was going on inside of me alone but rather a collective state of mind.

I educated myself and discovered it was not only me

For several years, I have spent a shitload of time educating myself about various esoteric and metaphysical concepts many people don’t bother themselves with. By doing so, I began to see that there are obvious clues that something has been going on.

And that “something” is part of the grand plan for our planet and the shift that many ancient texts and prophecies have been foretelling of.

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No, not Ragnarök—this isn’t Hollywood and I’m not talking about doomsday unfolding and Earth imploding in on itself.

That shift is the upgrade of the spiritual “body” of the planet, and it can be a pretty hefty experience when it first starts to accelerate.

Over the years, [tweet_dis]I have found some interesting sources to follow in order to stay updated about the state of the planet[/tweet_dis]. I compare this information to my own state of being and those around me who I know well.

Learn how to sense energy and observe changes, globally

When I work with people to empower them to leave the old limiting norms and reach a higher level of self-mastery, I often refer to the same sources of information.

That’s because this information represents some of the best data and scientific indicators available to us to demonstrate what’s happening in the time we are now living in. And the data shows that this shift is accelerating.

There are a lot of things I could go into in this article, but there is simply too much for one post.

But I do want to share a few sources of information that you can use in your own daily life to check in on the current state of the planet.

Again, you, [tweet_dis]your electrical/biological body and mind, are part of the whole damn cosmic soup[/tweet_dis]. So if you haven’t already, get that into your head, stop complaining, and educate yourself in a way school will never allow you to.

The shifting of the Schumann resonances around the planet

I have written about the Schumann resonances before, so if you’ve never heard of it, be sure to check out this article.

Changes in the Schumann resonans data

But basically, this global “heartbeat” frequency surrounding the planet was discovered by Winfried Otto Schumann in 1954. It’s a vibrational pulse at 7.83Hz. It was a constant frequency mainly produced by all the lightning strikes taking place around the planet.

The thing is—it’s not constant anymore. This once steady frequency of the planet has shifted and skyrocketed. According to my last check, the frequency measured 38Hz! These waves and shifts of energy are coming and going and have been all year.

You can follow the live data from Russia here:

The solar storms and flares hitting Earth

A couple of years ago, I started to notice another pattern happening to myself. I have days where I simply feel charged, electric, buzzing, and even my hair stands on end. Sometimes I can’t sit still!

Life solar data

NOAA Solar data

I noticed that this happened too often when the sun had powerful eruptions hitting the planet. So, I started to follow Earth’s solar monitors.

You can follow the live solar data here:

The varying data from the Global Consciousness Project

What is the Global Consciousness Project? It started at Princeton University in the US.

Changes in the global consciousness

It monitors random data generated by 0 and 1 from different generators placed around the world. All this random data is fed to Princeton researchers and analyzed.

This data should be completely random, but it’s not alway so. The scientists working on this project have found that large worldwide events make the data more structured.

So, I follow the GCP Dot to see where the “global mind” is moving.

You can follow the live data here:

Be open to the cosmic energies—your own and others

I will be ending this article with this tip: learn to sense more of the energy in you, around you, and in other people. You are not “senseless,” anymore than you decide to be.

Also, be open to the way cosmic events affect the planets, the energy around the world, and our collective mind.

You are not alone. In fact, you’re even a part of me.

Why and how to improve your spiritual health

Your spiritual health is important. Why do plants and trees need water? Why are babies connected to an umbilical cord before being born? Because that connection to the earth or their mother is also their life force. Plants and newborns are dependent on that life force, and the same goes for you. But as adults, your life force is dependent on your spiritual health. In this post, I'll share how to improve your spiritual health, but first, let's discuss why it matters.

When I train and coach people, I point out insights that relate to their situation and that'll help them move forward. Sometimes they ask, “Why do I have to take care of my spiritual side?”

One time, my answer was simply:

Well, it’s like wanting to have plants at home (because you really like plants and helping them grow) but also refusing to give them water

Since you are reading this blog post, I want you to first understand that . . .

