Personal Growth and Self Development

How to change yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually to stand out from the norms.

How to Bust the System and Skilfully Craft Your Future

Are you tired of all the struggle and stress that’s not making life work out for you? Did you get enough of people, family expectations, school, and the limitations society have put upon itself? Then it’s time to break out of the system and craft your own path.

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Why is money so hard to get? 3 books that helped me

Growing up with money issues and moving nearly 32 times (at one point we lived in a tent), leaves a bad programmed money mindset. I’ve been thinking, why is money so hard to get? Here’s three books helped me gradually change my mindset.

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What is Self Mastery and why Empower Yourself this way?

When was the last time you had confusing, scary, insecure or overwhelming thoughts about your current life situation? Feeling that you are not in control and life is just happening to you. Carry this heavy energy for too long, and it shows in your face. Time to take control. What is Self Mastery and why Empower Yourself this way?

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This is my super boosting breakfast for better days!

One of the first things I mention to people struggling with feeling fog-minded, groggy, and having low energy, is to be sure their food is bringing energy to the brain. In this YouTube video, I wanted to show you how to make an energy breakfast boosting your brain power. 

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Why figuring out your WHY is empowering to your life

Because something matters to you, and to me also. And for the last two years, I have spent a shit-load of time on my own why’s. But I have been even more into helping others with their why’s. Figuring out your WHY is empowering to your life

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A story about the reasons for low energy and tiredness

I will share a short version of the story about this wonderful individual I have been working with for a few months. Actually, for a year almost. Why is he sick, weak, confused, and struggle with learning new things? Let’s look at his past and his reasons for low energy and tiredness.

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How to get more energy to make important decisions in life

Sometimes we struggle with figuring out our daily lives. Even the simplest and minuscule choices. And when it comes to more important conclusions and life choices, you just lack the energy to make conclusions and decisions. So how do we find the energy to steer us toward the right choices and better outcomes?

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The best mentors in the world: Tony Robbins

Think about a person, or maybe several individuals in your life that have inspired you. Among the best mentors in the world, there is a few I carefully select and follow myself. Here, I present Toby Robbins.

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3 Powerful steps on how to motivate yourself

Do you lack motivation towards your a goal or dreams? I have felt it so many times that I lost count. It’s part of a dream builders journey. But there are some methods to gain clarity and refocus. In these three powerful steps on how to motivate yourself, I make it...

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