Mindfulness and Spirituality Teachings

How to grow spiritually without religion and other madness. Nurture what you really are.  

Becoming Aware – Earth Energies You Can Monitor

Are you a sensitive person? Maybe an empath as it’s been so often called the last years. Or maybe not, but you experience changes in your life, maybe even emotionally. But you don’t know why and you feel unbalanced. Well, we ARE into a great change on the planet. And a lot of the energy shifts are, in fact, being measured. In this post I’ll share three sources you can keep track of.

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Learn how to sense energy and changes in your life

What if you could learn how to sense energy and changes that makes up everyday life? What if you could see that what you’re feeling is a collective event—that as alone as you may feel, the changes and emotions you’re experiencing are not limited to you and your life.

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Why and how to improve your spiritual health

Why do plants and trees need water? Why do babies need their umbilical cord in before getting born? Because it’s their life-force. Plants and babies are dependent on this life force, and the same goes for you life-force on a soul-level. So how to improve your spiritual health?

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Why does astrology work and your horoscope matter in life?

I live a lifestyle with daily routines that don’t really conform to the norms. I don’t like sheep herding. I like to be more than that. I love deeper knowledge and to truly understand my existence and concepts within “ancient wisdom.” So, why do astrology and our horoscope matter, and how can it help us?

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Same background – But this is how my brother lives

You may think that I come from a safe and sound background since I have the lifestyle I have now. We’re three siblings having a past full of struggles. And for my little brother, he never really made it well. I met him on the streets of Oslo this weekend.

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Everything is in motion: Don’t get stuck

I wanted to write a blog post inspired by my latest observations of people. The universe is in constant motion, especially this year, and this fall. Everything is in motion, stay in the flow, so you don’t get hurt.

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Important insight of knowing you are always moving forward!

If you are one of many feeling stuck in life or you think that work or your daily routines unfold with NO progress, I guess that stating this just pisses you off. I insist on that you ARE having progress. But from a higher perspective. Doesn’t that count for you?

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How to destress yourself from the power of nature

For hustlers and freedom hunters like us doing passion-based lifestyle design, one of our most important things is that we focus on balance. And knowing how to destress yourself with the power of nature will do just that.

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The power of your higher self VS your wishes for life

You know, sometimes in life, you have probably felt that everything is just a struggle. You got goals, dreams and a grand plan for what you would like to accomplish. But everything goes straight to hell. But you know, sometimes The power of your higher self might have a plan overpowering your own defined goals.

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