Motivation and Purpose

How to find motivation and purpose, and become an independent hustler

7 top YouTubers to motivate yourself for a new Beginning in life

In this article, I will point you to YouTubers that took control of their lives and worked out their success way out of the conventional norms. It was not about their education or benefits coming from an already successful beginning. They molded their way through life and was focused on their dreams.

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The best mindset podcast in 2018? Expand your insights

Are you tired of reading all the time? Sometimes it could just be awesome to just listen to some motivational and mind-expanding stuff while on the go. Well, now The MotionEffect podcast is live! Could this be the best mindset podcast in 2018?

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The story about a little boy

So, once upon a time, a little boy lost his father the day he was 1 year old. He just left. At least that was what his mother told him. When the boy was around six years old, his daily morning routine was to act as the father of his little brother and sister, because…

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Another trip to Spain: New film shoot in Alicante

I couldn’t stay home, so I packed for another trip to Spain. This time with my camera guy. A new short film is coming up where I share some more lifestyle design tips and methods for creating self-made salary to be able to work, travel and feel free.

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