You don't HAVE to do anything at all

You don’t have to spend time contemplating your own spirituality. There is no universal law or God-like entity that demands and expects you to perform at a certain level or behave a particular way.

Those are old limiting beliefs and bullshit mind-fucks designed to screw with people's heads to exert control over them through fear.

So now that you know that, you can relax a little. There is nothing to stress about, unless . . .

You allow your family's, friend's, teacher's, and other misguided people's expectations to get to you.

So, relax. Everything is going to be fine.

Remember: You don't have to do anything.

But if you want to feel better, maybe you should

So let’s be real. You are alive, and there’s no denying that you also have a spirit. Our spirit is that invisible part of us, but it’s also the most important part.

Unless you believe that you’re just a simple biological entity with a brain (which is also fine). But when life happens, you find yourself struggling, and your reality doesn't align with your dreams, you should probably dig deeper.

You see, the thing is that you are not just your physical body and brain. The purpose of living is simple. It’s a way for All That Is, the Universe, God, or whatever . . .

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_7]

To be, act, serve, and experience life in all possible ways with the help of the tiny spark that is you and me.

All of the experiences we have throughout our lives are fed back to All That Is and become a part of our collective consciousness. That’s also the reason we have several lives and not one.

To find your life's purpose, break free from old habits, and align with that invisible part of you, learn how to become attuned with your spirit.

Because your spirit doesn’t lie it always has the right answers

When you feel insecure, confused, or worried about life and the people around you, it’s because you’re not in tune with your core---that spirit inside you.

Your spirit does not lie, so it’s wise to get to know this side of yourself. In fact, your spiritual self is not some "other." It’s you.

So why hide from yourself?

The day you decide to explore your spirituality, you will find inner truths that will show you what to do next in life. And when you make decisions that align with the deepest parts of you, those choices will be the right ones for you. You'll feel so much better.

Give it time.

But I’m afraid to look deep inside myself

I know how that can be. You're not alone. Like I mentioned earlier, there is nothing you have to do at all. But complications do arise when you ignore your own life force.

What you are actually scared of is getting to know the real you. Because guess what? We don't always like those dark, hidden parts of ourselves. Sometimes we're even ashamed.

Do it anyway. Take control of your life. Be friends with yourself. But take baby steps and use tried-and-true methods to ensure the process is not only bearable but that it's interesting too.

By using meditation, you can take those steps and find peace at the same time. By listening to the right kind of music (it's about vibration), you can release emotions you've been keeping bottled up.

[tweet_box design="default" float="none"]Trust your own power. Remember that YOU (and no one else) are in control.[/tweet_box]

Sometimes it's helpful to have someone walk with you through this journey---someone outside of your cluster of family and friends.

I would love to see you connect more with your spiritual side so you can rebuild that strong and powerful life force inside of you. Your body loves it. You'll be happier, stronger, and healthier. You'll have newfound clarity about your goals and purpose.

Consider a mentor or a coach. This individual can give you a map to follow so your journey is easier.

How to improve your spiritual health

Humans have a lot of weird methods including clothing, rituals, and ceremonies to connect with their spirituality.

None of it's necessary.

Improving your spiritual health is much simpler than it sounds. It's about relaxing and acknowledging that you have a spirit.

It’s about focusing your mind and feeling, sensing, and observing. Know that you are part of everyone and everything because that will change your perspective of how to relate to life (and your fellow earthlings).

To improve your spiritual health, you should:

Be mindful, not forceful.

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How to change your reality using ancient knowedge

If you want to expand your personal power, potential, and wisdom, consider a return to ancient knowledge. Step outside the traditional texts and teaching methods currently dominating our school systems. Wake to the innate and hidden truths inside yourself. Through self-education, you can free your mind, align chaos with order, and learn how to change your reality.

WARNING: There are typically two outcomes when a person chooses to flip through this dusty tome of lost knowledge---

Don’t piss on ancient wisdom. In fact, if you have to piss on anything, aim at today’s programming.

Lost knowledge---ancient wisdom---is not hidden at all

When I say "lost," I am instead referring to a missing link to a deep-rooted understanding that’s part of our DNA. Something scientists who can be too-smart-for-their-own-good have called “junk DNA” for years. Those extra strands of DNA that lie dormant and go unused.

