Mindfulness and Spirituality Teachings

How to grow spiritually without religion and other madness. Nurture what you really are.  

How to believe in myself – Forget the norms!

How many of the true dreams that you might be pondering on do you think will come to life? How much mind-power do you believe you have? If something is limiting your life in any way, do you think it is about you or someone else? How to believe in myself, is sub-consciously asked by too many people.

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Big changes in 2015: The spiritual aspects

It's been a weird year. Some big changes in 2015. Holy shit. I bet that if you and I were to sit down and talk about what happened the last 12 months, we would discover some pretty life changing happenings. But I’m noticing that it’s not easy for people to grasp or...

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7 Habits on how to be more mindful in your daily routines

Are you one of many that have started getting the urge and subtle feelings of needing to change? There is a big cosmic wave is hitting many people on this planet, making them to want change and to connect deeper to their inner core. Here are 7 Habits on how to be more mindful in your daily routines.

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