Motivation and Purpose

How to find motivation and purpose, and become an independent hustler

11.11 Relaunch day: A brand new version of my site!

Today is like Christmas! I mean, it’s blog relaunch day! For two years, and especially the last few months I have been working intensely on my concept, business, and profile. It has finally come together. And from today, 11.11, you are looking at a brand new website for me as a blogger and coach.

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The best mentors in the world: Tony Robbins

Think about a person, or maybe several individuals in your life that have inspired you. Among the best mentors in the world, there is a few I carefully select and follow myself. Here, I present Toby Robbins.

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Why do I offer coaching and mentorship?

For years, my primary profession and income have accumulated from helping small companies and new entrepreneurs building websites and e-commerce stores with WordPress and Shopify. Until I discovered last year what I very often was REALLY doing!

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Any digital nomads living in Iceland?

I’m packing. What do you think I would need for a trip to Iceland? Because that is my next stop, and staying for a few days. It’s wonderful not to have a boss or head-office to decide when I can hit the road. Now I wonder if any fellow Digital Nomads is living in Iceland.

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How to Freelance your day job and work from home

Sometimes people find that they love their job, but they wish they could do things differently, be freer and have more variation. Well, how about quitting your job, take control and have people hire you instead? I’ll get you started on how to freelance your day job and work from home instead.

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3 Powerful steps on how to motivate yourself

Do you lack motivation towards your a goal or dreams? I have felt it so many times that I lost count. It’s part of a dream builders journey. But there are some methods to gain clarity and refocus. In these three powerful steps on how to motivate yourself, I make it...

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How to work remotely and live your dream

I’m loving digital nomads lifestyle and freedom, and will never go back to the some job routines . You want to break out? Be inspired on how to work remotely and live your dream with this 5 videos.

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