[tweet_dis]What we once called magic is now becoming reality.[/tweet_dis]

Out of sight, out of mind, humans have lost their connection to this ancient knowledge. Religious groups have attempted to control our perception of it, subsequently burying the information altogether. Lucky for us, they never fully succeeded. With a little curiosity and an open-minded attitude, the age-old knowledge of our ancestors is yours for the taking.

[tweet_box design="default" float="none"]Lost knowledge and ancient wisdom -is not hidden at all[/tweet_box]

Humans have also lost their connection to each other. However, organizations like the [tweet_dis]HeartMath Institute are discovering that we ARE connected to both each other and the world-at-large[/tweet_dis].

Some say we are moving toward an awakening. Others say, if we are, everything is moving too damn slow.

The news glaring at us from our television sets, video games delivering candy-colored notifications to our smartphones---these devices and this noise creates low-hanging smog that leaves humans hypnotised. Keep shoving a screen in front of your three-year-old and there won’t be an awakening any time soon.

[sc name="7 Steps ConvertPlus Inline"]

Scientists are beginning to align their theories with the teachings of elders, star people, and native cultures. The clever ones in white coats are expanding and rewiring their minds at an exponential rate. They are connecting the dots, moving into areas of study like quantum physics.

What if you seek a higher level of consciousness?

You're done playing the game. For some time, you've sensed an inner spark ignited by new ideas, firing a desire to change. There seems to be a missing link---an instinct to toss out current systems. To rethink reality, from the way you make a living to the way you perceive yourself.

Let’s step back---way back. Consider incorporating old teachings into your life, ones that have been around for thousands of years.

1. You have lived before and will always have a life-form.

Before controlling belief systems got a grip on humanity, the concept of reincarnation was both natural and obvious.

As soon as humans accept that this life is not our first or only, we can begin to look at life and our time on this planet with new understanding. Death becomes less terrifying. We realize life is not about grabbing as much as you can and getting the hell out of dodge. [tweet_dis]Life is not about our physical bodies at all---it’s about our spirit.[/tweet_dis]

Today there is no shortage of evidence to suggest this is true: stories of near death experiences, detailed accounts of an “other side,” reports of children relaying facts about past lives.

How does this impact your life now?

It provides meaning to events that have occurred in your current life. There is a purpose behind the people and places you have come in contact with. Your life has a theme and story planned out before you were born. Life is not completely random, unless you want it to be.

This does not mean you don’t have free will after spawning in this reality again. If you plan an adventurous journey out on a map, you can still decide to toss the map away and instead choose to find out where a random path will lead you.

2. There are other beings in the universe.

Nowadays many people accept that the chances of humans being the only intelligent beings in the universe are extremely slim. In fact, it’s hardly up for discussion. Humans are only one species living in a remote area of the cosmos. In cosmic terms, we're still learning how to walk. And the earth itself is only one planet in ONE galaxy.

Ancient history suggests other beings have been visiting and communicating with humans for thousands of years. Other life forms have always been on this planet and are likely here now. The past few years, UFO files from around the world have been made available to the public. With limitations, of course. Large events and indisputable evidence are still not openly discussed.

How does this impact your life now?

For some, it may come as a relief to know that our connection to astrology, other planets, and other people extends to other life forms as well. That you yourself may have had a past life as one of these life-forms. For everyone else, this knowledge, at the very least, demonstrates how deep the connection between our own lives and the existence of others is---that there are HUGE facts about our existence that we have yet to understand or be made aware of.

3. Your life has a theme, a red thread outlining an agenda for your learning.

It's highly likely this isn't the first time you have lived on this planet. In many ancient texts, like the Book of Enoch, the Emerald Tablets, or those of the Egyptians, rebirth is actively discussed. This time around you will likely have a specific theme---certain experiences you are meant to have and insights you are meant to gain.

Our purpose for being here can be both positive and negative. For some, life will be full of tragedy and difficult obstacles that make everything seem unbearable.

