The Best Books for Self Improvement and motivation for life

List of books I have read and I think you should read also.

Personal Growth through Self Education

On this page I share the best books for self improvement, personal growth, and motivation for life that I have read.

Better learning environment for students

I remember how school messed up all passion for learning and reading. But over time, instead of getting force-fed like a goose, I saw how the RIGHT books changed my mind, attitude, personal growth and progress in life. Poor you if school or parents screwed with your love for books.But it doesn’t mean you are brain-dead and have no passion for learning.

On this page I have collected some of the best books for motivation, self help towards inner strength, and to self educate yourself. If you want to stand out from the crowd, pick a few of the books on this page.

Books for Self Improvement and learning

Learn to think, learn to learn, and figure out through these books the practical methods to shape your life the way you want. Your inner strength will grow. New ideas will emerge, and you’re getting slowly better at conversations with random people.

Books for personal growth and spiritual awakening

These are some of the most important books in this category. I have read a lot more, but I’m picking out those who I believe will have the biggest impact on you. Some of these books run in series, and I have read up 7 or 8 of the books in the same stack. 

Motivation for life can easily come from reading books. Because you open up your perception, awareness, and you begin to understand the bigger picture of being a human on this planet. 

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