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I'm Johnny

I'm Johnny

Mindset Coach • Motivator

How to Become a ‘Mompreneur’ – 
3 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Home-Based Business

No doubt about it, if you’re a mom you are an expert at getting things done. That’s what makes moms good managers. So why not channel that management skill into your own home-based business and become a “mompreneur”?

Manifesting Your Reality – Creating positive and motivating spaces

Whether you do or don’t, the thoughts you had in the near past have created the spaces and surroundings you experience today. So, it’s important to be mindful about manifesting your reality to attract and create motivating and uplifting spaces for you to live in.

Follow your passion and self educate: How to become a Filmmaker

I interviewed my buddy, who’s a filmmaker, on how to become a filmmaker without film school, and his advice was to “follow your passion.”

How to Bust the System and Skilfully Craft Your Future

Are you tired of all the struggle and stress that’s not making life work out for you? Did you get enough of people, family expectations, school, and the limitations society have put upon itself? Then it’s time to break out of the system and craft your own path.

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