No doubt, there is a big difference between people who surf through life on a wave of bliss and those who suffer. The former often don’t give a shit about deeper understandings because there is hardly a reason to spend time dwelling on their lives. But for those who suffer, finding meaning in the midst of pain can be difficult.

How does this impact your life now?

I usually say, “it’s the tough souls who get a shitty life.” In turn, those souls experience huge growth on a spiritual level. If you understand that all the crap happening in your life is for a reason---that there IS a purpose to everything---even shitty days becomes a little more bearable.

4. Everything has a reason, a cause and effect.

Everything is perfect, even those experiences or people in our lives that throw everything out of whack---that seem to conjure images of pure evil. Evil in the human sense, the monster under your bed or the wicked witch working spells, does not exist.

But Yin and Yang do exist, which means you will find EVERYTHING under the sun out there. There are polarities to all levels of consciousness and experience. We observe even the tiniest manifestations in our daily lives as either positive or negative.

Because you are the one pulling the strings, with your thoughts and physical actions, you are the one producing the effect. This effect isn't always visible to the naked eye. It may even do a roundtrip in the ether before making an appearance in your reality.

Since we are part of ALL, floating in the infinite ocean of this comic soup, we also take part in other individuals' causes and effects. By expanding our minds, upgrading our consciousness, and understanding that everything has meaning, we take back the reins. We choose what we do with that meaning.

How does this impact your life now?

Understanding that everything happens for a reason means accepting that there are no mistakes. Think twice about your thought forms, way of living, and how they relate to other human beings.

5. We are all related, and you are part of it all.

In 2004, I had the chance to visit the US and the Lakota Sioux people at the Pine Ridge Reservation. It’s sad to see the devastation the United States government has brought on the land and people. While there, I listened to some well-spoken individuals still connected to their traditions. Their values were typical of many native people around the globe. Their respect for all living things is important because they understand their connection to all that is.

Today is no different. Existence still exists, and everything still is. The laws of the universe are still the same. Also the synchronicities between people, and all that is.

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What makes you think to stay promptly in line and just go with the flow of the herd makes you shine, fly, and be magical awesome? ? • When you discover and wake up to how fucking ? full of epic awesomeness you are, you’ll feel left behind by those who choose to migrate from the lower norms ? • Teachings about Self Mastery includes seeing through the current state of the planet, discovering your higher self, your energy body, the power of the mind, and your passion. You will learn to see beyond this planet, expanding your reach ? • You will see that you don’t need the current system and it’s default set of unwritten rules and limiting norms. 〰 #wakening #awakeningsoul #innerknowing #lostknowledge #ancientwisdom #spiritualawakening #spiritualawareness #innerpurpose #higherself #meditation #mindfulness #innergrowth #namaste? #manifesting #metaphysics #lifechanges #newearth #accelerateyourdesiredresults #peacefullwarrior #highervibration

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Most of us have heard the saying, “What you do for another, you do for yourself.”

The trick is to understand that those words are not just a cutesy saying or catchphrase for the moral elite. The words are a metaphysical law, like gravity.

How does this impact your life now?

Knowing that you are part of it all can be a difficult truth to live by. The HeartMath Institute is probably the most well-known organization demonstrating that our hearts are indeed connected. You are putting out signals all the time. You may begin to see that these signals have a way of impacting your life, influencing how you act, think, and feel.

6. Your thoughts become physical matter.

Ever heard of the double-slit experiment? This experiment has become rather famous since the early 1900s when scientists first conducted it. Scientists are closer to understanding areas of study Albert Einstein may have deemed spooky. Scientists have found that particles change when a person observes them.

Prayer is essentially concentrated thought forms. You can also think of prayer as mediation or deliberate manifestations. In either case, prayer has not been fully understood, very much colored by religious routines like the folding of hands and the practicing of wishful thinking that leans toward pure, unadulterated hope.

Prayer is not bad, but humans need to wake up to the power of their minds. To how concentrated thought forms become things.

