Motivation and Purpose

How to find motivation and purpose, and become an independent hustler

Another trip to Spain: New film shoot in Alicante

I couldn’t stay home, so I packed for another trip to Spain. This time with my camera guy. A new short film is coming up where I share some more lifestyle design tips and methods for creating self-made salary to be able to work, travel and feel free.

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Monthly Mentor Class opening the 11th

Each month, I take on a few new individuals for teachings and personal mentorship. If you are ready, this is a mentor class for you who want to become mentally strong, fit to be independent and grow passive income for your future.

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Figure out this year how to be working from home?

How long have you been thinking about getting this freedom of not having to show up time and time again at the same job? There might be some changes you will be able to do with the current job and type of work you do now.

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11.11 Relaunch day: A brand new version of my site!

Today is like Christmas! I mean, it’s blog relaunch day! For two years, and especially the last few months I have been working intensely on my concept, business, and profile. It has finally come together. And from today, 11.11, you are looking at a brand new website for me as a blogger and coach.

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The best mentors in the world: Tony Robbins

Think about a person, or maybe several individuals in your life that have inspired you. Among the best mentors in the world, there is a few I carefully select and follow myself. Here, I present Toby Robbins.

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Why do I offer coaching and mentorship?

For years, my primary profession and income have accumulated from helping small companies and new entrepreneurs building websites and e-commerce stores with WordPress and Shopify. Until I discovered last year what I very often was REALLY doing!

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Any digital nomads living in Iceland?

I’m packing. What do you think I would need for a trip to Iceland? Because that is my next stop, and staying for a few days. It’s wonderful not to have a boss or head-office to decide when I can hit the road. Now I wonder if any fellow Digital Nomads is living in Iceland.

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