Pretend for a moment that your thoughts are visible, stretching out before you like lights in every shade of the rainbow. Not unlike the classic screensaver on Mac computers. When something in your life has you hyped, you focus on it so much that those strands of light and thought forms cluster! They concentrate their energy so they can metaphysically pave the way for events and interactions that have the ability to turn your goals into your reality!

But it's important to remember that this goes both ways. Both the negative and positive things you focus on shape your reality.

How does this impact your life now?

When you understand the power of your mind, you realize how your own thoughts can lead to desired outcomes. Humanity's default state is to focus on negativity, so much so that what we DON’T want to happen occurs. Some people carry around so much fear and negativity that they become physically sick.

I've been there. Some years ago, when I lost my beautiful big love, I cried until my stomach bled. (They call that an ulcer.)

7. Meditation can change your state of being.

One of the most well-known and ancient practices of inner contemplation and balancing the body and mind is meditation.

Meditation is used to improve oneself, either by focusing on a specific topic or by being still. There are many meditation methods, but usually, I refer to three main types: meditation in stillness to quiet the mind, meditation to music, and a guided meditation with a person in the room or audio playing in the background.

Through brain scans and other studies involving the human mind, researchers know that a routine involving meditation has the ability to change the brain. The practice creates neural pathways in the brain, activating or slowing down certain parts.

How does this impact your life now?

You often feel specific emotions when recalling certain thoughts or memories---emotions ranging anywhere from joy to a hard lump in the pit of the stomach. Consider, then, that by practicing mindful meditation to routinely focus on specific thoughts you can produce a long-term impact on your state of mind. By making meditation a part of your lifestyle, you will begin to experience positive changes in your life and reduce your overall stress levels.

8. Sacred geometry shapes your mind and thought forms.

For most people, this sounds pretty far out. Geometrical and mathematical shapes surround us. It’s not a coincidence that even many religions, secret societies, and governments associate themselves with certain symbols. We use them in our daily lives, but often, we don’t have the clarity or proper training to see or understand them.

Geometry is the blueprint of creation, creating our physical reality. Socrates called it the “pattern in the heavens [of] which everyone can find and establish within.

Geometric constructs appear in orderly or chaotic forms. When there is harmony, the geometric shapes align. When water is exposed to harmonious thoughts, researchers have found that the molecules align in beautiful geometric shapes. When infected, on the other hand, with noise and negative thoughts, the molecules appear disjointed and chaotic.

Recently in England, a vast and complex display of crop circles made an appearance. These shapes have shown up in farm fields and other open spaces for years, typically near sacred sites or ley lines. We do, of course, distinguish man-made crop circles from the real ones---those that are geometrically and mathematically perfect in shape, leaving no trace of footprints or the use of tools in their creation.

These crop circles should be observed from above so that the entire formation can be seen. The aim is to trigger the mind on a DNA level. It’s a wake-up call. A reminder of who you are, where you come from, and what potential lives inside you.

How does this impact your life now?

When most people look at photos of crop circles, they respond with feelings of awe in light of their profound beauty. But crop circles are not the only way to observe harmony in creation. Search the web for more hidden geometry throughout the natural world and have a look. Understanding the sacred nature of geometry will help you expand your mind so you can reach a higher level of consciousness.

9. Your astrology birth chart defines your energy signature.

Humans have tracked the movements of the heavens for thousands of years. Discovering one's own connection to the cosmos can be extremely beneficial and insightful. But reading this month's 60-word horoscope printed in the back of your local newspaper or a glossy magazine from the checkout line is better left for entertainment than a source of actual information.

Instead, consider using personal details to mathematically determine the alignment of the stars and planets at the exact moment of your birth.

Most people forget that everything is energy. That includes ALL that we are, body and mind, and the energy signature imprinted on us at birth. Throughout history, even kings have made use of their own personal astrologer. As one of many advisors, they provided both personal insights and predictions of the future.

How does this impact your life now?

Since astrology is not much different than the micro cosmos inside our bodies, understanding its driving forces helps us see the macro cosmos clearly. Since ancient times, we have studied the flow of the planets and stars. We can now predict changes that may arise in the future---changes that usually affect our lives on a metaphysical and emotional level.

When you dive into your own cosmic energy and explore your astrology birth chart, patterns reveal themselves. You lend seemingly random and disparate aspects of your life meaning and clarity.

10. Time does not exist. Everything is happening NOW.

In my journey to rediscover deeper truths, time has been the most difficult concept for my brain to decode. I guess it’s because, for me, time is not easy to visualize. With other concepts, images flash through my mind, giving me the ability to “see” how things fit together---how they work and look as a physical construct. But time? Forget about it.

On the History Channel, the popular program Ancient Aliens explores the topic of parallel realities. Other life forms arriving on this planet have been reported to say, “we are coming from the future.” Personally, I don’t believe these events can be cast off as science fiction any longer. It’s science fact. We are beginning to understand that the future---that time itself---has more to do with space, as in dimensional space, than the culmination of minutes and seconds that our clocks continually measure.

Time, as we know it, does not exist. There is no universal clock ticking throughout the cosmos. All that has happened before, all that is happening now, and all that will happen is taking place right NOW.

Yeah, that's a lot to take in.

Let’s return for a moment to the concept of multiverses and parallel realities. With the use of some of the largest telescopes you can imagine, scientists are discovering more and more about this fascinating topic. Recall something that happened yesterday. Now imagine instead that the memory is actually taking place at this very moment in a different, parallel reality.

Perhaps this is why some people can see shadow images from times long since past, or why a person with psychic abilities can see into the future. Technically, it is all happening NOW.

How does this impact your life now?

One important way to wrap your head around the fact that time does not actually exist and parallel realities are as real as this one is to “shift your reality.” People want to change their lives, but by limiting their understanding of the universe they place limits on what they are capable of achieving. When you begin to learn about and incorporate ancient insights into your life, the version of yourself currently inhabiting your body and mind WILL begin to shift. That shift informs your reality, causing your physical self to move into another dimension where you can find what you've been looking for.

Know that things, like your physical environment or the people you are connected with, will change, fading out of your life so that they may be replaced by something or someone new.

11. You are God.

I know Christians and people with other limiting beliefs will likely freak out about this one. And that’s sad because that means religion still has a stronghold on the planet. Let’s enlighten ourselves. While the Bible explores this concept, it is, of course, completely misunderstood by those who represent God.

In the simplest of terms, when the Big Bang occurred, the source exploded in an infinite and ever-expanding cloud of fragments. All these fragments contain the consciousness of God so He, in turn, can experience life as all beings. You just have to get a little creative.

The reason for all this, of course, being that God found it very boring spending His time as one tiny speck in the vast blackness of the cosmos. So now there you are, sitting and reading this post wondering, well, what the hell happened then. What happened is, you forgot.

I know. For some, this realization can feel like a great loss and devastating disconnect to something larger than themselves. To mask that pain, they seek entertainment, dope, and replacements in many forms. But all of this is for a purpose---to experience. Life is simple, but humans are great at making things complex.

How does this impact your life now?

Understanding that you are God is one of the most important insights a human being can have. To know that you are equal to any rock on the ground, any celebrity you look up to, or any beggar on the street causes you to think twice about your actions and thoughts. Everything in existence is valid and equal in value. You may FEEL less valuable, or you may FEEL that you are awesome. But in the end, the joke is on you because it’s your mind playing tricks on you based on previous experiences.

Since you are part of God, of All that Is, begin to act like one. Manifest the very best of yourself. Incorporate the insights you’ve gained from all your past experiences, past lives, combined with the knowledge of the energy imprinted on you at birth using astrology, and grow as a person!

Here comes the hard part. By opening your mind to new insights, are you now WILLING to make the necessary changes to become a whole lot more of who you are?

If you feel stuck...

There are generally two reasons for not moving forward even when you finally know what you want in life:

Here's another statement I hope we can establish as fact: if you KNOW the source of your unhappiness but won’t take the necessary steps to move forward, then it’s not about being stuck. Being unhappy is a choice.

Don’t let today’s limiting beliefs and fear-based teachings dim your brilliance. Put ancient knowledge to use in your own life to shift your reality and achieve excellence.


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